Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Belmar Chase weekend

Friday 8/21 - took off from Ballston Lake and made our way down to Belmar, NJ. We made the trip with only 1 detour (parts of the highway were shut down.) once we arrived we checked into the hotel and went to packet pick up, got a nice shakeout run on the board walk as well. We stuck with the normal routine of making dinner at the hotel pre-race!

Saturday 8/22. - We got down to the race at 7am for the 830 start, figured out a few logistics and popped on the boardwalk for an easy 3m warm up. It was definitely warm out but nothing like we have been dealing with the past couple weeks. After changing into flats we made our way to the start line, for some strides and drills. I tucked into the 3rd row as it was a pretty tight start and a NJ masters championship. This was a 2 fold plan, I didn't want to get pulled out to fast and also wasn't really sure how my legs were going to respond. The 1st quarter mile was pretty controlled in a big group, once we took the 1st right hand turn I was able to get some room and started moving thru the crowds. The 1st mile came in 5:28 and felt very relaxed, over the 2nd mile a group of 3 runners passed me (only ones to do so) and I started to move with them. Came thru the 2nd mile again in 5:28, over the final mile I started to move past the group infront of me and tried to bridge the gap to the next group. I never did catch that next group just a few that fell off the back, I hit the 3m (5:27) and was alone (no one catching me and not catching anyone) I really didn't muster up any kick and crossed the line in 17:07 good for 30th overall. This was a great event and fun race with some awesome spectators on the course, this will be on the race schedule next year. (Just an idea of spectators there was one guy with a tie-die beard and a sign reading "your the slowest runner...so far" who was cheering every runner on.

Overall - I have mixed feelings on my race, on one hand my fitness is coming around and running that even is a great signs. The other I gave back atleast 7secs in the final .1 and had minimal soreness afterwards or the next day, hard to say but from that I probably could have pushed harder or did a day in the ocean help recovery that much?

Next: I have the New Haven 20k

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