Tuesday, August 4, 2015

7/27 - 8/2

Not the week I had in mind, exactly what I needed tho!

Mon- off - after all the running on Sunday and lack of sleep I decided to take the day off and catch up on some rest.

Tues - 530pm - 9m (1:07:49) w/ Shaun and Eric. Pretty warm out, didn't feel horrible but not that good either. Still pretty tired and wearing coveralls all day at work in the heat isn't helping.

Wed- 520am - 3+ (24:41) sweet rd. a bit cooler out and felt a little better.

7pm - 8+ (track) struggle fest tonight. Plan was 6x800 and 6x200. Was only able to get thru 4x800 before the heat took its toll on me. Some of which was mistakes from earlier in the day, only had water at work and leading up to the workout. Legs felt zapped. 
Times. - 240/241/238/243 the plan was 5k pace and the last 2 cut down to 3k. 

Thurs - 540pm - 8+ (1:00:32) 

Fri - 520am - 3+ (25:35) sweet rd loop

540pm - 11.5 (1:20:16) new loop going on the other side of town, for the most part pretty quite roads and relaxing.

Sat - 945am - 7m (51:16) in neighborhoods before heading down to RI.

Sun - 8am - 12m (run4kerri) rough day (29th place - 24:05) couple poor choices before the race and hot temps ate me alive. Race report to follow.

Summary. - 63m nothing to great to report, miles were low workout and race were crap. Good thing is weather looks better in the up coming days and I got a much needed down week.

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