Monday, July 13, 2015

Sarcoma 5K

Saturday 9am- was the 4th annual Sarcoma 5K, I was looking for a race that some people would be at. The results showed the Saratoga high guys had been their the year prior and I was hoping they would be back today. Unfortunately they were not, the goal for today was simple to get another hard race effort in. The weather was pretty warm early on and projected to be high 70's to low 80's by start time. I stuck to the trails in SPAC for my warm up and tried to stay in the shade while stretching. Once on the line it looked as if one runner might be up to push with me, off the line he lead the first 1/4 mile before I took the lead. I could hear him close behind for most of the 1st mile, i didn't look at splits as I decided to wear my garmin (this smaller races usually don't have markers anyways). I made a push in the 2nd mile to try and maintain pace and was able to create a decent gap on the 2nd place runner. The 3rd mile was were I knew things would get tough and I could have used someone to push with, the good thing is I didn't feel my form breaking down I just slowed down. Holding on for the win in 17:08, overall I was happy with the effort and knowing had I been able to hold on a little better in the end that would have been sub 17 solo. Which I haven't done in a while, this was a good step forward in my training. It's also a big confidence booster that my training is working and progressing forward.

Up next - I have Silks & Satins in Saratoga on July 25th this race is typically stacked with winners usually sub 15. And following that up with a return to Run4Kerri.