Monday, February 23, 2015

2/23 - 3/1 adjustment phase

Last week I started to get consistant with the morning runs. This is taking a bit to adjust to! I know it's necessary as anytime I have had a break through running those periods had heavy doses of doubling.

Mon - 5:05am - 5m (40:05) was pretty sluggish getting up this morning. Seemed to be in slow motion until I realized I was running late. When I arrived to the treadmills this morning I was greeted by jokes of my clashing colors..didn't think much of it when I grabbed my gear this morning bright red shorts bright orange shirt..made for a good laugh with the slow starting morning.

4:15pm - 7m (48:45) legs were a bit sluggish this afternoon but expected with the bump up in miles and the frequency of the treadmill runs. Afterwards went home did some extra stretching and used the foam roller!

Tues - 5:05am - 5m (38:46) what a day can make felt much better, looking forward to this afternoons workout! 

4pm - 7m (44:26) workout was planned for a progression run. Was able to start out just under 7min pace and worked down, over the last mile I continued to bring it down each quarter until I was running low 5min pace (5:18). I was pleased with how this workout went  espically with the mid run decision to crank it down a bit more.

Wed - 6pm - 8+ (1:02:04) for the moment I am using Wednesday my "sleep in" morning. Ended up at work late for some training, today was the first struggle I've had getting out the door. Once I was out it was all systems go and was re-energized for the run.

Thurs - 5am - 5m (40:05) normal morning at the gym chatted with Renee while getting in some miles on the treadmill.

4pm - 5m (34:04) Met Renee at the gym for a 2nd run. It was definitely warm enough to run outside this afternoon, we had already planned the run so we stuck to the plan. Felt good to play with the pace over the run.

Fri - 5am - 5m (39:54) started out as a planned run with a group. That slowly changed, Renee's daughter woke up sick which cancelled Renee out. Eric slept in a bit, thankfully i invited Jessy so I had no excuse to not get up. We were out the door for a nice morning run on the roads! Can't wait for spring!!

4:45pm- 5m (34:04) @ YMCA with Renee

Sat - 830am - 3+ (NT) fairly warm out. Solo on sweet rd (actual name) 

2pm - 8++ (3xhills rd) met up with Renee to head over for the workout. Was pretty warm out (25) got out a little quick on the first one and payed the price shortly afterwards. (2:56/2:58/3:02)

Sun - 10am - 17m (1:58:25) went down to albany and ran on the winter marathon course. First 12m were with Pete, a little quicker then I planned to run but worked out.

Summary - 83m another good week, legs are still feeling pretty good looking forward to some warmer weather! Had 1 good workout and 1 ok workout (was good to have a little struggle on the hills helps to keep focused.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2/16 - 2/22 (treadmill bonding)

With the obvious weather we've all been experiencing I've been driven to the treadmill spending some quality time staring out that window!

Mon - 4:30pm- 9m (1:00) went down to the YMCA and got myself a membership. After completing the paperwork and finding out my work gives me a credit for using the Y things were going pretty well.
I didn't have much of a plan for the run but wanted to get some type of effort in. Decided to do a 3m tempo (1st 2m at GMP and last mile at GHP) got in a 3m warm up before dropping the pace down, 1st 2m @ 6min pace and bringing the last mile to 5:39 pace. Legs were a bit sore but otherwise smooth and relaxed. I finished up with a 3m cooldown keeping it all under 7's to make sure I got 9m.
7:30pm - 1hr massage

Tues - 5:00am- 5m (40:01) met Renee at the Y at 4:55 to get in a morning run. Never realized how many people are up early working out. Keep it very easy for this run, i enjoyed having the treadmill as I didn't have to remind myself to keep the run easy just floated along.

4:40pm - 7m (45:09) never been so happy to get outside!! Had some light soreness from yesterday's massage but otherwise relaxed. A huge plus!! All in daylight!! Means springs getting here somewhere!!

Wed - 4:30pm -  10m (4xhills rd) 
Got out for a 3m warm up and headed over towards hills rd. After a few drills got going with the workout, was nice to have company on the hill today (Macknight) started a little bit back from my previous workout but no real change in the times. After the 1st rep everything felt warmed up, this is normal for me takes a rep or two for my hamstrings to really loosen up.
Results. - 3:03/3:00/2:57/2:57
The last rep I got out a bit to relaxed and hit my split marker almost 3secs back from the 3rd rep. I had to make a conscious effort on the 2nd half to close the gap, was happy to have that ability to change gears and close the gap.

Thurs - 5:10am - 5m (40:08) Met Renee at the Y for another morning run, the weather wasn't to bad but with the wind picking up and snow starting its safer to stay indoors. Legs were a little stiff from yesterday but loosened up pretty quick. I'm starting to enjoy these morning run - gets the day off on a good note.

4:15pm - 5m (35:08) went back to the Y right after work, unfortunately all the treadmills where filled up. Made my way over to the indoor track (13 laps to a mile) and proceeded with my run there. I've been pretty lucky with the track as each time I have had to use it there hasn't been to much of a crowd. Finished off with some strides.

Fri - 5:05am - 5m (38:08) had an interesting start to the morning. I decided to leave some stuff locked in a locker knowing I would be back in the AM. I'll be nice and say an older gentleman (again being nice) made some rude comment about my lock being there. Normally I would have acknowledged this but there are no posted "rules" nor was I informed of this when I signed up. He basically complained that your not supposed to leave stuff over night..whatever thats fine, but the fact of having a fit with over 200 free lockers threw me off. As it was 5am and I really wasn't awake to respond I gave the typical should shrug and walked away..needless to say I had some hatefully looks as I ran on the treadmill..and just out of spite I left my shit for my afternoon run right in the locker. 

