Monday, December 17, 2012

12/17 - 12/23

Mon - 5+ (34:37) It was cold and raining all day, bundled up for a easy run thinking it was going to be bad out. Completely wrong was totally over dressed for the run, anyways felt good...back to work tomorrow
Tues - 10+ (66:44) felt good we held a conversation the entire run which was refreshing. Lifted upper body afterwards, to the track tomorrow
Wed - 10m (3x1k/6x200) took 800 rest on the 1k and full rest on the 2's. The goal was to go 310/305/300 then 35-30. Was a bit nervous about the pace for the 1k after the races last weekend, got in a easy 3m warm up and changed into flats did a half a stride and immediately felt my shin. I had this issue last year just need to ice my ankle and the shin goes away (something with the a tendon that gets irritated) switched back into my trainers and jogged around to losing the shin back up. Once we go going the shin was a non-issue..313/309/307/35/34/33/32/32/30 Felt really good the whole workout. I cut the cool down short a bit just to take it easy on my shin.
Thurs - 0 shin/ankle were sore right from the start. Tried to run but after getting to the entrance of the complex decided it wasn't worth the discomfort and went back home to ice.
Fri - 0 shin/ankle are feeling much better decided to give it one more day.
Sat - 12m BU mini meet #2 did the tough double of 3k/mile. The 3k was rough they put 8 in the first heat then 18 in 2nd withy times ranging from 835-925. Got pulled out a bit faster then I wanted, just keep racing to try and hang on. Faded hard in the final 600 to a 945 (ouch) got a long break before the mile heat 7 ran well and went much better then last week was in last thru 200 in almost 40 was able to move up once everything cleared up ended in 450 new season pr.
Sun- 15m (1:42:22) solo in Barrington/Dover.

Total - 52m

Monday, December 10, 2012

12/10 - 12/16

Mon - 5m (34:20) Nice recovery day from yesterday's long run. Was 40 and raining out, legs were a bit sore from running the trails yesterday.
Tues - 7m track workout (2xmile 4x200) this workout went ok. Nothing to special, aside from it being cold and dark when I got to the track I still don't feel smooth when I try to run fast. Splits : 5:34/5:30/35/35/34/35..not sure what its gonna take for these to turn around. Maybe I'll see something this weekend at the first BU meet.
Wed - 7m (46:28) had to work later today to cover for some people that are in training. Also had to be in Albany for 730 to pick up Eric. Felt good on the run it was pretty nice out.
Thurs - 6+ (39:42) Got out just after 6 for a easy run. Felt pretty good, we almost got hit by a older driver they decided to try and pass then turn in front of us. Led to a bit of confusion.
Fri - 3m (21:16) short shakeout before the mini tomorrow. Headed to the mill afterwards for a Christmas party with some friends from work.
Sat - 7m (BU Mini Meet) Wow did this one hurt, its been about a year since I have been on the track and I could feel it. Mad a tone of mistakes in the mile (at one point in lane 3 on a turn trying to pass) legs didn't really respond to well and it showed in the results. Came back later in the 800 and just treated it as a workout to my surprise I felt a lot smoother and didn't die, although it wasn't anything to write home about it's a starting point and looking forward to the next race. Results 4:55(2:22,2:33) Woof / 2:17 (69high,67.)
Sun - 15m (1:41:17) Out and back 52:33 out 48:43 back on the bike path with the willow guys. Two weeks ago we ran with the group and I got crushed on the way back when everyone decided to drop the hammer on the way home. Today I was ready for it and sat back most of the run until we had about 20mins to go. Surprisingly enough there was no surge by the pack, other then myself and Eric picking it up a bit over the final mile to close out the run. Felt really smooth the last couple miles, kinda surprising what one track race and a shock to the system can do for your runs.

Total - 50m with 2 ok races for the time frame.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

12/3 - 12/9

Mon - Off
Tues - 10m (1:07:57) had to work late so I needed to run the morning, which was awesome to get to run in the daylight.
Wed - 7m (8x400) half rest. Eric was going to Cali, so I was set out to do the workout solo. Took a bit of self-motivation to get out the door. The workout went well first speed workout of the season, can't wait till those other gears come back. (75,75,74,75,75,76,74,74)
Thurs - Am 5+ (35:41) Day off from work and didn't get out until 12, being a bit lazy
Pm - 3m (22:14) no motivation to get out the door just needed to get something in.
Fri - 7m (50:41) in Pisgah with Hammett, it was awesome to be on the trails
Sat - 8m - Went to the jingle bell 5k with Hammett, I needed to do a 20min tempo and figured this would work well. It was 33 and raining I now agree with Hammett  but that is by far the worst possible weather. 5k didn't go to well 17:51 but oh well things happen.
Sun - 18*ish (2:21:05) Couldn't turn down the opportunity to run with Ferenc and Bojo. We knew it was going to be keep under control as Ferenc has be sick and is coming back. A awesome run with the guys and the girls. I was extremely happy to be on trails again..Man do I miss the trails.

Total - 58m

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

11/26 - 12/2

Mon - Off
Tues - 10m (1:11:31) + strides. Nice run got out around 540 and did a double loop. Legs felt pretty good, not so much while trying to do strides..of to PF afterwards
Wed - 7m (2m Tempo) 11:05 solo at shen, a bit chilly out ended up staying fully bundled.
(82,82,82,83,84,84,84,81) Not as fast as I wanted but with the weather factor I am fine with it.
Thurs - Am 4m (NT)
Pm - 6m (40:28) with strides.
Fri - 9m (1:02:58) really cold out, got out and just got some miles in.
Sat - 10m (1:07:19) with a 30 min tempo was able to cover 5m over the tempo.
Sun - 14m (1:36:20) with the willow guys at Tony G's house. Nice run

Total - 60m

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

11/19 - 11/25

Mon - 10m (72:05) started out very easy. Got rolling towards the end but never pushed the run. Pretty nice out tonight. Finished up with some strides
Tues - 11m (71:10) 5x800 hill repeats. Plan was to keep them controlled and not be hunched over after any of the reps. Got in a nice 3m warm up to the hill, some quick stretching then got the workout going. Its a pretty good hill with the last 300-350 being pretty steep.(for CP) The only downside its on a back road and there are no lights on the street. Felt a lot better then 2 weeks ago when I did this workout, today I went - 256/255/255/251/247. 3m cool down back to the house for a solid day.
Wed - Am 3m (23:56)
Pm - 5m (33:25) before heading back to NH was supposed to go 7 but needed to be on the road by 2 in a attempt to beat traffic.
Thurs- 10m with 5k tempo in between. Workout was pegged for Saturday but with all the traveling this week I had to fit it in when I could.
Fri - 10m (68:50) was a bit overdressed for this run really didn't expect it to be so warm out.
Sat - 9m+ (65:00) Ended up working around the house all day. Moving the treadmill and fixing some sliding doors. Didn't get a chance to run until 5pm. Just hoped on the treadmill, not bad beside staring at the wall for over a hour.
Sun - 7m (47:02) was supposed to do a long run today but again had to use the treadmill. Got halfway thru and decided another hour would just be adding to the time it would take to get back to the apartment.

Total - 65m with some nice runs in NH on quite roads!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

11/12 - 11/18

Mon- 5+ (35:35) keep it nice and easy. Awesome weather today!
Tues - 9+ (1:05:06) Did a series out out and backs. Then off to the gym.
Wed - 8m (track) 2m tempo. Plan was to be at 80% effort. So looking between 1030-1040 range. Ran 10:39 but not in a pretty way (5:11/5:27) my body let me know we haven't done anything fast in
A while. Would have liked to be more even but a good test.
Thurs - Am 5m (36:04)
Pm - 5m (38:48)
Fri- 10m (68:01)
Sat - 7m (51:33)
Sun - 12m (1:23:03) Slight head cold so pretty congested, other then that everything felt pretty good.

Total - 61m

Monday, November 5, 2012

11/5 - 11/11

Mon - 8m (51:55) Nice run with Derrick, a bit chilly tonight but all in all a good run.
Tues - 8+ (57:34) Out the door right around 530 (darkout) went over to some neighborhoods off Plank Rd. We haven't done to much running over there and needless to say got a bit lost, had to stop and ask someone how to get out of the neighborhood.
Wed - 10m (hill workout) Today was my first workout under my new training plan. Called for 4x3min up hill, I had to do a bit of searching as there are not very many big hills around hear. Was able to find a  .5m hill (similar to the 2nd half of drummer) had a nice 3m warm up out there before getting started. Workout went well (3:01/3:02/3:01/2:58) I could def feel my quads on the climbing but overall was happy with how it went. 3m jog home before heading to Albany for our team meeting, got sweat new jackets!!
Thurs - 4m (28:11) decided to keep it short today with having plans for the evening. Hit up PF afterwards then out for a bit with some ppl.
Fri - AM 3m (21:57) nice easy shakeout surprisingly warm this morning.
Pm - 7+ (49:32) nice out and back thru the high school
Sat - 3m (22:02)
Sun - 10m Stockade-athon. not a good day, legs still don't feel good ended up dropping after i start to go backwards quickly

Total - 53

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Mon- 0m kinda shitty outside, decided to take the day off
Tues- 7m (45:51) Ran with Derrick.
Wed- 10m Got in a 3m warm up before doing a 6.3 mile tempo (37:00) felt pretty good breathing was a bit off but overall good, did a 1m cool down before getting dinner.
Thurs- 9m (59:25) a bit short but keep it easy.
Sat- 5m (35:54) went to the 3rd annual Erica's walk for a cure (in Beverley MA) in the Am before driving back to NY
Sun- 10m Went to the Frun 10k in Clifton park. Was supposed to do a tempo, legs felt like absolute shit The workout was over before it started..good thing the team race isn't until next weekend

Total - 46m

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Mon - 3m (21:30)
Tues - 4m (27:50) Ran a little with Derrick, good time had a lot of catching up to do haven't run with him in over 3 weeks
Wed - 5m (35:14) @ UAlbany did the warm up with the group and then added on. Watched the workout afterwards / while jogging around. hit up 99 after for some food (a lot of food)
Thurs - 5m (34:17) Did the evergreen loop before heading to the gym
Fri - 6.5 (43:35) ran with Derrick, felt a bit tired might just be due to the added workload.
Sat - 7+ (50:20) This was a awesome run, with how great the weather was today and no rush to get anything done I was able to just relax and run. much to my surprise I was able to clip off the run in a decent time with little effort
Sun - 11.5 (1:32:21) w/ Renee and some willow street ppl, previewed the stockade - athon course. keep it really easy (longest run since hartford) Hit the gym afterwards for a easy day of lifting

Total - 42m

Sunday, October 21, 2012

10/15-10/21 (recovery week)

Not very much information this week, Monday and Tuesday was a lot of limping around and avoiding the stairs at work. By Wednesday I was feeling pretty good walking around, went to Albany to watch the workout and get some dinner then to TCBY with Karen before she leaves for Fort Collins. Thursday and Friday were pretty relaxed, watched " that's my boy" with Adam Sandler pretty funny movie. Saturday morning I decided to do a little jog, went out for a easy 3 had some soreness set back in while on the run, foam rolled and iced before heading to Keene for P-fest. Sunday was death it was a quick reminder I am not in college anymore.

