Monday, September 24, 2012


Mon - Am 3m (22:46) a bit cold this morning, got to bust out some winter gear
Pm - 7m (48:20) ran with Derrick who is getting ready for masters nationals in Syracuse. Keep it nice and easy
Tues - Am 3m (23:46)
Pm 7m (48:40)
Wed - Am 5m (36:24) Legs felt a bit heavy, got some rain the 2nd half of the run
Pm - 11m 3xMile (800 rest) 516/514/508
Thurs - Am 3m (22:25)
Pm - 7m (46:50)
Fri - Am 3m (23:05)
Pm 7+ (50:18) in Keene, we set out for 4-5 as it rained the whole ride over..ended up getting the 7 that was scheduled anyways.
Sat - Am watched KSC invite, both teams ran well..both teams won the team race and both men and women won the individual race.
Pm - 19m (1:57:07) In Grafton with Ferenc, Fyffe and Macknight. We killed it the last time I did this run I ran 2:07:39 and now have a bridge named after me where I was sure it was all over. Felt really good the whole run, had a little tightness in my right IT band in the final miles but was able to keep rolling. Only had 2 stops the entire run 1 bathroom break and the other was a bloody nose, went to blow a snot rocket ended up just blood every were. Once I handle that it was back to crushing mode for the remainder of the run, Fyffe got me amped up in the final 1.5 he started talking about going sub 2 for the loop we picked it up to make sure we made it.
Sun - 0 (running) decided to take a day off and rest the IT band, ended up getting 30+ on the road bike watching Hammett and George race the Marathon in Keene. Only dumped the bike once going maybe 2 mph trying to get on the side walk, gave me a good laugh.

Total - 75 (6days) only 2 weeks till Hartford, after saturdays run I feel like I am ready to go, just need to take care of this little IT band thing.

Monday, September 17, 2012


Mon - Pm 9m (1:01:58) Legs felt ok except for my right quad was still a bit tender. Hoping it will be better by mid week.
Tues - Am 5m (37:14)
Pm 8m (57:21) Was only going to do 5 and rest my leg but we had a down pour and the roads were flooded. Was having too much fun running in shin/knee deep water at points.
Wed -  Pm 10m @ track work out
Thurs - Am 3m (22:49)
Pm 7m (50:21)
Fri - Pm 11m (1:15:34) Didn't get out till late, had a after work thing for one of the guys last days at the Mill.
Sat - Am 5m ( 33:47) everything feels back to normal.
Pm 5m (33:23) in Barrington
Sun - 10m @ Track 8x400

The plan called for 14x400 but just didn't have it today a mix of being tired and general lack of focus, had a nice cool down around town after about 3m I started to roll and began to feel better.

Total - 73m

Philly Half

Sunday Sept 16th, was the Philly Half marathon. I woke up just after 6am and got ready to head into the city for the 8am start, I had stayed in Norristown at Brock's house which worked out really well. As I was heading into the City I realized I had left my watch at the house, kinda sucked but it wasn't something that I couldn't live without. Arrived in Philly at 7:05 to find a place to park, spotted a garage that was 12bucks for the day figured it would be good. I didn't realize that I was parking about a mile from the start line this was my first mistake of the day, Once i finally got to the start I was scrambling to get going. I changed up then searched around for bag check in, after asking around I found it, checked my bag which had my phone (only way to tell time) at this point I new that I must get a warm-up in this was also the same time they called up to the line.