3:40pm - 7m (46:08) met Renee at the Y for an afternoon run. Decided to throw in a paced mile to break up the run, nothing crazy but felt good to open it up (5:22)

Sat - 9:15am - 8m (58:27) met with Megan Hogan and ran on the indoor track. Was nice to catch up over the run. Went back to the Y for a PM at 5:45 to find out they closed at 6. Threw a bit of a wrench into plans.

Sun- 8am - 11.5m (1:29:20) met Renee and Erin at the Y for a run around clifton park. Was so happy to be outdoors, the roads were a bit sloppy overall a good run.

3pm - 7m (46:06) Gavs came up to the house for a run. Roads were much clearer and still warm out, legs felt good.

Summary - 80m for the week, was a huge help having the gym for these cold days. Had 2 solid workouts with a higher mileage sunday. No pain in the left leg or hip, gives me some confidence I can get back to full long runs.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2/9 - 2/15

Mon - 5:30pm - 7m (track workout) met up with Lozier at the UA track, decided to do 2x1k 4x400 at perceived VO2 max. Guessed I am in roughly 17:00 5k shape. Got in a 2m warm up indoors before changing to flats for the workout. Everything felt 100x better this go around. I'm still not certain where all the splits are for the track (180m) but felt I was running right near that brink. 
Goal - 3:13-3:15 , 75 and under.
Results 3:15/3:15/74/75/74/70
Very happy with this workout. Was able to stay smooth and also change gears when I wanted to. 

Tues - 4:40pm - 10m (71:11) got out right after work for an easy run. Legs were feeling good after yesterday's workout.

Wed - 5:15am - 4.5m (35:56) met up with Jessy, was supposed to do her warm up loop but with the conditions we changed her workout to indoors.

Pm - 7:00pm - 5m (36:36) roads were a bit slippery tonight but otherwise felt good. Got to try a pair of recovery legs after the run as well, they are pretty sweet!!

Thurs - 4:30pm - 5+ (36:49) legs felt like jello. Got home and was waiting for Macknight to get back for a 2nd run. Ended up asleep on the couch and to lazy to get back out.

Fri - 4:30pm - 6m (41:00) went to vent fitness to use the treadmill. Wasn't having any part of it today. Legs felt like shit and my head was killing me.

Sat- 6:30am - 8m (57:36) met Renee at the Y for another treadmill run. Felt much better and enjoyed the run looking outdoors.

1pm - 5m (35:15) wanted to get outdoors and this was a perfect opportunity. Didn't look at the weather which was a mistake. Was a bit overdressed but other wise glad for some fresh air.

Sun- 8am - 10m (1:15:46) split my time between the treadmill and indoor track. I am thinking of getting a membership for this gym. Use of weights a pool and of course some basketball courts! 

Summary - 61m a bit lazy on a few days and no long run. Had 1 good workout and wasn't able to get to the 2nd with the weather..I did play in the snow for a couple's like a workout. With 4 more weeks till my first race I'm looking forward to getting back to work.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

2/2 - 2/8

Mon- snow storm, tried to wait it out. Tried to go to the gym for a run but was closed.

Tues - 5:30pm - 8m (track workout) joined a few guys at the indoor track and tagged alone for portions of their workout. Ended up with 1x1k(3:10), 3x400(75), 4x200(33) - had extended rest on all sets. Was nice to get a workout in, was a huge shock to the system. 

Wed- 8:45am - 7m (50:54) legs were pretty sore this morning. Thankfully working a split shift and got a little extra sleep and a day light run. Hoping it's not to cold tonight and I can sneak in a 2nd run.

8pm - 3+ (25:38) was surprisingly warm out around 30. Legs felt pretty good, this was a nice way to end the day. 

Thurs - 6:15pm - 8m (65:30) met up with the group in Albany for a run. Was a tad chilly out. Always nice to get these recovery runs in with a large group.

Fri- 8:30am - 5m (35:43) waited as long as I could for the temps to come above freezing. No dice!

8:45pm - 5m (36:30) had to work late and was lucky Derrick also was working late, met up for an easy 2nd run. No rest for the wicked!

Sat - 10am - 10m (hill repeats) headed over to Hill rd (ironic huh?) for some hill repeats. The hill itself has a short steep start then quickly changes to a gradual climb with a short section into a neighborhood to finish out. The plan was 4x 1/2m repeats. Had some confidence going into this workout from Tuesday. Felt strong and smooth on the climbs, was able to increase the pace slightly each rep and had minimal soreness in my hip flexor.
Splits - 3:02/2:59/2:58/2:56

Sun - 11:30am - 13m (1:37:05) had mapped out a 17m loop last night with the intention to run said loop. Checked the weather and it didn't look to bad. The first 4-5m I thought I might have over dressed was breaking a sweat. Once I made the turn for Ballston Spa that changed quickly, the next 5m were into a head wind and getting blasted with snow. By the time I made my turn on outlet road I was frozen and had enough, the roads were now covered and I was slipping every where. Decided to pull the plug and head home.

Summary: Total 59m (6days) not the best week of miles, had 2 good harder effect days and my hip flexor seems to be getting better. Still acts up on the long runs. Will most likely push my start to the racing season out a bit. Starting to think with the leg not 100% the Jones 10m might do more harm then good.