Training begins next week with some light mileage and start getting back into the swing of things.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hartford Marathon

This past weekend was the Hartford Marathon, Myself and Eric set off for Hartford on Friday to check in and relax before the big day. Once we got to the expo it started to set in that I finally made it to the marathon healthy, we checked in and did a shake-out before relaxing for the rest of the night. I tossed and turned all night, it finally was time and I was definitely nervous. I got up at 6 for some food and to get ready for the 8am start, we were able to hang out at the hotel until 7:40am then jog the mile or so to the starting line. It was pretty chilly out but perfect for a race, I met up with some ARE members before breaking off to find Erica (who I was planning on running with) the gun went off shortly after 8am. The start included the full and half marathoners it was interesting to see everyone from both races, after about a mile the two races split and you got to see who was in what race. I settled in with Erica and a few other who were sharing similar goals, after about 5-6m our group broke up a bit the group was picked up the pace and I decided to back off a bit with one of the other runners. Once we hit the 9m mark I decided to try and catch up to Erica's group as they were only 10-15secs up on me, over the next 3-4m  I was able to get back with the group. I ended up falling off the group around 15m but was not slowing down so I wasn't to worried, I keep rolling thru 20m at that point the guy I was running with caught me and quickly went by the next 3m were a bit rough before I was able to re-rally a bit for the final miles.
1&2 - 12:31
3 - 18:46 (615)
4 - 25:04 (617)
5 - 31:16 (611)
6&7 - 43:49 (12:33)
8 - 50:10 (620)
9 - 56:35 (6:25)
10&11 - 1:08:57 (12:21)
12 - 1:15:04 (6:07)
13-1:21:20 (616)
14 - 1:27:31 (610)
15 - 1:33:44 (613)
16 - 1:40:10 (625)
17 - 1:46:46 (635)
18 - 1:52:54 (608)
19 - 1:59:26 (631)
20 - 2:06:11 (644)
21 - 2:12:47 (635)
22 - 2:19:39 (652)
23 - 2:26:23 (643)
24 - 2:33:12 (648)
25 - 2:39:58 (646)
26 - 2:46:47 (648)
.2 - 2:48:04 (76)

10/8 - 10/14

Mon - 7++ (53:50) W/ KSC guys
Tues - 5m (34:56)
Wed - 3m (20:43) w/strides
Thurs - 0m
Fri - 2m
Sat - 27m Hartford Marathon (2:48:04)
Sun - 0m

Total - 44m

10/1 - 10/7

Mon - 9m (1:02:27)
Tues - Am 3m (23:41)
Pm 7m (46:32)
Wed - 10m (10x400 full rest)
Thurs - Am 3m (23:14)
Pm 5m (35:19)
Fri - Am 3m (21:07)
Sat - 8m (1:01:10) w/ Sam, Najem, Gavs, Abbey and Julie
Sun - 10m (1:05:57) w/Sam and Najem @ governor's Island

Total - 58m

Monday, September 24, 2012


Mon - Am 3m (22:46) a bit cold this morning, got to bust out some winter gear
Pm - 7m (48:20) ran with Derrick who is getting ready for masters nationals in Syracuse. Keep it nice and easy
Tues - Am 3m (23:46)
Pm 7m (48:40)
Wed - Am 5m (36:24) Legs felt a bit heavy, got some rain the 2nd half of the run
Pm - 11m 3xMile (800 rest) 516/514/508
Thurs - Am 3m (22:25)
Pm - 7m (46:50)
Fri - Am 3m (23:05)
Pm 7+ (50:18) in Keene, we set out for 4-5 as it rained the whole ride over..ended up getting the 7 that was scheduled anyways.
Sat - Am watched KSC invite, both teams ran well..both teams won the team race and both men and women won the individual race.
Pm - 19m (1:57:07) In Grafton with Ferenc, Fyffe and Macknight. We killed it the last time I did this run I ran 2:07:39 and now have a bridge named after me where I was sure it was all over. Felt really good the whole run, had a little tightness in my right IT band in the final miles but was able to keep rolling. Only had 2 stops the entire run 1 bathroom break and the other was a bloody nose, went to blow a snot rocket ended up just blood every were. Once I handle that it was back to crushing mode for the remainder of the run, Fyffe got me amped up in the final 1.5 he started talking about going sub 2 for the loop we picked it up to make sure we made it.
Sun - 0 (running) decided to take a day off and rest the IT band, ended up getting 30+ on the road bike watching Hammett and George race the Marathon in Keene. Only dumped the bike once going maybe 2 mph trying to get on the side walk, gave me a good laugh.

Total - 75 (6days) only 2 weeks till Hartford, after saturdays run I feel like I am ready to go, just need to take care of this little IT band thing.

Monday, September 17, 2012


Mon - Pm 9m (1:01:58) Legs felt ok except for my right quad was still a bit tender. Hoping it will be better by mid week.
Tues - Am 5m (37:14)
Pm 8m (57:21) Was only going to do 5 and rest my leg but we had a down pour and the roads were flooded. Was having too much fun running in shin/knee deep water at points.
Wed -  Pm 10m @ track work out
Thurs - Am 3m (22:49)
Pm 7m (50:21)
Fri - Pm 11m (1:15:34) Didn't get out till late, had a after work thing for one of the guys last days at the Mill.
Sat - Am 5m ( 33:47) everything feels back to normal.
Pm 5m (33:23) in Barrington
Sun - 10m @ Track 8x400

The plan called for 14x400 but just didn't have it today a mix of being tired and general lack of focus, had a nice cool down around town after about 3m I started to roll and began to feel better.

Total - 73m

Philly Half

Sunday Sept 16th, was the Philly Half marathon. I woke up just after 6am and got ready to head into the city for the 8am start, I had stayed in Norristown at Brock's house which worked out really well. As I was heading into the City I realized I had left my watch at the house, kinda sucked but it wasn't something that I couldn't live without. Arrived in Philly at 7:05 to find a place to park, spotted a garage that was 12bucks for the day figured it would be good. I didn't realize that I was parking about a mile from the start line this was my first mistake of the day, Once i finally got to the start I was scrambling to get going. I changed up then searched around for bag check in, after asking around I found it, checked my bag which had my phone (only way to tell time) at this point I new that I must get a warm-up in this was also the same time they called up to the line.

Once in the corral I talked with Tom O'Grady and Scott Bessette which calmed me down a bit, I was in corral 1 so right behind the elites. A pretty cool moment was being 3-4 rows behind Ritz, once the gun went off I slowly made my way out at .5m in I spotted Jen Donovan (who beat me at blessing of the fleet) I decided to run near her for the early stages to not do anything else dumb (besides no warm-up) we ran together thru 4m. The only splits that I have are the ones provided from the live tracker I hit 3m at 17:37 which felt easy and my legs we comfortable I believe I hit 5 around 28:4x something and at this point was in no mans land for a little while, the second half of the race goes up one side of the river and down the other I was missing not having my watch at this point I was trying to see how I was doing based on the clocks at the mile marks but didn't plan out what I would have to hit for my goal time, this made the clocks kinda useless to me. I finally get into a group around 7m and was running well with them just latching on and not having to do much work, I felt like I could hang with them and thought I would make a move around 11m this plan went to shit pretty quick about a mile later my right quad started to tighten to the point it reduced me to a shuffle. I decided it would be best to stop and stretch it out (first stretch of the day) this helped a little but also screwed me because I had lost contact with the group. After this stop it was really all down hill for me I hit 10 in 59:39 and new at best I could run 78mins, my quad never really loosened up and by 11m it was over I jogged off to the side and just ran in relaxed and slow. I didn't want to risk doing anything to my leg with Hartford so close, this was a bit of a disappointment with it being such a fast course. After the race I was sitting on a blind corner stretching out and got another opportunity to see Ritz run by this was the highlight of the race.

Overall not very happy with this race, its worse when I have done training runs faster. The only thing I can do now if get ready for Hartford and remember at all cost get a warm-up in.

Monday, September 10, 2012

9/10 - 9/16

Mon - Am 3m (21:34)
Pm 5m (32:57)

Tues- Am 3m (22:35)
Pm 7m (short) (43:38) ran with Derrick. My loop ended up being a bit short, for what i mapped out I was 630 pace..felt easy.

Wed - Am 3m (23:10)
Pm 11m Track (4x800,4x400) (400rest)

Thurs - Am 3m (23:30)
Pm 7m (47:49)

Fri - 0 Planned day off. Trying to be rested for the weekend

Sat - Am 3m (22:24) Shakeout prior to driving to Philly
Pm 3m (23:10) W/ Brock in Philly

Sun - 13m Philly Half

Total - 61m

Not much to say about this down week, Sunday just didn't turn out the way I had hoped

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

9/3 - 9/9

Mon - 9+ (1:06:37) Ran in Swanzey, Titus biked with me. Then to Hammetts for a lobster cookout! not a bad way to start the day, grabbed some Ice cream before heading back to NY.

Tues- Am 3m (22:17)
Pm - 8m (54:25) met up with Derrick

Wed - Am 3m ( 22:10)
Pm 15m Track - 6xmile (half rest)
Rest- 340/342/334/333/335/339
Felt really good - big confidence booster with Philly next weekend

Thurs - 10m (1:09:09) Took about a mile to loosen up but felt good. didn't do a morning run only because I struggled to wake up.