Once in the corral I talked with Tom O'Grady and Scott Bessette which calmed me down a bit, I was in corral 1 so right behind the elites. A pretty cool moment was being 3-4 rows behind Ritz, once the gun went off I slowly made my way out at .5m in I spotted Jen Donovan (who beat me at blessing of the fleet) I decided to run near her for the early stages to not do anything else dumb (besides no warm-up) we ran together thru 4m. The only splits that I have are the ones provided from the live tracker I hit 3m at 17:37 which felt easy and my legs we comfortable I believe I hit 5 around 28:4x something and at this point was in no mans land for a little while, the second half of the race goes up one side of the river and down the other I was missing not having my watch at this point I was trying to see how I was doing based on the clocks at the mile marks but didn't plan out what I would have to hit for my goal time, this made the clocks kinda useless to me. I finally get into a group around 7m and was running well with them just latching on and not having to do much work, I felt like I could hang with them and thought I would make a move around 11m this plan went to shit pretty quick about a mile later my right quad started to tighten to the point it reduced me to a shuffle. I decided it would be best to stop and stretch it out (first stretch of the day) this helped a little but also screwed me because I had lost contact with the group. After this stop it was really all down hill for me I hit 10 in 59:39 and new at best I could run 78mins, my quad never really loosened up and by 11m it was over I jogged off to the side and just ran in relaxed and slow. I didn't want to risk doing anything to my leg with Hartford so close, this was a bit of a disappointment with it being such a fast course. After the race I was sitting on a blind corner stretching out and got another opportunity to see Ritz run by this was the highlight of the race.

Overall not very happy with this race, its worse when I have done training runs faster. The only thing I can do now if get ready for Hartford and remember at all cost get a warm-up in.

Monday, September 10, 2012

9/10 - 9/16

Mon - Am 3m (21:34)
Pm 5m (32:57)

Tues- Am 3m (22:35)
Pm 7m (short) (43:38) ran with Derrick. My loop ended up being a bit short, for what i mapped out I was 630 pace..felt easy.

Wed - Am 3m (23:10)
Pm 11m Track (4x800,4x400) (400rest)

Thurs - Am 3m (23:30)
Pm 7m (47:49)

Fri - 0 Planned day off. Trying to be rested for the weekend

Sat - Am 3m (22:24) Shakeout prior to driving to Philly
Pm 3m (23:10) W/ Brock in Philly

Sun - 13m Philly Half

Total - 61m

Not much to say about this down week, Sunday just didn't turn out the way I had hoped

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

9/3 - 9/9

Mon - 9+ (1:06:37) Ran in Swanzey, Titus biked with me. Then to Hammetts for a lobster cookout! not a bad way to start the day, grabbed some Ice cream before heading back to NY.

Tues- Am 3m (22:17)
Pm - 8m (54:25) met up with Derrick

Wed - Am 3m ( 22:10)
Pm 15m Track - 6xmile (half rest)
Rest- 340/342/334/333/335/339
Felt really good - big confidence booster with Philly next weekend

Thurs - 10m (1:09:09) Took about a mile to loosen up but felt good. didn't do a morning run only because I struggled to wake up.

Fri - Am 4m (28:08)
Pm 10m (1:05:16)

Sat - Am 5m (34:22)
Pm 5m (35:17)

Sun - Am 12m Dunkin 5k 16:35 (516/518/521/39)
Pm - 5m (33:02)

Total - 90m

1 good workout and good race. next week will be a down week getting ready for Philly

8/27 - 9/2

Mon - Am 3m (22:27)
Pm 10m (1:05:44) Felt really relaxed and smooth

Tues - Am 4m (27:54) Rained for the first 3m then got clear and hot fast
Pm - 8+ (52:52)

Wed - Am 3m (21:58)
Pm 15m (track) 3 up&down (workout - 4x4/3x8/mile/3x8/4x4 (Half Rest)
Felt pretty good for most of the workout it was def a long time to be out on the track.

Thurs - Am 3m (23:54)
Pm - 7++ (56:17)

Fri - Am 3m (22:09)
Pm - 5m (35:29) In keene with Najem and met boj on the trails

Sat - 11m Keene Alumni race - 17:35 Never really felt bad just couldn't turn the legs over

Sun - 17m (1:54:33) at Ferenc's house with him and Hammett I felt really strong was able to climb a bit with them and closed the last 3 on the roads with minimal effort.

Total - 90m

Good mileage week with 1 good workout and a ok race