Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Mon- 7m (48:12) w/ Wilson
Tues- am- 4m(27:17) w/Haley
Pm- 7m (46:05) W/ Wilson
Wed- am-5m(28:59) snowy conditions
Thurs- 10m(1:12)
Fri- 3m(19:42)
3m(20:38)Was going for 7, Got a slight head cold so played it safe and took it easy

Sat- off

Sun- DH Jones 10 Miler - 57:28
2.5 warm up 1.5 cool down(dead)

Total- 58m (6days)

This week went very well for me, other then a slight head cold I was very happy. Had a good workout and a great race, I ran this course last year in 60:05, The goal was to try and break 60 which I did. A lot of thanks has to go to Dan V. for making me stay with him when I wanted to give in and slow down. The other guys also ran real well, Fyffe-50:58,Miller-51:50,Hammett-54:09 and Bojo-62(on his second day of racing) Next on the schedule is New Bedford which allows me 3 weeks of training and getting back to longer Sunday runs

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Tues-7m(50:53) very snowy
Wed- Workout 14m
Thurs-7m (47:12)
Fri- 7m (49:32)
Sat- 5m(34:41)
Sun- 13m (2 races mile-4:42,800-2:14)

The goal of the workout was to stay in control and not get in over my head. Doing the workout with Hammett and Boj really helped with that as i was able to just hang onto Hammett. Boj was just a few secs behind on the repeats, Overall i thought the workout went very well. The other guys did a much longer workout 8xmile which basically made me rethink every wanting to do marathon training.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Mon- am-4m (28:30)
pm- 5m (31:56)
Tues- am- 5m(34:20)
pm- 7m(48:18)
Wed- am-3m-(21:48)
pm- workout (1x600,200rc,200,3x400,3x200 Full rest)
Thurs-pm-10.24m (69:55)
Sat- am-2.5m(16:29)
pm-Race 3m warm up/warmdown
Sun- Off

So this week went pretty good the workout went well even tho i went with the group I did my own workout which left me to run alone. The race was good I tend to go from one extreme to the other when it comes to racing. I tend to go straight to the lead and try to push then hang on, this weekend I did the opposite and finally took the advice from Hammett and BOJ and got out a bit easier, the only thing other then time that I feel still needs work was that instead of getting into the middle of the pack I went right to the back.Overall I am happy with the week and look forward to next weekend.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


This week was more of a resting week I took a good part of the week off. So it wasn't anything to eventful. here is the run down
Sun-8 (4 mile race in concord)
Total- 35
Overall I was happy with how the week went the race was good 22:25 which I will take considering the lack of training and it was very cold and windy.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Been a while

So its been some time since i last posted here is the run down of the past few weeks.
I managed to avg. 70-75 miles a week with some good workouts. spent most of the time at drummer hill doing mile repeats. I was able to run 6:01 for a repeat, for those of you who are unaware of drummer its a mile long uphill. 6:01 was a huge PR for that workout. Race wise I did a couple miles 4:41 and a couple 800's 2:12. last weekend I attended the Terrier Invite the plan was try to get around 9:00 for the 3k, I was on pace threw 2k then fell apart ended up running 9:22 so that event has still not gone how i would have liked it to go this season. I was hoping to build on the 9:05 from last.