Fri - Am 4m (28:08)
Pm 10m (1:05:16)

Sat - Am 5m (34:22)
Pm 5m (35:17)

Sun - Am 12m Dunkin 5k 16:35 (516/518/521/39)
Pm - 5m (33:02)

Total - 90m

1 good workout and good race. next week will be a down week getting ready for Philly

8/27 - 9/2

Mon - Am 3m (22:27)
Pm 10m (1:05:44) Felt really relaxed and smooth

Tues - Am 4m (27:54) Rained for the first 3m then got clear and hot fast
Pm - 8+ (52:52)

Wed - Am 3m (21:58)
Pm 15m (track) 3 up&down (workout - 4x4/3x8/mile/3x8/4x4 (Half Rest)
Felt pretty good for most of the workout it was def a long time to be out on the track.

Thurs - Am 3m (23:54)
Pm - 7++ (56:17)

Fri - Am 3m (22:09)
Pm - 5m (35:29) In keene with Najem and met boj on the trails

Sat - 11m Keene Alumni race - 17:35 Never really felt bad just couldn't turn the legs over

Sun - 17m (1:54:33) at Ferenc's house with him and Hammett I felt really strong was able to climb a bit with them and closed the last 3 on the roads with minimal effort.

Total - 90m

Good mileage week with 1 good workout and a ok race

Monday, August 20, 2012

8/20 - 8/26

Mon - Am 3m (22:04)
Pm 7+ (49:56) Legs felt a bit tired but keep it nice and easy.

Tues - Am 4m (28:08) ran with Renee
Pm 7+ (51:19) Nice and easy, this cool weather makes running so enjoyable. Legs felt refreshed! looking forward to tomorrows workout

Wed - Am 3m (21:46) A tad cold this morning could have gotten away with gloves possibly ( in August???)
Pm - 12m (track) Had the planned workout of 6x1200 (400rest) 6x400 (400rest) this workout turned out to be much harder then I thought it would be. The 12's were to be at Half Marathon Pace and the 4's at 70-75 (work on speed when tired)
Times - 412/410/410/410/415/dnf
The 6th 12 I dropped from after 400 when I struggled through in 87, tried to walk it off grab a drink and get going for the 4's. Had nothing when I stepped back on the track the 1st was ok the second interval I death marched the final 100. Decided to call it a day, As Wilson has always told me listen to your body if you don't have it don't force it and if your feeling good just stick to the workout...Today was one of those don't have it type of days.

Thurs- pm 10m (1:10:15) no morning run today. Got home at 5, layed down till just after 7 I felt more tired today then I do when I run in the am. Keep it nice and easy, mixed and matched some runs together to get 70min..mapped it out when I got home bam 10 even.

Fri- Am 5m (36:57) still feeling a bit sluggish but today is a planned light day just a easy 5 hopefully I'll feel better come tomorrow

Sat- 0 hung out with the family

Sun - 10m (1:12:07) damn dog across the street woke me up at 630 decided I might as well go run before Sunday breakfast.

Total - 61m

Not a planned down week but things happen.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Mon - 11m ( 1:13:10) Did our normal loop for 11 left before Eric and met him at approx 6.5m he only needed 7ish worked out well.

Tues - Am 3m (22:54 )
Pm 8m - Local 5k - The start was 5mins from the house so it seemed like a good idea to go. Got in a quick 2m warm up before going to the line, I wanted to try and do cut down miles which didn't quite happen the plan was 540/530/520...Ended up going 523/531/529/31 legs felt much better then on thursday might have run a seasons best had we went after it.

Wed - Am 3m (23:11 )
Pm 14m (track workout) 3m warm up/cool-down. The workout was 6xMile (400 rest) At goal marathon pace (545-600) splits were as follows 558/551/548/547/542/530. Rich had joined me for the first 5 he helped keep me in check. Felt really smooth almost had the thought that I could continue but gotta stick to the plan.

Thurs - Am 3m (24:02)
Pm 7+ ( 51:44)

Fri - Am 5m (34:19 )
Pm 7m (45:07)

Sat - 8m (56:09)

Sun - 15.25m (1:36:17) Finally hit my long run the way I was supposed to, felt smooth and relaxed for majority of the run the last 3.16 was at (5:55 pace).

Total - 84m

Another good week, starting to get excited for the fall racing. Got a couple races coming up over the next few weeks starting with alumni 9/1 followed by the dunkin 5k and the Philly Half.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cigna 5k

August 9th was the Cigna 5k we had headed up to Keene the night before to cut down on travel. We left Keene just before 4pm for the 620 start time. The trip was pretty quick with no real traffic issues. Once we arrived and got bibs we set out for a 3m warm up with the Keene guys. My legs felt a bit heavy to start the warm up but after a mile or so began to feel better. Once at the line I met up with San Wood and George Adams, we talked briefly and I knew me and Sam were chasing the same time. We got out And instantly were in a pack together working towards out goal time 1620 or better. I was slightly nervous after the opening mile 516 it felt a bit harder then expected which could have been the bump in miles or that we had 8 miles on the day prior to the start. We continued to push the second mile which has some down hill at the point I got in front of George and Sam as I tried to push the 2nd mile 5:17 I was starting to feel good and had the thought that I might be able to get close to my Pr, at about 2.5 the wheels started coming off which seemed to happen to most that I talked to, I struggled to the 3m 532 and tried to kick with what ever was left which wasn't much. I ended up finish in 16:41 which is my fastest 5k on the year other then my split from the 4m of 1640. Overall it was a fun time I would have liked to run faster but it seemed almost across the board everyone was a bit slower then expected. Next on the schedule will be the Keene state alumni race.

Monday, August 6, 2012

8/6 - 8/12

Mon - Am 3m (22:30) Legs we a bit sluggish this morning. New shoes fixed all the little pains that I was having.
Pm 7m (45:52) Ran with Eric, the plan called for 640-7 min pace. It was nice weather to run felt relaxed.

Tues - Am 5m (34:44) Felt good, it was pretty cool this morning Low 60's made the run more enjoyable.
Pm 7m (45:11) Did first 2m easy 14:05, from there we did 5x1min pick ups 450-500 pace. Derrick tagged along for the run. Felt a bit Sluggish after the pick ups I started to feel much better.

Wed- Am 3m (22:30) legs felt really fresh and had some pop. It was also nice and cool decided to Rick a long sleeve.
Pm 5m (38:xx) in Keene with Eric and Karen.

Thurs- Am 5m (36:20) easy shakeout.
Pm 10m Cigna 5k (16:41)

Fri- Am 5m (nt)
Pm 11+ (1:19:30) went out for 7, but we decided to hit some old trails and hit up goose pond. Good run and a nice swim

Sat- Am 3m (23:20) with Pete Thomas
Pm 9m (68:15) did hilly goose again before the alumni party

Sun - Am 3m (23:40) with Pete Thomas
Pm 9m (68:45) hilly goose

Total- 85

Monday, July 30, 2012

7/30 - 8/5

Mon - Am 5m (34:18) Legs felt heavy from yesterdays run. Rolled out my legs with a tennis ball hurt a ton.
Pm 5m Tempo (28:42) Legs felt a lot better splits (rough estimate on mile markers) 610/602/546/528/514. The only marker I knew was a true mile was the last mile, rolled out with tennis ball again not as bad as this morning.

Tues - Am 3m (22:58)
Pm 7m (49:18) Keep it easy knowing we had a workout the following day. felt really easy the entire run.

Wed - Am 3m (24:05)
Pm 13m Track workout 2m/4x800/4x400 (8/4/2 rest) @ half marathon pace
Was very happy with how today went, stayed relaxed and was happy that I was able to change gears on the 4's

Thurs - Am 3m (24:04)
Pm 7m (50:38)

Fri - Am 4+ (31:44) had it planned to go 5 but got out the door late and needed to be at contractor training by 730. Soon everyone will be able to teach solo and i wont have to do it...perks of being in-charge
Pm 7++ (52:25) Needed to make sure I got 12 on the day I mapped out my morning loop to know what was needed 4.3 am 7.7 pm golden another day down

Sat - Am 5m (31:31) Met with Derrick at Shen for a "easy" 5 we cruised a new loop through the neighborhoods. I was convinced it was 4.5 maybe a tad over but not a full 5. I decided to map it out when I got home to much surprise it was spot on.

Sun - 14m (1:36:44) The plan called for 15m starting at 715-600, this obviously didn't happen today. It was pretty humid to start the run which is never good for me, I felt good at the turn around but we didn't have any fluids on the run. I planned to get after it once we hit 10 and get 4m at the proposed pace, as we got to the 10m I could tell that the finish was going to be tough and decided to bag the pick up and just finish the run. This turned out to be the best call! With 1.5 to go my legs were toast, I slowly lost ground on the guys and ended up just jogging it in.

Total - 82m up 12 from last week with 2 good workouts, just need to get the long runs to come together..hopefully as the weather gets cooler i'll begin to feel better.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Blessing Of The Fleet

Friday 7/27 Myself and Najem headed down to RI for Blessing of the fleet 10 miler. We arrived around 4:45 for the 6pm start, met up with Eamon for a nice warm-up and to grab my bib. Right around this point it began to rain pretty hard, I was pretty pumped that it was raining I tend to run pretty well in the rain. At about 5:50 they announced the race would be postponed to 6:30, I was pretty pissed about that announcement with it being so close to start time. I continued to jog around waiting for the start of the race to happen, at 6:30 we were finally on the line there was still a lite rain. The first mile is downhill so I made sure to get out slow and not do anything stupid in the first mile, I felt really good and was rolling with a couple of guys after 2.5 I seemed to be out in no mans land trying to catch the pack in front of me. At this point we caught the walkers who started 30mins before us (which was dumb!) also the overcast broke, I missed the 3m mark I was still working on catching the group in front of me but was losing site of them with the walkers. Just after 4m you hit a long gradual uphill I had also cleared the walkers and noticed the group I was chasing had built a larger lead on me, over the next miles everything slowly fell apart I had hit the half way point at 28:49 (on pace for 58 low) The last 3-4 miles was basically a death march. I'm not sure why my races keep being so up and down, but I am pretty certain that had we started at 6pm like planned things would have been better. Instead of dealing with 5-6m of the sun I could have been 7-8 miles in before the sun broke out.

All in all it was a shitty day, Oh well!

