Monday, March 29, 2010


Mon-10m (Workout)
8x400,200 (200 Rest) Alternating
Tues- 11m (1:17:34)
Wed- 0
Thurs- 7m (45:44)
Fri-am 4m(31:53)
pm 11m(1:16:05)
Sat-5m (32:41)

Overall - This week was just a bad week of training my knee's hurt so I wasn't able to run as much as I would have like, but I hope they will be better this week with the rest and allow my to resume training.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Mon-am 7m (47:58)
pm 5m (32:56) w/jimmy
Tues-am 11m(1:13:18)
Wed-pm 11m (workout) (2x2mile-11:16,11:01 1x800-2:28 Rest-400)
Thurs-pm-11m (1:17:31)
Fri-7m (51:55)
Sat-10m (race) (4.5m-25:46,5:44)-very challenging
Sun-9m (61:01)

Race- The race was a tough course, although we did get lucky to have no wind it was also a bit chilly out for the 9:15 start. Got out pretty well with a 5:18 first mile then hit the climb was 11:08 at 2 and began to feel the tiredness set in made it to 3(16:52) and 4(22:52). overall for the course and how i felt I am happy it was a bit hard to figure out why I was off but looking at it I am 6days from a running a pr in the half and have also increased my miles this week, so all in all it adds up pretty well.

Overall- This was a good week built my mileage up from the 57 a week to 70, just gotta hold that for a couple weeks and hopefully my body will adjust quickly. Had one ok race and a good workout

Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Bedford Half

Today was a new adventure for me as I ran my first half marathon. I went into the race hoping to run sub-1:15 which I thought would be a good start. As the race started in which I never actually heard the gun go off, I quickly found myself with Jim who I planned on running with I stuck with him till about 2.5 then began to try and move up. I was really happy with some of the splits that i saw during the race 5m(28:20) 10m(56:36)PR. At about mile 11-11.5 we began to hit the last hill and I found myself in a pain that I had never felt before, Jim pulled back up next to me at this point and I tried to muster something to go with him but I seemed to be in shuffle mode and couldn't change gears. I ended up running 1:14:36, I was very pleased and was even more so happy to see that CMS finished 3rd in the team results. I think it shows how deep of a team we have with a few guys having a off day, as for team results it went something like this Double J, Bob Wiles,Hammett,Fyffe,Alan Bernier,Kevin Tilton and Jim Pawlicki. Overall I would say a good race for myself and a good day for CMS

Monday, March 15, 2010


Mon- Am-4m(29:45) with Pete Thomas
Pm- 9m (63:27) w/Wilson (Half on roads half on trails very wet)
Tues- Am- 5m (33:12)
Wed- 10m-workout 6x400 (65,67,67,71,67,66)
Fri-7m (51:22) w/Haley
Sat-5m (33:41)
Sun-17m (race)

Monday, March 8, 2010


Today me and Najem headed over to the track, we were doing a combined but separate workout. As I was doing 6x1000 Najem was doing 5x1200 and then pulled me through the first 600 of my final 1k. The workout went very smooth as we worked together during the intervals I would lead the first 400-600 meters before Najem would float by, yes I said float, as I felt I was putting in a solid effort he made it look easy. Here is how it went.

I did the workout with 400 rest and 800 rest between sets, other than getting out a bit fast on the first set I thought it went very well as the plan was to try and keep them all between 3:05-3:10, which other then 2 intervals I managed to do. So the plan is to get another workout in later this week and with the way the weather is looking doesn't seem like it will be hard to get motivated.


Mon-Am-11m workout
Tues-Pm-5m (36:00)
Wed-Am-5m (31:19)
Pm-3m (18:39)
Thurs- Pm-11m
Fri-Am- 7m (44:19)
Sat- Am- 17m (2:09:03)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Work Out 3/4

The planned workout for today is 4xmile (cutbacks) 4x200.
So today's workout went pretty well, although I didn't get quite the volume that I had planned on. Myself and Brandon headed to the track which ended up being pretty windy so we decided after the 3rd mile that we were tired of fighting the wind and went to the 200's. The workout went as follows.

Overall I was pleased with the workout the first mile I felt a bit stiff, but after that my legs loosened up and I felt smooth the rest of the workout.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Mon- Am-7m(51:40) 5 of the miles with Pete Thomas
Pm-3m(21:53) W/ Haley
Wed- Am-8m(58:57)
Thurs-Pm-10m (workout)
Fri- Am-4M (feeling lazy)
Sat- Am-14m (1:31)(clearing)

- Another consistent week with a good work out and a nice longer run. Overall I am very happy with this week, the workout went well and I feel fully recovered from the race last Sunday. With looking at my log I have now been at the 60m mark for a month and need to try and bump it up. The goal for next week is two workouts and hit 63-65m.