Thursday, August 20, 2015

8/17 - 8/23

Mon - 515am - 3+ (26:06) Sweet rd loop

730pm - 8m (57:26) ugh so damn hot out!! tried to wait it out as long as I could

Tues - 515am - 3+ (26:36) Sweet Rd loop

6pm - 11m (track)
2x800/4x400/6x200 (half rest)
Met with Lozier and Pat, was a bit warm but not horrible. We got in an extended warm up then got on the track, the track was pretty empty tonight (was pretty sweet)

Wed - 630pm - 10m (1:13:59) Met with Gavs in clifton park, rolled a perimeter loop of town before heading into the neighborhoods to finish up.

Thurs - 620pm - 12m (1:25:41) Solo - hit up the back side of town then hit the bike path and looped back home.

Fri - 650am - 12m (1:35:43) W/KQ from the house. Plan was to start at 630, we decided to wait out the rain and start a little later.

5pm - 5m (40:03) On the board walk in Belmar, NJ. Nice shake out after the ride down

Sat - 10m (Belmar Chase 5k) 30th place (17:06) extremely even splits, can feel the fitness coming just didn't have the wheels to go. (Report to follow)

Sun - 710am - 20m (2:29:12) manasquam reservoir, 5m cinder path loop pretty shaded, ran the first 15 with the crew. The last 5m I brought the pace down and finished up the run, legs felt good and a awesome place to run.

Summary. - 95m good week, 1 good workout and 1 good race.

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