7/23 - 7/29

Mon - Am 2m
Pm 8.5 (57:24)

Tues - 2m (11:03) Went to Colonie track meet. The meet was ahead of normal schedule which didn't give me any time to warm up, afterwards I had no motivation so I just called it a day.

Wed - Am 3m

Pm - 6+

Thurs - Am 3m
Pm 3m (21:42) In Keene

Fri - Am 2m with campers
Pm 15m Blessing of the fleet

Sat - 11m (1:20)

Sun - 15m (1:45:58) In Putney

Total - 71m

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Mon - 0 Needed a day to recover from Stowe. Legs felt like junk all day, drank 4 Nalgene bottles later I almost felt like I was rehydrated.

Tues - Am 3m (23:50)
Pm 5m (34:48) Waited till 9pm to run trying to wait out the heat. felt like we were flying but I guess thats part of running at night

Wed - 11m track work out. 2x1200/3x1000/2x800 (400/200 rest) @ LT for 12/1k and 8's @ 10k
Was supposed to do 3x800 but noticed the group was waiting so I ended 1 early, when I got back to the tent I realized they had already left. oh well got 9k of running on the track and felt smooth and light, reassured that Stowe was just a tough day.

Thurs - Am 3m (NT)
Pm 7m (48:42)

Fri- Am 3m (NT)
Pm 9m (1:02:00)

Sat - Am 6m @ silks and satins (just watched)

Sun - 11m (1:16:12) waited till about 7pm before getting out the door, felt good and relaxed.

Total - 58m (6days)

Monday, July 9, 2012

7/9 - 7/15

Mon - 9m (Camp Saratoga fun run) Went up to Wilton for the fun run 3m warm up/cool down 5k trail race 18:13 5th overall. Just didn't have it on the climbs, just tried to stay relaxed and work the areas that I could work.
Tues - Am 3m (NT)
Pm 9m (1:00:27) Went to meet with Derrick but no dice.
Wed - Am 3m (NT)
Pm 8m (track) 6x600 (400 rest) 1:57/1:57/1:59/1:59/1:58/1:54
Felt like I could continue to run the times each set but couldn't go any faster with the group, just didn't have any pop in the legs. Oh well
Thurs - Am 4m (NT)
Pm 5m (35:30)
Fri - 8m (55:12)
Sat - Am 3m (NT)
Sun -14m @ Stowe - rough day

Total -69m

Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July - AKA Great day

This morning was the Fire Cracker 4m in Saratoga Springs , NY. The plan was to get up at 645 and be on the road by 715, I was wide awake at 605 decided to lay in bed until 640 had some oatmeal and was on the road at 715 like planned. We got to Saratoga at 750 and hung out until 820 before going for a warm-up with the guys, got back and had to find a bathroom ( approx 3000 ppl) had to do some good recon. Found one in the city center, perfect got back to the tent and changed into flats before heading to the line. Got in some strides and tried to get to the line but people weren't moving, ended up in the 2nd-3rd row once the race went out I got pasted by a ton of people some kids wearing spikes (w/o the spikes in) Dick (ARE Coach) was at the half mile giving splits I heard 23x something but was more just trying to relax early with the heat. I came thru the mile in 5:17 (clocks on course didn't wear a watch) and started to move up pack by pack, at 2m (10:40) I caught up to teammates Eamon and Tony I started to work with them to close on the guys in front of us. A bit after 2.5 there is a nice down hill which I used to catch the final group I would get up to today, we rolled thru 3m (16:05) and I knew I needed to stay in contact and roll on the hill at 3.5 we also got a 5k split which was cool hit in (1640) PR on the year. When we hit the hill I was able to pass all of the people in the pack, in the final 500m one person came back on me but I was able to hold the rest of the group off to finish 23rd in (21:40) I was pretty pumped with the race we hit the course in reverse for a cool down and to cheer people in.

Afterwards we meet up with a co-worker grabbed some food and hit up the pool in saratoga, chilled there till about 5 headed back to saratoga to grab some dinner. At this point the wine bar next door to Jess's apt was open, and needless to say the hostess was smoking hot. We hit up a mexican joint for food then to plumb dandy for some frozen yogurt, we headed back to our co-workers to pick up our stuff from the race. Got a nice smile from said hostess and Jess hinted I should talk to her, made the decision I'd give her the digits. long story short....introducing myself to her was not the last time I talked to her that night...CA- CHING got her #....quite possibly best day of the year!

Monday, July 2, 2012

7/2 - 7/8

Mon - Am 3m (NT)
Pm 4m (32:08) Previewed the fire cracker 4 course with Eric and Lyman ( co-worker)
Tues - Am 3m (NT)
Pm 3m (NT) Just relaxed today with 2 shake out runs hoping to feel fresh tomorrow for the race.
Wed - Am 10m - Fire Cracker 4m 21:40 23rd overall (race report to follow)
Thurs - Am 3.5m (NT) W/Renee and Eric
Pm 10.5 (1:12:45) Felt pretty good, calfs were a bit tender today but overall felt comfortable.
Fri - Am (NT)
Pm 7m (50:21)
Sat - Am 5m (37:00)
Pm 5m (32:46)
Sun - Am 12+ (1:30:30)

Total - 69m

Good week with a solid race, next on the list will be Blessing of the Fleet 10m.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

6/25 - 7/1

Mon - Am 3m (NT) Out & back
Pm - 9m (61:30) had the plan to go out for 7, we had a loop planned but neither of us could remember how it went 100% turned out to be a good way to start the week.
Tues - Pm - 9+ (65:04) did normal loop with Derrick
Wed - Am 3m (NT)
Pm - 10m (workout) 2/2/4/4/8/mile/ 4x200
Thurs - 9m (1:04:25) decided to do a 9m loop, I planned to decided when we got close to home if i was feeling good I would add on. Legs felt tired so I called it good at 9.
Fri - 7m (50:19) out&back legs felt like junk again
Sat - Am 5m (37:07)
Pm 6m (38:25)
Sun - 14m (1:38:09) Had the plan to run 20 with Tom, but my body had different ideas. We meet up with Chuck and a few others at the bike path about 11m in I called it after about 1.5 with those guys my legs were cramping pretty bad.

Total - 75m

Monday, June 18, 2012

6/18 - 6/24

Mon - Am 10m in Newmarket with Sam Wood, no watch this morning we just went out and ran. A nice mix of roads and trails with some nice climbs on the roads.
PM - 5m (33:05) Felt good and under control, legs felt refreshed after the morning run.
Tues - 11m (1:15:01) Did a loop in Durham, had some nice roads with some rolling hills. The best part was there was orientation at UNH so plenty of cuties out.
Wed - 9m (65:xx) was supposed to do Min on min off with Sam, we decided to bag it do to the heat. That plan was changed to just run the 9m loop and survive. I struggled hard the last 1.5 took about 15mins to cover distance..
Thurs - 0 legs felt like junk and only have the morning to snag a run
Fri - 0 Tommy's wedding
Sat- 0 previous day should sum that one up
Sun- 16m (1:55:xx) in Keene with Boj, Thomas, Ryan and Plankey..nice way to break up my 4 hr drive home.

Total - 51 m not a horrible week but obviously could have been better if I didn't miss 3 week will be another chill week shooting for 65-70.

Fathers day 5k

Sunday July 17th was the Fathers day 5k in Dover, NH. I decided to jump into the race and see where I was based on workout and previous races, I knew there was a good chance of someone being at this race as the past two years have been a good field for a local race. This was no different on my warm up I saw Nate Huppe I have raced him a few time and knew he would be running up front. As the gun went off I settled into 2nd and was 4-5secs off the lead, went through the mile 5:21 about 5-6secs back over the 2nd mile I was closing the gap and shortly before 2 I took the lead. At this point I wanted to try and break away instead of settling in, shortly after 2 1/4 I let off the gas a bit on a down hill to get ready knowing it was going to most likely come down to a kick. Once we hit 2.5 Nathan made a huge move and opened a gap, I tried to recover and go when he did but had nothing to go, with about 400 to go I knew it was over. I missed the splits for the other mile markers, I wasn't happy with the time today the from my past workouts I thought 1630 should have been do able and with having someone to race against I figured it was a perfect setup for a good time. Just didn't seem to have it today got a few weeks until I race again hopefully I'll have a better day.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

6/11 - 6/17

Mon - 8m (55:06) - set out for the 11m loop with Eric, legs felt like shit decided to turn around at 4 when I was falling behind at 7min pace.

Tues - 10.5 (1:11:16) tried to wait out the rain today, decided at 530 to eat some food and that I would wait till 7 until I run. Eric headed out a little after 6 so it was going to be a solo run, which after yesterday was needed to be able to just run and have no idea what the pace was.

Wed - 10.5 (track W/O) 1xmile,2x800,4x400 half rest. The goal was to be 5:10-5:15 for the mile and hold that pace for the rest of the workout. I had some secondary thoughts of running faster but that would have been if everything went right. Overall I was still pumped with the workout, everyone else was doing a different workout so I was again working out solo which isn't to bad when there are 20-30 ppl on the track.
Times: 5:07/2:34/2:34/74/75/75/71
Good overall workout felt pretty smooth, I am thinking of possibly racing this weekend but will most likely be a game time decision.

Thurs - 9.5 (1:10:43) Nice and relaxed recovery run, legs felt a bit tired but the run was relaxed so never got to a point of adding fatigue.

Fri - 8m (52:19) With Eric,Tom,Pat and Chuck at the Nisky bike path

Sat- Am 4m (29:40) Nice easy shake out before driving home.
Pm 4m ( 27:40) Legs felt a bit heavy for second run but overall feel pretty good.

Sun - Am 9+ Fathers day 5k Dover 2nd overall (17:03) Race report to follow
Afternoon - 2m (15:20) in pool

Total - 65.5m decent week next week need to be in the 70-80 range

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

6/4 - 6/10

Mon - 9.5m (1:07:50) Did the normal loop in reverse to pick up Derrick, missed him some where then add on a loop thru some of the neighborhoods.

Tues - 11+ (1:17:33) Went down to Kinn's rd trails keep it relaxed till we got to the trails picked it up a bit in there and cruised home 26:33 for last 4.

Wed - 11.5m (workout) 3 x mile w/800 rest - @Albany track. 5:18/5:12/5:08 total time 26:47 for 4.5m (5:57 pace) Felt a bit sluggish on the first rep once I get going felt much better the middle mile was were I felt the smoothest. On the last rep I hit the 8 in the same time as the 2nd rep but was 2 secs slower on the 1200 and new I need to move my ass to not mess up my workout was able to negative split the whole workout and keep the rest a bit quicker.

