Monday, August 30, 2010

Week 1

Mon- Am 3m (no pain)
Pm 3m
Tues- AM 3m
Wed- 3m
Thurs-3m (18:34) tempo
Fri- Am 3m
Pm 4m w/Wilson
Sat- 5m
Sun- 5m


Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I haven't been able to run since Bride of Flowers due to a strained right Achilles. I have been Icing and taking Advil. The problem is Bay state is 8 weeks away, and I know at some point if I can't get going there will be no point in going. I am just having trouble figuring out when that cut off point should be, On a side note I have been able to bike. Any advice would be much appreciated.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Mon- 0
Tues- 0
Wed- Am 5m
Pm 5m
Thurs- Am 5m
Fri- 1m (Achilles wouldn't loosen up so I bagged it an went home. Taking the rest of the week to the road bike and try to fix this thing quickly

Overall- Not sure what to do, my achilles won't loosen up and it is sore just walking around. If anyone has any advice on how to get this to loosen up I am open to ideas

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Today myself,Haley,Hammett and George Adams headed over to Manchester for the Cigna 5k. After last year we decided that we would much rather be there early then rush. We arrived at 4:15. Around 5:30 we went out on the warm up with a crew of the CMS guys. Mike Q. Dave Q. Scott Clark Tim Cox. After a nice 2m warm up we headed separate ways to get ready. As the race started I was 3 rows back but had positioned myself right behind Mike Q, After the first 200 and the crowd spread out a bit I was able to find Mike once again and tucked in right behind him. We can threw the mile in 505-506 and felt pretty relaxed at this point I pulled up next to Mike and we started to move up. I felt really smooth and comfortable (the mileage paying off) Not sure the time at 2 as i decided to not wear a watch but there are normally clocks on the course, At about 2.5 we hit the last little dip in the course and Mike started to close and opened a gap that I wasn't able to cover the move. Overall I was really happy I know I am getting stronger and a couple more weeks I think that I will be able to cover late moves better.

Results - 16:13 PR
23rd overall

Monday, August 9, 2010


Mon- Am 5m
Pm 5m
Tues- pm 10m w/Haley,Alex,Tim
Wed- Am 5m
Pm 3m
Thurs- Am 3m
Pm 9m Cigna 5k 16:13 23rd place
Fri- 40min bike
Sat- 8m (BOF not a good day down hills killed my Achilles)
Sun- 0

Total- 48m

Overall- This was a planned down week so not much to say, two days in flats didn't help the Achilles at all. Next week back to the miles

Monday, August 2, 2010


Mon- Am 4m
Pm 9m
Tues- Pm 12m (last 3.5 21:25)
Wed- Am 4m
Pm 3m
Thurs- 0
Fri- Am 4m
Pm 7m
Sat- 20m w/ boj and hammett in pisgah
Sun- 14m w/pipp and Thomas
Total- 79

Overall- A good 3rd week of training, starting to feel much stronger and adjusting to the training. Next week will be a down week I will shoot for 70-75 in 7 days. Normally I would try to keep this going but with two races this week it seems like a better idea to cut back as i will have two hard days of running.