Thursday, November 14, 2013

Stockade - athon

Sunday 11/10 - was the stockade-athon 15k. We arrived around 7:30 and got over to the brooks tent to drop off our bags and get out of the cold. Around 8:15 we headed out for a easy warm up in preparation for the race, legs were feeling good only thing to decide was what to wear. 8:55 I headed to the start line, the start for this race is different then most they split the men and women to get equal space on the front line. I tucked into the 2nd row and awaited the gun. Shortly after 9am we were off it took about half a mile but I eventually tucked into a group which included a few of the stoten women and Sara from the fleet feet team. After mile 2 the group was a bit smaller with myself, Eamon the 2 stoten girls and another guy from ARE. We moved thru the course pretty well and continued to stay together. We hit the 5k mark in 17:34, the course then drops for a 1m - 1.5. Once back on the flats I felt a urge to make a move but decided against it (poor choice) we came thru 5m in 28:22, shortly after I began to slow and Eamon took the lead. He yelled and motioned for me to get on his shoulder and hang on but again I didn't respond ( another poor choice) 
Over the next 3m I struggled to get moving or change gears. Once I hit the 8m mark I was able to change gears and get moving again, I was able to finish in 55:23 which is a pr for the course. 

There were some positives and negatives from the race:
Positives: I felt really relaxed thru 5m and confirmed I am in pretty good shape.
Negatives: I didn't go when I felt the urge and also didn't go when Eamon told me to come with him.
I need to get tougher and trust my training.

Below are some photos from the race.