Thurs - am 5m (39:01) out n back 5
Pm - 8+ (55:17) around Berlin

Fri, Sat , Sun - 0 spent time with the family.

Total - 45m

Monday, May 28, 2012

5/28 - 6/3

Mon - Am 8m Memorial mile. Went the the Memorial mile this morning in Glens Falls 10th place 4:46 tough to race a road mile.
Pm 4m (30:07) Nice shake out run @6pm legs felt good after the long weekend.

Tues - 8.5m (1:01:08) Evergreen Loop+high school had to wait till 6:45 while the T-storms passed, it was a good run once everything calmed down.

Wed - 11m (Track) 4x2/3x4/2x8/3x4/4x2 half rest.
Felt really good to start out, legs got heavy about half way through the workout. I could feel the 2 races in 5 days, the times were still good but I felt a bit choppy running with a group today apposed to running solo. Overall happy with getting this workout done and continue to move forward.

Thurs - 9+ (1:03:38) Couldn't decided on a run so we just went and ran a random loop turned out to be a decent loop. Keep it relaxed legs were a bit tired from yesterday but all in all good run.

Fri - 0 work function(dropped the ball)

Sat- 9+ (1:02:22) in Keene very relaxing mix of roads and trails

Sun - 13m Pack Monadnock 10m ( unofficially dropped out after 4m and 2 bathroom breaks) tough course glad once my stomach was under control I jogged the remainder.

Finished the day up with some whiffle ball before the drive home.

Total 62.5 in 6days

Monday, May 21, 2012

5/21 - 5/27

Mon - 8.5m (1:00:12) Evergreen plus high school, keep it relaxed today had light rain the whole run. 8 x strides

Tues - 8m (50:46) Mapped out a 7m loop planned to take the first 3m relaxed then tempo the final 4m and a 1m cool down around the complex well Eric added on another 3. We hit 3m in 20:32 and noticeably picked it up, we covered the next 4m in 22:38 (5:37 pace) we spilt the work up pretty well I lead for the 1st and last mile Eric covered the middle. In the last half mile we have to cross Moe rd, there were 2 cars in the turn lane and they had the green light plenty of time to turn before we got there except for a mini van that couldn't accelerate we caught the van and almost came to a complete stop before we could get around the van (ppl in NY need to learn to drive)

Wed - 10m (Track) Work out was 5x800 (400 rest) 5x200 full rest. I hadn't really thought of times for the workout and didn't have much down time at work to think about it I was more thinking how would I feel after yesterday. To my surprise I felt really good,
Got lucky on the last 800 it matched up with Eric and Rich jumped in to help Eric pulled us through 400 in 73 and Rich pulled me through the end and also the 200's. The last sets were really when everything started to set in I death marched the cool down, felt better after pounding some gatorade. Good Day

Thurs - 9m (1:05:46) Felt really tired today took about a 2m before I started to feel like I was running normal. Hit up some trails to recover a bit quicker, we both spaced out for a while looping the trail and before we knew it we had already hit 45 mins looking forward to the weekend of racing and watching some ppl race.

Fri - 3m had to get a run in before work as we wanted to get the traveling started right when I got home to avoid traffic.

Sat - 15m In the morning we went to the Wachuesset mountain race. I struggled a lot with the technical sections but was a good change of pace. In the PM did a 3m shakeout in Burlington VT.

Sun - 9m Ran down to the start of the marathon then jogged around to watch at different points on the course. After everything was all said and done we made the 2.5m run back to the hotel.

Total - 63m

Good week 2 solid workouts and my first mountain race in 2 years. Need to continue building the mileage and get stronger.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bedford 5k

Today was the Bedford 12k & 5k, the 12k was a NE grand Prix which majority of people run. We arrived at 8am so that we could watch the 12k before hand, it was fun to watch the guys race at 10:50 I headed out for a warm-up to get ready for the 5k. Covered the last mile or so of the course and got changed up for the 5k, once at the line I did a few strides my legs felt ok hamstrings felt a little tight so i decided to do a few more strides and stretching. Had a few quick words with Eric and was off to the line. Once we were out I wanted to stay in control, had some guy sprint out for the first 400m or so after that I took over the lead and held it. Came thru the 1st mile a bit slower then planned wanted to be 5:15-5:20 to open instead I was 5:25 took a quick glance back and could still see a pack about 15-20 secs back. The second mile I really got into a grove through the neighbor hoods, mile 2 went by 10:38 (5:13) was a bit quick but i felt good. Over the last mile there were a few tight turns in which I got mixed up with the lead bike, after half a mile the lead bike turned off I no longer had anything to chase I tried to surge up the hill and move when I reached the track. I hit mile 3 in 16:13 (5:34) my slowest mile of the day.

10:38 (5:13)
16:13 (5:34)
16:50 (:36)

Overall I was very happy with today I ran much more even and felt stronger, I plan to continue with the training I am doing and look forward to getting ready for some bigger races.

Monday, May 14, 2012

5/14 - 5/20

Mon - 7m (47:45) did normal loop with Derrick, we got lucky to miss the heavy part of the rain. Followed it up with 6x strides + lifted upper/core

Tues - 7m went to Queensbury for a low key trail 5k. We planned to do this as a tempo workout the race started at 6 and we didn't arrive till 5:50 so no warm up took about 6-7 mins into the run till I felt good ended up 5th 17:47. At 2m I felt like i could close the gap on the 2 in front of me but keep in the back of my mind that I have a track workout tomorrow.

Wed - 9m ( Track work out) 6x400 , 6x200 (200 rest) Had some company on the workout today, Andrew decided to join in. We were a bit delayed today as the Albany team was working out a bit late tonight, it was ok though only about a 10-15 min hold up and they were quick to let us know when we were clear to go. Times : 74/74/74/72/72/71....37/36/36/34/34/31...Felt good today could tell I was a bit tired from the quicker run yesterday, the only thing I couldn't figure out was the 1st 200 not sure what was with that. After we went to TCBY and got some frozen yogurt.

Thurs - 8.5m (57:51) Did the evergreen loop and added on a section in Shen High, afterwards we headed over to RPI where Keene was at the ECAC championships. We were able to watch Paige and Hoyt race the 5k, they both ran well and it was fun to watch a track meet again.

Fri - 5m 35:07 in Keene on the rail bed with Eric

Sat - 8m (Bedford 5k) race report to follow

Sun - 10.5 (1:13:57) Beech hill from
Lake house w/ Najem and Eric. Awesome run, got dropped for a bit in the final mile Eric made a push for the town line ( a Keene thing) once Najem realized it was on I tried to go but those two can fly.

Total - 55 m felt good this weeke had a solid workout and a good race, next week I will be looking to crack into the 60m range and race a mountain race at wachusett. I did this race 2 years ago and it was a good time looking forward to it.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Jog 4 Jugs 5k

Today was the Jog 4 Jugs 5k in Duanesburg NY, we arrived at 8:15 and I got out for a warm up with Nick Webster. We previewed the first part of the course the race also has a half marathon that runs with it, which was the race Nick was doing the half started 10 mins before the 5k which we didn't know until we got to the line. Once the fields we broken out I had a feeling it would be a solo effort, I knew it was a out and back with the second half having all the climbing so Eric told me to get out hard. I was looking for today to be a good workout and get a hard effort in before bedford next weekend. As soon as we took off I was out front solo and pushed the pace on the opening mile while still trying to stay in control ( form wise) I hit the mile at 5:07 this was the only split i had as the markers were set up for the half so they didn't match up for the 5k. I was happy with the effort and was able to snag the CR along with the win in 17:37, I struggled a bit with the last climb but felt if I was with someone I could have hung on. After I headed out for a cool down with Karen (who won the women's race and 2nd overall) we hung out until Nick finished the half and got the W there also. Overall it was a good day we had 3 out of 4 wins at the race, I am looking forward to next weekend and racing on a faster course.

Monday, May 7, 2012

5/7 - 5/13

Mon - 5m (36:07) evergreen loop with Eric. Good to catch up on the weekend, footwas good for 3rd day of not feeling anything from it
Tues - 7+ (49:30) meet up with Derrick, did the nomral loop around town. I cut out as we went by Shen to ensure that I didn't go much over 7, even thought I am feeling good I want to take my time I have some big plans for the fall and the biggest of them it to make it there healthy and in shape.
Wed - 7m (track workout) 5x400 , 5x200 (200 rest) 75/75/74/75/72/34/34/34/32/31
Today was the best I have felt in a while, I felt very smooth and relaxed the whole time bonus was nothing from my foot while in flats. I am starting to think that my foot might have been the best thing to force me to shut down for a little bit. Looking forward to the 5k this weekend
Thurs - 7+ (n/t) Beach wood loop kept it relaxed, tried to use my GPS watch couldn't get it to link up oh well no time needed on a recovery day
Fri - 5m (35:00) Evergreen loop felt like i was holding back (first time in a while) made a effort to keep it slow. Looking forward to the race tomorrow heard its a hilly / tough course which is fine by me looking for a good workout this weekend with the goal of being ready for the bedford 5k next weekend.
Sat - 7m Jog For Jugs 5k (race Report to follow)
Sun - 10+ (1:15:39) In PB..there are trails in NY very nice to run on some soft trails.

Total - 47m

Monday, April 30, 2012

4/30 - 5/6

Mon - 4m (27:37) foot felt good for 3 of 4 miles had a few twinges. Rolled out and iced
Tues - 3m (20:45) Went pretty well today decided to put icy hot on my foot to try and keep it lose. seemed to do a pretty good job.
Wed- 0m moving all day
Thurs - 3m (17:17) decided to push the run 12:01 for first 2 5:16 last mile. Felt like a had some pop I forgot how I miss these types of workouts
Fri - 0m off to CT foot the evening
Sat - 5m (31:20) evergreen loop..felt pretty good the last mile or so I started to hurt but wasn't really thinking about running. Foot felt good and no real change once I got home.
Sun - 7+ (47:18) got after it right from
The start again today. Foot felt good, started to bonk after 5.5 made for a interesting finish to the run.

