Thursday, August 27, 2015

8/24 - 8/30 VT long run

Mon - 5am - 3+ (24:52) w/Renee, sweet rd loop.

540pm - 8+ (57:17) random loops w/Eric

Tues - 520pm - 12m (1:32:07) Kinns rd, did a mix of trails and a road loop. Met up with Pete and Eric, kept it very relaxed.

Wed - 510am - 3+ (26:26) Sweet rd, nice and cool morning

615pm - 16m (workout 4m/3m/2m/1m w/1m recovery) met with the group at the Corning bike path (in Albany). After an easy 2m warm up and change of shoes we were under way. The goal was goal marathon pace and try to finish the shorter ones a little quicker. Usually takes me a bit to get going but today I was locked in right away, it was a bit surprising but none the less a welcomed surprise. The first rep went well 23:31 (548/554/556/551) we jogged off a mile in the same direction before starting the 3m. Again this rep went well 17:38 (554/550/554) as we jogged off the recovery a few of us commented we should have put some fluids out, oh well a miss on our part. We set out on the 3rd rep and had a little confusion in our group, my watch was a little ahead and I took off as soon as it sounded. The rest of the group was a little behind, I felt smooth for the first mile then tightened up a little towards the last 1/2m 12:00 (551/609) jogged off the recovery, John and I agreed the last rep just try to get under 6 and at minimal stay under goal pace. I tried to hang with John for the last rep but felt like a friggen sprint, the last 1/4m was horrible I had nothing left in the tank. Finished up with a 6:08, not as sting of a finish as I would have liked but seemed collectively everyone struggled with the same sections.

Thurs - 615pm - 10m (1:18:18) legs were pretty shot today. Kept it easy and just got the miles in.

Fri - 650pm - 9++ (1:10:13) ran the first 5m with Eric, went out to add on. Started to get dark so I made a straight shot home instead of extending for the full 10.

Sat - 12pm - 6m (42:59) looped thru neighborhoods.

615pm - 7m (51:23) went do to the zim smith trail to get on the cinder path. Felt good to be on soft surfaces.

Sun - 18m (2:21:41) shot over to VT for a long run with Ferenc and Hamment, Pete joined for the trip over. We decided on a compromise the way out would be on dirt roads and back we would head into the trails and run the ridge back. Nice tough hilly run with a solid 15-20min climb covering maybe 1.5m. Afterwards we hit up the river to cool off, before heading to the putney co-op for some food and meeting up with Fyffe.

Overall - 93m for the week, a good workout and solid long run. Next week will be a slight down/rest week, with new haven on 9/7.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Belmar Chase weekend

Friday 8/21 - took off from Ballston Lake and made our way down to Belmar, NJ. We made the trip with only 1 detour (parts of the highway were shut down.) once we arrived we checked into the hotel and went to packet pick up, got a nice shakeout run on the board walk as well. We stuck with the normal routine of making dinner at the hotel pre-race!

Saturday 8/22. - We got down to the race at 7am for the 830 start, figured out a few logistics and popped on the boardwalk for an easy 3m warm up. It was definitely warm out but nothing like we have been dealing with the past couple weeks. After changing into flats we made our way to the start line, for some strides and drills. I tucked into the 3rd row as it was a pretty tight start and a NJ masters championship. This was a 2 fold plan, I didn't want to get pulled out to fast and also wasn't really sure how my legs were going to respond. The 1st quarter mile was pretty controlled in a big group, once we took the 1st right hand turn I was able to get some room and started moving thru the crowds. The 1st mile came in 5:28 and felt very relaxed, over the 2nd mile a group of 3 runners passed me (only ones to do so) and I started to move with them. Came thru the 2nd mile again in 5:28, over the final mile I started to move past the group infront of me and tried to bridge the gap to the next group. I never did catch that next group just a few that fell off the back, I hit the 3m (5:27) and was alone (no one catching me and not catching anyone) I really didn't muster up any kick and crossed the line in 17:07 good for 30th overall. This was a great event and fun race with some awesome spectators on the course, this will be on the race schedule next year. (Just an idea of spectators there was one guy with a tie-die beard and a sign reading "your the slowest far" who was cheering every runner on.

