Thursday, August 27, 2015

8/24 - 8/30 VT long run

Mon - 5am - 3+ (24:52) w/Renee, sweet rd loop.

540pm - 8+ (57:17) random loops w/Eric

Tues - 520pm - 12m (1:32:07) Kinns rd, did a mix of trails and a road loop. Met up with Pete and Eric, kept it very relaxed.

Wed - 510am - 3+ (26:26) Sweet rd, nice and cool morning

615pm - 16m (workout 4m/3m/2m/1m w/1m recovery) met with the group at the Corning bike path (in Albany). After an easy 2m warm up and change of shoes we were under way. The goal was goal marathon pace and try to finish the shorter ones a little quicker. Usually takes me a bit to get going but today I was locked in right away, it was a bit surprising but none the less a welcomed surprise. The first rep went well 23:31 (548/554/556/551) we jogged off a mile in the same direction before starting the 3m. Again this rep went well 17:38 (554/550/554) as we jogged off the recovery a few of us commented we should have put some fluids out, oh well a miss on our part. We set out on the 3rd rep and had a little confusion in our group, my watch was a little ahead and I took off as soon as it sounded. The rest of the group was a little behind, I felt smooth for the first mile then tightened up a little towards the last 1/2m 12:00 (551/609) jogged off the recovery, John and I agreed the last rep just try to get under 6 and at minimal stay under goal pace. I tried to hang with John for the last rep but felt like a friggen sprint, the last 1/4m was horrible I had nothing left in the tank. Finished up with a 6:08, not as sting of a finish as I would have liked but seemed collectively everyone struggled with the same sections.

Thurs - 615pm - 10m (1:18:18) legs were pretty shot today. Kept it easy and just got the miles in.

Fri - 650pm - 9++ (1:10:13) ran the first 5m with Eric, went out to add on. Started to get dark so I made a straight shot home instead of extending for the full 10.

Sat - 12pm - 6m (42:59) looped thru neighborhoods.

615pm - 7m (51:23) went do to the zim smith trail to get on the cinder path. Felt good to be on soft surfaces.

Sun - 18m (2:21:41) shot over to VT for a long run with Ferenc and Hamment, Pete joined for the trip over. We decided on a compromise the way out would be on dirt roads and back we would head into the trails and run the ridge back. Nice tough hilly run with a solid 15-20min climb covering maybe 1.5m. Afterwards we hit up the river to cool off, before heading to the putney co-op for some food and meeting up with Fyffe.

Overall - 93m for the week, a good workout and solid long run. Next week will be a slight down/rest week, with new haven on 9/7.

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