Total - 22m

Not bad for a first week back, surprisingly feel a bit out of shape. I don't know of its just running solo or the fact that I was not in race shape before this happened. Next week I am gonna be around 40m with a tempo and speed day.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

4/23 - 4/29

I can already tell you my running total for the week (0) Decided after saturday with my foot not feeling any better to shut it down and just get better ( I havent been racing that well so it wasn't all that hard of a choice) my foot has been feeling better walking around already after 3 days which leads me to believe that is was nothing serious. I plan to resume running on monday and after some thought I am going to re-build my mileage instead of jumping up quickly.

So far this year my best races came early in my training (30k) and after taking 4days off (fast friends) I am hoping that by starting over with rebuilding my miles my body will adjust a bit better and i can get back to racing well.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

4/16 - 4/22

Mon - 7m (50:13) Wicked hot out today waited till 7 to get out for a run, still warm but with the sun going down it was a bit better.
Tues - 9m (1:02:16) w/ Derrick keep it pretty relaxed today, it was pretty windy for most of the run. Everything felt good minus my right foot its been sore since the pick-up games on sunday. Hurts to walk in the morning but was able to snag a tennis ball on the run saved me from having to buy one.
Wed - 13m Track 5x800/400 5x200 (half Rest) Alternating. This was tough, was doing this pretty much solo as Eric was doing a different workout. Met with Derrick at 520 and headed out to warm up, 3m out and back loop.
Was pretty happy with this workout focused more on pushing thru the 800's and keeping the 400s about the same as the first 4 of the 800. Had a little run in with the laxs team moving there equipment off the track on my final 400 they apparently don't look up the track before going to lane 1 oh well didn't really mess anything up, 3m cool down ( foot was really sore) Iced when i got home.Thurs - 10m
Fri - 8m (55:31) felt better today, was my planned down day which worked out very nice with the late start to the run.
Sat - 5M Went to saratoga with the plan to do a 10k tempo (6min pace) then 1.5hrs after race the 5k. Got thru 3m and my foot was throbbing so i decided to shut it down, Talked to Pete and he advised me to take a few days off and see if it gets any better. I had already gotten my number for the 5k and had Eric doing it as a tempo, so it shows up that i ran ( i wish i ran that well)
Sun - 0

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Delmar Dash

Today was the 24th annual Delmar Dash in Delmar NY, We arrived at 7:45 got some front row parking talked to a few ppl got a race tee (helps knowing the person handing out shirts). Also the got a unused porta potty AWESOME, at 8:15 we heading out for a warm up go 2.5m quick bathroom break then to getting the flats and uniform. Headed to a side parking lot for a few strides and drills before heading up to the line. Was really unsure how today would go was hoping to run mid 27 but wasn't too sure that would happen. Once at the line i settle in the second row behind Eric and Kevin, we got the go command and i tucked right in with a group of ARE guys. The first mile felt pretty easy 5:27 at this point i pushed ahead of the group and tried to get up with the next group, the overcast that we had at the start had seemed to blow over durning that first mile and everyone could feel it starting to get warm / humid. I felt like i was closing the gap on the group in front of me and wanted to get with them to not be in no mans land. As we hit 2m (5:30) the course begins to have a ton of long straight aways and i could tell the group was putting distance on me and i knew there was a group not to far back at this point i was 8th-9th place at 3m (5:43) at about 3.5 i got caught by that group a few guys got in front of me after about 200m I started to re-rally and passed a couple guys 4m (5:51) this was part of getting caught, it was a bit rough and could feel the humidity ( guess i got to start getting used to it) Over the last mile I was trying to fight back but couldn't seem to really change that gear i was able to close the gap on a few guys but not able to get in true striking distance. As we made the turn for the final 600m I could start to hear Joe Benny cheering which allowed me to know how close they were behind me, it also keep me going to try and close the gap to no luck. (5:46) last mile finished about a minute slower then i was hoping. I got a little while till i race again most likely at the Bedford 12k so until then I will be doing a lot of speed work to try and get some turn over back.

10:58 (5:30)
16:42 (5:43)
22:33 (5:51)
28:20 (5:46)

There was no team competition which i thought was strange being a USATF race but i guess that is the different between NE and Adirondack. Overall it was a good day 13th overall even tho there were guys from both our team and willow street missing for various reason (some running boston others coaching or working a race) I know I have some work to do but i think things are coming around.

Monday, April 9, 2012

4/9 - 4/15

Mon - 8m 53:14 good run felt pretty tired today and was not to motivated to run. Felt better once we got going pretty recovered from the weekend.
Tues - 10m 1:05:24 My 4-5 meeting was cancelled today AKA i was in training last week and didnt schedule anyone opps. Anyways met up with Derrick at 5pm we ran out about a mile to meet up and did normal loop. Good run felt really relaxed. Lifted upper
Wed - 9m (Track) 5x400 5x200 half rest
Felt pretty good really need to continue to work on my speed ( not doing indoor was a bad choice a bit behind with the turn over)
Thurs - 10m 1:11:56 out to Kinns rd trails nice and easy cruised on the roads and keep it relaxed on the trails. legs a bit tired
Fri - 8m 54:55 nice run with Eric an Derrick, got picked up at the door. felts horrible today legs didn't want to move.
Sat - 5m 35:53 Met with Kevin and Rick to run the delmar course to preview it before the race, Looked pretty good flat seemed it could be fast.
Sun - 10m Delmar Dash 28:20 13th. little gathering after then 3+ hrs of bball with ppl from work, ankle and foot a bit sore.

Total 60m

Monday, April 2, 2012

4/2 - 4/8

Mon - Am 3m (21:59) with Renee it was a early start today out the door at 515
Pm 10+ (1:09:26) We did the CPC loop felt really good
Tues - 7m 47:51 Started out on a 11m loop with eric but decided to bail as i have a slight head cold and wasn't feeling better after a few miles.
Wed - 8m Track 6x1000 (200 rest) got in a short warm up and was looking to keep things in control. 3:27/3:35/3:36/3:35/3:26/3:10 after the first 3 Rich tagged along and it seemed to get me thinking how good i was feeling did the 4th-5th set with him then the last solo.
Thurs - 10+ (1:13:52) Keep it easy today ran over to the Kinns rd trails about 4m there some easy loops there before heading home. just what the doctor ordered.
Fri - Am 5m (38:30) before work legs felt good.
Sat - 18m Great bay half, I decided since things seemed to be going better i would give the half another go. I found this one which is right near my parents house, figured it would get me out the door for saturday and thought it would be really low key (never happens) Got in a nice warm up with Jim Johnson and Dave Dunham. Felt good and was thinking 75-76 would be do-able. This was till about 2m in i started to think i should have just run the 5k, i keep pushing till about 7-8 miles were nothing was working (the course get tougher also) Decided to bag it and save it for Delmar dash. Over the last few miles I cheered for ppl catching me talked to some helpers on the course just enjoyed the nice views on the run.
Sun - 0m took the day off chilled with the family played 2hrs of bball (1on1) with my brother and tossed out the old couches

Total 61m (6days)

Fast Friends 4.5m

Today was the annual fast friends race put on by Andy, this race has become one of the few races that we all make sure to be at. I arrived at 8 with boj, we got signed in and headed out to yale for a warm-up (boy did it feel good being on trails) at 915 the race was off. Like always it was a pretty stacked field and i was unsure how things would go considering my past races, I got out comfortable and was 3-4 secs behind Heidi thru the mile I stayed about the same thru the climb and opened it up on the down hill. Once we got thru 2m it seemed like a repeat of the years past I could see Hammett's red shirt in the distance making the turns on Matthews rd and Matt Clark was about 15-20 ahead and the gap never grew or shrunk. For the first time i felt i was running well and felt relaxed (as much as you can racing) I ended up finishing 6th overall (25:44) This year the start was a bit further back then the past years which added a bit to the course and this was still my 2nd fastest time! I was pumped for how the race went this course is really tough and makes you fight for every second. Overall this was the type of race i needed i ran the way i should and the results showed that my fitness is coming around.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

3/26 - 4/1

Mon - 10m 1:07:12 Good first run back from taking a couple days off, Felt comfortable minus the wind.
Tues - 10+ 1:14:46 this was a interesting run, at about 5m i felt some slight stomach issues after a quick stop it seemed to be just a bit of gas. We continued on with the loop and at 8m it came back full force, at this point i handed Eric the house key and took a detour to some trails. The rest of the run was pretty boring other then my watch shutting off with a mile to go.
Wed - Am 3m 22:04
Pm 10m Track workout 3 x mile (5:29/5:37/5:41)
Thurs - 10m 1:10:23 legs seemed to get tighter as we progressed, until about 8-9m they finally loosened up a bit. Tomorrow we are heading to Keene for the Fast Friends 4.5m looking to be a great weekend.
Fri - 5m w/Hoyt around swanzey
Sat - 12m ( fast friends 4.5m)
Sunday - 15m 1:43:30 first 10 with KSC boys did otter brook, was good to run with them and see they are getting there numbers up. Also was good the 2 new guys completed there first 10m run of the season 1 of which was a sprinter last week. Once we got back to the gym Myself, Eric and Hoyt went out and added on yale 5.

Total - 75m

1 good race and good long run

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3/19 - 3/25

Mon - 5+(42:10) Went over to Kinn's rd and jumped on the soft trails. Felt good to be on the trails and let the legs recover, found some sweet hills that are close to the house and could be a good place to workout.
Tues - 3m (21:47) Got up for my first morning run of the year, 50 degrees at 5:45am was a great way to start the day.
Pm 10m (1:12:00) Nice easy loop with Eric it was about 78 out which lead to first run on the roads with out a tee shirt which lead to some real cool people yelling from there porches/cars. Other then that legs felt a bit better today then yesterday.
Wed- 0m Travel back to Dover.
Thurs - 9+ 1:04:40 left my house at 930 it was about 55 out felt awesome. After 5m the temp had got up to 70's i didn't think to much about it in the morning but began to struggle with the warm weather and lack of hydration in the morning before the run. Thankfully my brother knew the run i was doing and met me at 7m to drop off some water which helped to get me the last 2+. After words it was to the air port to head to South Carolina.
Fri - 0m
Sat- 0m
Sun - 0m

Overall: Decided to take some days off while in SC, I had shot Pete ( college coach) a email to discuss some of the current issues that i have been having. IE racing, he suggested that i begin to take note of my pulse when i wake up. The first day friday i woke up and was at 54 both saturday and sunday were about the same. We had also talked about the possibility that my body could be tired from the training and losing 25lbs in a short period. With all of that I decided to give myself the 3 days to recover and see how i feel come monday. All in all I have nothing to lose from this if anything i had a good visit to SC, but maybe this will allow my body to be recovered and help my when it comes time to race.

