Friday, July 31, 2015

Silks & Satins

Saturday, July 25th - Was the Silks & Satins 5k, in Saratoga. The race goes off at 8am to not impact opening weekend of the track as well. I arrived just before 7, picked up my bib and headed out for an easy warm up. Tried to hit the restroom before the start but the lines where crazy, opted to take a knee between cars. The plan was to get out a little quicker to deal with congestion and a early turn. I spent the 1st mile moving thru the crowds and trying to get into good position, came thru the mile (5:16) and John went by to bridge the gap to the next group. I wasn't able to follow the move, but I was able to get with a few of the highschool guys and roll with them. We came thru 2m in 10:42, the last mile has a good amount of turns but nothing you weren't able to roll on. I was pushing to move up but didn't have that closing speed, my last mile was the slowest but better then 2 weeks ago. Was able to finish up in 16:55 (15th) I was out a bit quick for my current fitness but the plus side is after the mile I was only passed by 3 ppl (John, Pete and Kiley) can't complain about losing to any of them.

Next up is Run4kerri!

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