Overall - I have mixed feelings on my race, on one hand my fitness is coming around and running that even is a great signs. The other I gave back atleast 7secs in the final .1 and had minimal soreness afterwards or the next day, hard to say but from that I probably could have pushed harder or did a day in the ocean help recovery that much?

Next: I have the New Haven 20k

Thursday, August 20, 2015

8/17 - 8/23

Mon - 515am - 3+ (26:06) Sweet rd loop

730pm - 8m (57:26) ugh so damn hot out!! tried to wait it out as long as I could

Tues - 515am - 3+ (26:36) Sweet Rd loop

6pm - 11m (track)
2x800/4x400/6x200 (half rest)
Met with Lozier and Pat, was a bit warm but not horrible. We got in an extended warm up then got on the track, the track was pretty empty tonight (was pretty sweet)

Wed - 630pm - 10m (1:13:59) Met with Gavs in clifton park, rolled a perimeter loop of town before heading into the neighborhoods to finish up.

Thurs - 620pm - 12m (1:25:41) Solo - hit up the back side of town then hit the bike path and looped back home.

Fri - 650am - 12m (1:35:43) W/KQ from the house. Plan was to start at 630, we decided to wait out the rain and start a little later.

5pm - 5m (40:03) On the board walk in Belmar, NJ. Nice shake out after the ride down

Sat - 10m (Belmar Chase 5k) 30th place (17:06) extremely even splits, can feel the fitness coming just didn't have the wheels to go. (Report to follow)

Sun - 710am - 20m (2:29:12) manasquam reservoir, 5m cinder path loop pretty shaded, ran the first 15 with the crew. The last 5m I brought the pace down and finished up the run, legs felt good and a awesome place to run.

Summary. - 95m good week, 1 good workout and 1 good race.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

8/10 - 8/16

Ugh that damn hot and humid weather is back!!!

Mon - 515am - 3+ (27:08) sweet rd loop

6pm - 7++ in SPAC, ended up doing a workout on the bike path with a few guys. Mile/6x400/4x200, stayed in trainers felt smooth (538/76/74/73/73/72/73/34/34/34/34)

Tues - 6pm - 10+ (1:10:38) from the Y. Was struggling a bit with motivation and also deciding where to run, knew I needed to be at the Y before 730. In a last minute decision I just ran from the gym, worked out well minus the high humidity.

730pm - yoga

Wed - 515am - 3+ (27:23) sweet rd legs pretty sore from last nights yoga class.

6pm - 11+ (track workout) 
Spark notes version - had nothing no pop no power nothing rough go at it.
The plan - 4x2/3x4/2x8/mile/2x8/3x4/4x2 (half rest)
Reality - 4x2/3x4/2x8/mile/800 (if you want to call it that)
Times - 37/36/36/37/76/76/78/248/250
(Changed back to trainers) 552/300 done game over.

Thurs - 510pm - 9++ (1:13:23) in neighborhoods

Fri - 515am - 3+ (26:41) sweet rd

410pm - 10m (1:08:45) Corning bike path. W/Ricardo

Sat - 9am - 2m @ jail house rock
930am - 9m (1:07:06) w/KQ back to town

Sun - 16+ (1:54:58) large group in Saratoga - last run as most of these guys are taking off for school. First 7-8m wasn't bad humid but cloud cover last half got rough clouds burned off and he jumped from high 70's to high 80's.
Happy with the run - no fuel or water

Summary. - 86m, 1 good workout one not so good. Wanted more miles for the week but missed my second run Saturday to hang with friends and could have pushed a 2nd run Sunday to get my 90, decided against it rather recovery and replenish. 

Next week Belmar chase 5k 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

8/3 - 8/9

Finally this heat and humidity are taking a break! 2 of the thinks that make me struggle the most.

Mon - 6pm -  7.5m (56:26) in SPAC, first 3 on the 5k course with Renee and Eric. Followed the last 4+ solo.

Tues - 510am - 3+ (25:45) Sweet Rd

545pm - 9++(1:04:18) did a combo of loops trying to avoid the construction areas. One strange run in, some weirdo decided to stop and stare at me when I popped into the woods, I heard the car stop and asked if I could help him. Got some bs "can I help you" then sped off...WTF?