Monday, March 19, 2012

New Bedford Half Marathon

This Sunday was the New Bedford Half Marathon. This was my 3rd time racing this course so i knew what i was in for, We drove down the night before with the ARE team and stayed 1/2 a mile from the start. In the morning myself, Eric and a few others meet up with Hammett, Fyffe and George went out for a easy warm-up. At 11 we were at the starting line and I felt excited to be towing the line with the ARE and the keenyans. I got out relaxed and stayed a few steps behind George, I had the plan of staying relaxed thru 3.5 miles and then us the down hills to get moving. I was able to do this thru 3m the last climb i lost some contact with George i tried to get going on the slight down hill but was not able to get those gears and could see the pack pulling away. Over the next few miles I found myself in a bit of no mans land I was trying to relax and get myself going again, at 7m i could feel some blisters forming on the balls of my feet about at this time I could feel my left calf getting tighter. I had tried to loosen it up the night before but seemed to not get better. From mile 10-13 i was able to try and hang on to a few people going by me, just after the 12m mark i noticed the lead truck for the women pulling up next to me at this point I made as much of a push as i could to make sure to not be caught. I was able to pass a few people at this time. I ended up finishing in 1:18:57 about 4-5 mins slower then i thought.

1147 (4-6)

Overall the splits speak for them self, but thankfully I have a great group of friends who are able to help you look at things from a different view instead of beating myself up over a rough race. After talking to a few people it mad since about why things are not going as well as i was hoping. Over the next couple weeks I have a few races planned out and also going to continue with the training and bump my miles up to the 80's. Also as racing season is starting I plan to get into some 5k's and work on the turn over that i am missing before going back to the longer stuff.

Monday, March 12, 2012

3/12 - 3/18

Mon - 10.62 (1:11:12) Picked up Derrick after about 1.5m we did the normal loop around town before dropping him off at the gym. We were clipping off pretty well most of the run, at about 7 miles myself and Eric talked about backing off the pace a bit we hit the school which has every 1/4 m marked and we realized we were hitting 6:20 pace. Once we hit the last mile from the school to home we got after it a bit i was not sure how fast we were moving but with .5 to go we really started to roll closed in 5:06 just the confidence booster I needed.
Tues - 9.5 (1:08:46) Had a later night at work didn't get home till 5, we decided to hit up a couple of dirt bike paths about 2.5m from the house. We keep it really relaxed today it was nice to run on some trails. Planning on doing a workout tomorrow have the idea of (mile,2x800,4x400 half rest) really enjoying the warm weather.
Wed - 11m 22:20 for a warm up a little over 3m once we got to the track we got some strides in, the plan was 1600/2x800/4x400 with Half rest. After some strides and drills we discussed the goal times for the workout I gave Eric a idea of what he should be hitting for times and we were off. My times were 5:08/2:34/2:35/74/74/77/68. Everything went really well except the 3rd 400 i'm not 100% sure what happened i kind of spaced out on that lap. Feeling really good going into the weekend. All the work is done till Sunday!
Thurs - 5.5m (40:27) Pretty lame day was tired all day and as i drove home it began to ran. We looked at the weather report and it seemed that it was going to pass by 530-6pm at 630 it was still raining so we decided to go short and deal with the rain.
Fri- 8.5m (1:00:20) Nice easy run before heading to the te dinner. I got home a bit later then normal and we didn't leave till 5 and the dinner was at 630. Felt good.
Sat- 3m (22:00) Up at 620 to run before going to help out at the Green island 4m.
Sun - 18m (New Bedford Half)

Total - 66m

Monday, March 5, 2012

3/5 - 3/11

Mon - 10+ (1:06:33) Good run felt much better then yesterday. Was a bit cold today which sucked but once we got rolling it was a good run. Dropped down to sub 6min pace for the last mile or so, looking forward to some warm weather.
Tues - 9 (1:01:54) We were just short of 9 about 7 min pace. A normal later night at work for me, looking forward to the clocks turning back and the warmer weather.
Wed - 11m Today we went to Albany to do a workout and also had a team meeting afterwards. The workout me and Eric did was 3x800/3x600/3x400 with 400 rest after the 8's and 200 after everything else. This worked out perfect as there were 20+ ppl on the track so there was never a point you weren't trying to catch someone. Times : 2:35/2:36/2:38/1:57/1:57/1:57/77/75/69
Overall i was really happy with this workout, it was fun to turn the legs over and never feel like i was over my head.
Thurs - 8+ (58:57) Nice easy run in 60 degree weather. We decided to keep it a bit shorter and recover from the workout, calf's we a bit sore but other then that everything was good.
Fri- 8++ (1:02:14) Good run really weird weather it was clear when i got home 430 had rained/snowed all by 5 and had snow flurries every 20 mins and a mini blizzard the last 15mins of the run...made things interesting.
Sat - AM 9m..Tipperyhill 4m (22:58) Race report to follow..tough course.
Pm 6m (44:03) Nice shake out run out and back thru Shen hit up the soft trails.
Sun - 15m (1:42) Went down to Albany for the Pancake run. Basically everyone runs different distances you can run anywhere from 3.5-15m , we cruised thru about 13m in a group of 8 the last two miles a couple guys started to get after it a bit myself and Alan didn't go not 100% because i didn't want to but i was mid bonk (spaced on the GU)..Overall great run.

Total - 77m Good week of training had a good workout and a solid race. Overall very happy with where my training is at, I feel like i am right on the brink of popping a race. I am looking forward to the warmer weather and that racing season is hear, added motivation!!

TipperayHill 4m - this was a good race, I decided not to wear my watch and just race to see where i was at. I felt i needed a race after DH jones which didn't go even close to how i wanted. It was a tough course, the first mile is down hill the next two are climbing and the last mile mostly flat. I was out quick thru the mile heard a split of 4:53 i keep fighting and ran with the same group for the last 3m I was happy with the race. Looking forward to next weekend for New Bedford.


Monday, February 27, 2012


Mon - 8.5 (1:02:24) ventured out to a trail about 2.5m away from the house did 3 inner and 3 outer loops before heading home. Nice recovery run on some soft trails.
Tues - 11m (1:18:11) Got a later start today due to me having a late meeting, Legs were still a bit sore but feeling better. It was nice and relaxing also finally got my desiccated liver in today!!
Wed - 9m (1:05:14) Had some weird weather today, got hit with a little snow storm. We got sprayed a couple times by cars with slush about half way into the run everyone went quite it was very clear we all were on the same page of just wanting to be done.
Thurs - 2m Started the run with Eric and Derrick, got about 2 miles in and my knee was a bit sore ( from slipping in the snow yesterday) good thing we loop past the house wasn't feeling real bad but enough that i decided to bag it for the day.
Fri - 10m Did 9+ with Eric, Tom and Emily. good run in Albany around the state office campus. After myself Eric and Emily did strides to get the extra distance. Knee felt fairly good.
Sat - 11m (1:13:29) It was amazing out today 50 degrees very nice run with Eric and Brandon we did our normal 10.9 loop i added some strides after. Last mile 5:35
Sun - Am 5+ (36:12) Nice morning shakeout run.
Pm 8+ (57:39) was supposed to be a 10m progression run, just didn't have anything on this run Eric was pulling away early before we really got going. I decided after 4m that i was just going to get in a solid double and take it for what it is.

Total - 65m

Good recovery week got in some good runs and added in strides. Knee seems to be back under control hopefully it will be fully healthy soon.

DH Jones 10 Mile

Today was the DH jones 10 mile, i have run this race the past 3 years and was looking forward to it this year. I was going into this race with my best training base that i have had going into this years event. I had the goal of a new PR with the course in good condition and having plenty of people to race with, also leading to this i had run 58:13 at a low key Albany race 3 weeks prior. We arrived at the race around 9:30am after spending the night in Keene, met up with Tom (ARE teammate) and headed out to preview the 1st/last mile of the course. I was feeling in good spirits and felt good on the warm up, once we got to the line i was ready to go I wanted to get out controlled (not ruin my race early) I was through the mile 5:35 my legs immediately tightened up. Over the next few miles they continued to be tight and i began to go backwards quickly. After 5 miles a group of Amherst runners went by and i tucked in with them to try and re-rally i was able to get going a bit better but never got to where i felt i should have been. I ended up with my worse time on this course 1:00:55. Obviously i was disappointed after the race, after wards i talked with some of my former team mates and close friends. It was one of those days were it just didn't happen, for what reason who knows ( lack of workouts no indoor?) At the same time it was pretty easy to just brush it off instead of my normal tail spin of what am i doing wrong with my training, the reason for this is my roommate/training partner ran a outstanding race. That keep me from that tail spin as i started the training cycle in worse shape and i am still getting my speed back up, this race was not what i wanted but could be what i needed to give myself more fire. Next on the schedule is New Bedford in 3 weeks, I want to hop into a 5k prior to that as a rust buster and also to have 1 more race under me before New Bedford.

Overall it was a good time i enjoyed seeing everyone and being back out there racing.

