Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hartford Marathon

Saturday, October 10th - Hartford Marathon!
After getting dropped off about a mile from the start, we jogged over and got into the Seeded start. Pete and I were positioned in the 3rd row, we got out relaxed and stayed right with one and other. The plan was to run 605-615's for the first 15-20, the first mile starts with some down hill and you still have the half guys with you. We hit the first mile in 6:00 all things considered right where we should be. 

The next few miles clipped by around the same and we hit the first 10k in 37:40 (6:05 pace) somewhere around 8m I started to notice my quads already getting tight, this was a little concerning but I also figured they would loosen back up. Shortly after this point Pete started to bring the pace back down, I tried to cover but wasn't keeping up. At 10m (61:07) I was back about 10secs of Pete and figured I would latch onto a group and keep plugging away.

I was able to get with a group which consisted of the 2nd & 3rd place females. My pace had slowed but I was working with the group and we seemed to be staying steady, between 15 & 16 I made a quick bathroom break. I was surprised by this as I'm usually not that hydrated. There were some plus and minus to this, I no longer was thinking of having to piss but now was 35-40 secs back of the pack and alone.

The next 5-6m I ran solo trying to get back up with the group, but wasn't really making up any ground. I had myself a 1st class ticket on the pain train and no one to suffer with! Around 23 I heard Renee and Erin and was able to snap out of it for a little, there were a few people coming back to me and I pressed to catch them. I could also hear someone closing in and the cheers being closer and closer, I got a quick look around a turn and saw it was Dan Verrington. I knew he would catch me (extremely tough) but also knew he would drag me along with him. Just after 25 he went by and I tried to follow, I was able to keep Dan close enough that I caught some more people in front of me but no quite close enough to catch him.

I finished up 30th in 2:48:22 (18 secs off my PR) although it wasn't the time I was looking for I was happy to take a step in the right direction. This was my best marathon since my debut and I know the training is working, I also know I need to add a few more elements (some 10-15m tempos) into the mix.

Friday, October 9, 2015

10/5 - 10/11 Race week

Mon - off planned rest day. Took an Ice Bath.

Tues - 615pm - 7m (52:17) in Clifton Park w/Gavs

Wed - 6pm - 5m (track) 4x200 easy warm up with the guys followed by some 2's with Pete some final prep.
Times - 33/34/33/32

Thurs - 620pm -  3+ (23:42) sweet rd

Sunday, October 4, 2015

9/28 - 10/4

Monday - 515am - 3+ (24:44) Sweet Rd loop
6pm - 5m (36:09)

Tuesday - 620pm - 10m (1:10:29) Struggled getting out the door, once I was out ran some good loops in the neighborhoods.

Wednesday - 6pm - 9m (Mile/2x800/4x400 - Half rest) Met with the group for the classic keene state workout. Left Hamstring was a little tight, decided for some extra drills. Overall really happy with this workout, felt strong and smoother.

Results - 505/231/234/77/75/71/68

Thursday - 505am - 4m (31:28)
6pm - 5.5m (41:32)
730pm - 1hr massage

Friday - 515pm - 10+ (1:14:48) in Ballston Spa with Shaun and Macknight

Saturday - 8am - 10+ (1:21:09) in Albany w/ KQ (the other group went for  a 12m loop) Hit up City Beer hall after for some brunch.

Sunday - 9am - 12m (1:26:25) w/ Jim, Aaron and Pete - did the barn loop, keep it relaxed ready for next weeks race!

Summary - 69m - 1 good workout, I always struggle with the taper feel like I'm not really training. Just need to stay relaxed next week and be ready to roll on Saturday.