Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter Series 30k

Today was the 4th winter series race, woke up at 7:30 listened to some Biggie made breakfast had a bagel with honey. Packed my cloths for the brisk 15 degree weather (real feel 22) got ready to leave around 8..after a few complications we were of (AKA battery died on my car) Myself and Eric drove down to albany. At 10am we lined up for the race, all 3 races start at the same place 3m,15k and 30k so it takes a bit of time to figure out who is in your race. After about a mile it was pretty clear who was in the 30k, I was with the leaders thru the mile and backed off a bit after that as my plan was to pick it up each lap on the 3 lap course with a hope to average 6:30 pace. The majority of the first 9-10m , at ten i caught up the the 4th place person we were 60:12 at 10m and i was feeling pretty strong over the next 3 miles i was able to catch up to the leaders and shortly after the half I took the lead. At this point i was feeling really smooth, when i reached mile 15 i started to feel a bit tired and was wishing that i had a GU at this point. 15-16 was my slowest mile of the day 6:31 just after 17m i got caught i tried to keep him close but he had more in the tank at this point then i did. I was happy to see that once i did get caught my next mile was 6:14 and held the same pace for the final .67, I ended up finishing 2nd overall in a time of 1:53:14 (6:03 pace) which was a huge confidence booster. This was my first marathon type workout and it seems that i am heading in the correct direction.

Eric ran the 15k (20k) he and Justin Wood got sent the wrong way and ended up running extra. From what i saw of the race they looked very smooth. Overall it was a good day and a sold way to finish off another 70m week.


  1. Awesome race, Goup! Nice 30K. For what marathon are you training?

  2. Great job Jeff! You've got to be thinking 2:30s for Vermont City if training goes well.

  3. Thanks man. This was a big confidence booster, made me think that a goal of 6m paces might not be as much of a stretch as I thought..but noes the tricky part staying healthy.