Monday, February 20, 2012

2/20 - 2/26

Mon- 10+ (1:04:14) Solid progression run started out at 7:07 for the first mile and began to get into a groove after that. At 6m Eric made a bit of a surge and brought the pace from 6:15 down to 6min pace from there is was just trying to hang on to him. I ended up finishing up with my last to miles in 5:54 and 5:50. Good day
Tues- 8m (1:02:27) Nice and easy today, legs felt a bit sore to start out the run but after about a mile things felt pretty good.
Wed - 10m (track work out) Today we headed over to Shen to meet up with Derrick. We did 6x400 and 6x200 the goal was to stay and control but turn the legs over and get ready for this weekend.
Times: 74/75/73/73/72/73 (got blasted with head wind) 200's: 35/36/34/32/30/31....felt really good today..confidence booster for this weekend.
Thurs - 10m (1:10) Went out on a new loop keeping it relaxed, for some reason my watch didn't feel like working today but it was ok Eric had his, last 10m run of the week other then DH jones.
Fri- 7m (46:00) this was a comfortable run although the on and off showers were not that great.
Sat- 6m (40:36) Ran in putney with Fyffe and Eric
Sun- 16m ( Jones 10m)

Total- 67m

Overall: Good training week 2 good workouts and 1 shitty race. Back to the grind till New bedford

Monday, February 13, 2012


Mon- 10+ (1:10:42) We did the normal monday loop with Derrick and Eric. We stopped at the high school track for a paced mile (5:20) Felt good to let it roll for a bit. finished up the run then do 4x70meter strides. feeling good to start getting some speed work in.
Tues - 11m (1:18:09) stayed nice and relaxed hit up some trails off kinns rd. Hoping to get in a workout tomorrow, as long as i can get out of my meeting on time.
Wed- 0m long day at work
Thurs - 10m (Track Workout) 3x1000,3x400. The workout was planned to be longer but after the 3rd 400 i decided to call it.
Times: 3:18/3:24/3:23/80/78/81....Overall not a horrible workout but i did struggle with the speed kind of felt lost being on the track.
Fri - 11.5m (1:22:24) Took about 10m before i finally started to feel good running. Was very nice to get out the door early and get majority of the run in day light.
Sat - Am 3m (21:15) Nice morning shake out run.
Pm 9m ( Track workout ) Went to Shen to get in another workout, had some nice weather also had Eric to pace me thru the opening 200.
Workout 6x400 (200 rest)
Times: 69/70/70/71/71/71
Felt pretty good quads were tight but it was good to push through it and have Eric there to push me.
Sun- 10m (70min) Nice and easy run, decided to just go ten today as eric had all the miles he needed and i was feeling a bit tired. Next week will be a down week as we prepare for DH Jones on Sunday.

Total - 65m (6days)

Monday, February 6, 2012


Mon - 9.5m (1:09:11) Nice and relaxed, was pretty surprised that i didn't have any real soreness from yesterday. Guessing that its from the increase in fitness.
Tues- 10m (1:11:44) Good even run. I had to work late so we didn't get out the door till just before 6pm...planning on a workout tomorrow.
Wed- 12m (track workout 4x400,4x800) 78/2:41/78/2:40/77/2:35/76/2:32...We took half rest on the workout, this was the first workout after 5+ weeks of base mileage. took a little bit of time to get into a rhythm, mostly the first 2 sets started to feel good.
Thus - 12m (1:29:27) Nice recovery run, Found a couple little trails to loop on while doing our normal 11m loop.
Fri- 6m (40:59) nice easy run before heading to Keene
Sat- 8m+ (55:30) did a loop in Keene mix of road and trail. Then went to Boston with Najem.
Sun- 17m (1:56:22) w/ Najem,Fyffe and Eric..did the clearing from
The house, I struggled to keep up on the climbs.


Good week, need to get a couple workouts in the week. Feeling fit need to get some speed work in now.

Monday, January 30, 2012


Mon- 9m (1:05) W/ Eric and Derrick. Felt surprisingly good today was expecting to be hurting from yesterday/the weekend.
Tues- 10+ (1:11:31) W/Eric..Spoke to soon yesterday felt pretty tired today, i guess still recovering. Other then that good day.
Wed- 10.85 (1:11:11) W/Eric..Only putting the full distance because we you this as a staple uptempo run, last 2 miles (11:44)
Thurs- 0m.. today was a planned off day with a work function felt good to relax for a day
Fri- 10m (1:12:54) Nice and relaxed, good way to start back after a day off.
Sat- Am 6m (44:20)
Pm 5m+ (38:06)
Sun- 19m ( winter series 10m) 58:13 - Today was the winter series 10m pretty low key race, I felt good first time going down to flats for any of these races. I was in no mans land shortly after the mile as Eric,Tom and Justin pulled away pretty quick. It was nice to be out there with some good conditions, I ran pretty even after the first mile were I did exactly what i told my self not to do. In going out with the leaders we hit the mile in 5:20 so i backed off a bit the next 9m were all right around 5:50 pace which felt pretty relaxed. Overall I was pretty happen to get this in with DH Jones 3 weeks away and knowing i will have people to run with I think i could be in contention of a PR day (depending on the conditions of the course)

Total- 70m (6days)

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Where : Shen High

Who: Eric and Myself

WorkOut : 3x2mile (about 35 seconds short of 2 miles)

Times: 11:30/11:10/11:07

Overall: Felt really good today other then my ankle feeling tight on the recovery jogs about .5m. We had some snowy conditions for the workout but figured we would get the effort in, found out it was easier to run in the snow then in tire marks by the cars. Shen seems to be a good place to workout you have the option of the track or follow the "trail" aka (side walk) that has every quarter marked. After the 2nd interval i almost bagged it due to i was struggling to do the recovery jog with my ankle. I stopped and stretched it out and decided i wasn't gonna ruin a good workout for my ankle acting up. Got home iced it and just need to keep a eye on it.
Finally adjusted to the mileage and beginning to feel strong.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Mon - 8+ (1:06:40) Nice and easy run, still very sore from yesterday. The plan was to keep it very easy today which we did.
Tues- 10+ (1:10:23) Comfortable run, got a later start due to I had a late meeting (that work thing) Feeling much better then yesterday. we are thinking of a workout on thursday.
Wed - 11m (1:12:16) Felt good today, we got out before the sun went down today so got the first 6-7m in some day light. We got after it a bit the last few miles.
Thurs - 11m+ (workout)
Fri - 5m (40:00)
Sat- 13m (1:27:33) in putney w/ Fyffe and Ferenc
Sun - 19m (2:07:39) W/ Najem ,Fyffe , Ferenc and Hammett.

Total - 77m

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter Series 30k

Today was the 4th winter series race, woke up at 7:30 listened to some Biggie made breakfast had a bagel with honey. Packed my cloths for the brisk 15 degree weather (real feel 22) got ready to leave around 8..after a few complications we were of (AKA battery died on my car) Myself and Eric drove down to albany. At 10am we lined up for the race, all 3 races start at the same place 3m,15k and 30k so it takes a bit of time to figure out who is in your race. After about a mile it was pretty clear who was in the 30k, I was with the leaders thru the mile and backed off a bit after that as my plan was to pick it up each lap on the 3 lap course with a hope to average 6:30 pace. The majority of the first 9-10m , at ten i caught up the the 4th place person we were 60:12 at 10m and i was feeling pretty strong over the next 3 miles i was able to catch up to the leaders and shortly after the half I took the lead. At this point i was feeling really smooth, when i reached mile 15 i started to feel a bit tired and was wishing that i had a GU at this point. 15-16 was my slowest mile of the day 6:31 just after 17m i got caught i tried to keep him close but he had more in the tank at this point then i did. I was happy to see that once i did get caught my next mile was 6:14 and held the same pace for the final .67, I ended up finishing 2nd overall in a time of 1:53:14 (6:03 pace) which was a huge confidence booster. This was my first marathon type workout and it seems that i am heading in the correct direction.

Eric ran the 15k (20k) he and Justin Wood got sent the wrong way and ended up running extra. From what i saw of the race they looked very smooth. Overall it was a good day and a sold way to finish off another 70m week.

Monday, January 16, 2012

1/16 - 1/22

Mon- 11m (1:18:48) w/ Eric another exploring run went and found some nice quite roads in some neighborhoods. Started out pretty relaxed then picked it up a bit towards the end.
Tues - 7m (54:23) w/ Eric..we both felt pretty tired today decided to take it easy. Got lucky as it rained most of the day but was clear while we were out running.
Wed - 10+ (1:10:31) w/Eric started out pretty easy picked it up throughout the run last few miles were @ 6 low pace...Felt good to turn it over.
Thurs - 10m (1:09:21) w/Eric..We went on another exploring run both of us were feeling a bit sluggish..Overall I was pretty happy with the run even for feeling a bit sluggish we still held a good pace.
Fri - 0m - had a work function didn't get home till 10
Sat- Am 5.5 (44:17)
Pm 6.5(49:46)
Sun- Am - Winter series 30k (18.67m)
Pm - 3m (23:43) Nice easy shake out

Total- 71m (6days)

Overall- Solid week got a couple good progression runs. 1 good race ran better then i thought i would was hoping for 6:30 pace, seems the mileage is starting to pay off. Next week will be much of the same as this week progression runs and 70-75m for the week.

Monday, January 9, 2012


Mon- 10m (1:16:32) W/Eric..Nice easy recovery run from the weekend legs still a bit sore.
Tues- 10m (1:11:57) W/ Eric..Started out @7:30 pace worked down to low 6 for the last 2-3
Wed- 9m (1:08:59) Hill repeats 10x350 meters. Legs felt heavy at the start but once we got going started to feel good.
Thurs - 11m (1:18:12) Started out easy first 5 was 39-40m got in a good grove the last 6 felt good.
Fri- 11m (1:14:37) W/ Eric and Derrick had a good clip going from about 2-7 then relaxed from 7-10 and picked it up for the last half mile. felt good
Sat- 9m Had the plan to do a work out 3 x mile. Got into the first one and felt tired after the second i decide to bag it and jog back to the finish to meet with Eric and jog home. I'm not to worried about the struggles with the workout this is the 2nd week of higher mileage and my body is still adjusting.
Sun - 15m (1:45) W/ Eric, Tom and Andrew. Looped around albany then added on with some loops around the state campus. Good run started out it was -1 when we ended it was between 7-8...never thought 7-8 would feel nice...or at least nicer.

Total - 75m

Overall- Another good week, Second at 70+ had a bit of a struggle with the workout on Saturday but it was expected with the recent increase in mileage. The next 2 weeks I am going to skip doing any conventional workouts i.e. (hills,speed,intervals) I will keep up with doing pick-ups during the training runs and throw some tempos into the mix till I feel adjusted to the miles. The plan for next week is much of the same 75m

Monday, January 2, 2012


Mon- Am 5m 35:27
Pm 5m 31:44
Tues- 3m 19:51 (couldn't get warm)
Wed-9m 10x250 hill repeats ( 52/52/51/51/52/52/48/46/46/46) Felt really good
Thurs- 10m (1:07)
Fri- 5m (34:09)
Sat- 13m (17:01 5k- ran even the whole race just had no speed..another good work out and got in the miles
Sun- 15+m (1:45:21) Felt good another nice day out. Lifted upper after
Pm 6m (42:47) with Eric

Total- 71m