Wed -515am - 3+ (25:23) sweet rd

6pm - 15+ (workout) Corning preserve 
We decided a change of location would be good for this week. Hit an easy 2m warm up then into the racers (new ds racer 10's - felt awesome) the goal was 3x3m (5min rest) at goal marathon pace. Eric and Aaron were a bit infront of us running together. The 2nd group was myself, Pete and John, we are all targeting around the same time which makes for a very nice group to roll with. The goal was 550-610 (coving everyone's range) first rep was smooth I sat back a bit to get my legs under me, the next 2 I stayed right up front on the throttle. Felt very controlled and smooth, could feel the legs getting some fatigue towards the end but the breathing never got bad.
We had a 3m cooldown back to the cars which was kept easy. 

Thurs -630pm - 7+ (55:06) legs were pretty tired to start, began to loosen up during the run.

Fri - 515am - 3+ (26:32) sweet Rd

7pm - 10m (1:11:51) lake rd loop with Eric

Sat - 8am - 9+ (Dan ran 5k) 2nd overall 17:11 - not a ton of pop in the legs, was able to stay pretty consistent and climb well. Splits (524/537/535/34) felt good about the effort.

730pm - 5m (35:46) neighbor hood loop

Sun - 9am - 18m (2:06:47) in Saratoga with Travis. Felt good for majority of the run, last couple of miles started to get a little rough. Happy with the run and pace for my first real long run of the cycle.

Summary - 92m, 1 good workout and a solid race.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Sunday - 8/2 Wakefield RI.
If you have never done this race I highly recommend it!!

Arrived shortly before 8am, and got inside to change up prior to the warm up. A group was going for the course on the warm up, I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea. The distance not so much a problem the quicker pace and warmer temps hurt a little.

After changing shoes and getting some water on my head and face, I made my way to the start line. I had a plan in mind and wanted to stick to it, relaxed for the first 2 then try to push and chase people down the 2nd half. It didn't quite workout that way, off the line I felt good and stayed in a nice pack to ensure it was relaxed. We hit the mile in 5:24 and the group seemed to all stay intact, over the next half mile I was right where I wanted to be. Shortly after that point I got a similar feeling (same as Wednesday) I started to fall off the group, as this was happening a few guys started to come passed me I tried to regroup and go with them. It seemed every time I pushed to go I was slowing down, the rest of the race was a tough go. I continued to push with what I had and hold off anyone from coming by, as I approached the finish I did a quick check to see if anyone was around (knowing I had no other gear today) thankfully no on was close enough to worry. As soon as I crossed the line I was happy to get a bag of ice on my head and cooldown.

After the race a group of us headed over to Scott's parents for a cookout and hangout. This adds to the enjoyment of the event! Not only is it a stacked field every year but getting to relax and hangout with people makes it more enjoyable.

Results - 29th place 24:05 (WOOF)

7/27 - 8/2

Not the week I had in mind, exactly what I needed tho!

Mon- off - after all the running on Sunday and lack of sleep I decided to take the day off and catch up on some rest.

Tues - 530pm - 9m (1:07:49) w/ Shaun and Eric. Pretty warm out, didn't feel horrible but not that good either. Still pretty tired and wearing coveralls all day at work in the heat isn't helping.

Wed- 520am - 3+ (24:41) sweet rd. a bit cooler out and felt a little better.

7pm - 8+ (track) struggle fest tonight. Plan was 6x800 and 6x200. Was only able to get thru 4x800 before the heat took its toll on me. Some of which was mistakes from earlier in the day, only had water at work and leading up to the workout. Legs felt zapped. 
Times. - 240/241/238/243 the plan was 5k pace and the last 2 cut down to 3k. 

Thurs - 540pm - 8+ (1:00:32) 

Fri - 520am - 3+ (25:35) sweet rd loop

540pm - 11.5 (1:20:16) new loop going on the other side of town, for the most part pretty quite roads and relaxing.

Sat - 945am - 7m (51:16) in neighborhoods before heading down to RI.

Sun - 8am - 12m (run4kerri) rough day (29th place - 24:05) couple poor choices before the race and hot temps ate me alive. Race report to follow.

Summary. - 63m nothing to great to report, miles were low workout and race were crap. Good thing is weather looks better in the up coming days and I got a much needed down week.