Monday, July 6, 2015

Fire cracker 4

Saturday - July 4th, woke up around 615 and on the road by 720 up to Saratoga. It was suprisingly cool out but you could feel the humidity. Got into Saratoga and found a parking spot just before 8 for the 9am start of the race. Met up with the crew and out for an easy warm up. 

Once on the line it was a bit of a cluster, the timing crew was still tying in the starting mats as the road wasn't shut down early enough. As they were explaining th start commands the starter stated there will be 2 commands runners set and then just shot the gun. So much for and explaining the commands, most of the first mile is navigating thru the large groups that hammer out I also didn't want to be out to quick as Tuesday workout proved I'm not there yet. The first mile came in 5:24 and I had one of the high schoolers with me, we pushed the 2nd mile together and moved our way thru the crowds. It was good having someone to work with an keep me racing, we hit 2m (11:00/5:36.) The 3rd mile of the course has a few quick turns and a steep down that climbs right back up after, I was feeling it on this mile and started to slip back a little. The steep down hill was a smoke to the system my legs didn't enjoy it, once we climbed out I was back with the group charging forward. The final mile has a good climb followed by 600m slight down to the finish, we continued to press and try to catch people. In the final 25m the high schooler I had run with the whole race had one extra gear I didn't and snuck past me just before the line.

I finished out in 22:32, even tho it wasn't a PR or even close to the fastest I have run on this course it was right where I projected I would be. Knowing how the workout went on Tuesday I figured I could be mid 22 on a good day. The good news is physically and mentally my body is heading in the right direction and I don't feel beat to shit like last year.

Right around mile 3

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  1. Sounds similar to my 4th of July race. I dueled with high schooler Dawson Adams (George's son). He found an extra gear and beat me as well.
    Good race, Goup!