Monday, April 30, 2012

4/30 - 5/6

Mon - 4m (27:37) foot felt good for 3 of 4 miles had a few twinges. Rolled out and iced
Tues - 3m (20:45) Went pretty well today decided to put icy hot on my foot to try and keep it lose. seemed to do a pretty good job.
Wed- 0m moving all day
Thurs - 3m (17:17) decided to push the run 12:01 for first 2 5:16 last mile. Felt like a had some pop I forgot how I miss these types of workouts
Fri - 0m off to CT foot the evening
Sat - 5m (31:20) evergreen loop..felt pretty good the last mile or so I started to hurt but wasn't really thinking about running. Foot felt good and no real change once I got home.
Sun - 7+ (47:18) got after it right from
The start again today. Foot felt good, started to bonk after 5.5 made for a interesting finish to the run.

Total - 22m

Not bad for a first week back, surprisingly feel a bit out of shape. I don't know of its just running solo or the fact that I was not in race shape before this happened. Next week I am gonna be around 40m with a tempo and speed day.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

4/23 - 4/29

I can already tell you my running total for the week (0) Decided after saturday with my foot not feeling any better to shut it down and just get better ( I havent been racing that well so it wasn't all that hard of a choice) my foot has been feeling better walking around already after 3 days which leads me to believe that is was nothing serious. I plan to resume running on monday and after some thought I am going to re-build my mileage instead of jumping up quickly.

So far this year my best races came early in my training (30k) and after taking 4days off (fast friends) I am hoping that by starting over with rebuilding my miles my body will adjust a bit better and i can get back to racing well.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

4/16 - 4/22

Mon - 7m (50:13) Wicked hot out today waited till 7 to get out for a run, still warm but with the sun going down it was a bit better.
Tues - 9m (1:02:16) w/ Derrick keep it pretty relaxed today, it was pretty windy for most of the run. Everything felt good minus my right foot its been sore since the pick-up games on sunday. Hurts to walk in the morning but was able to snag a tennis ball on the run saved me from having to buy one.
Wed - 13m Track 5x800/400 5x200 (half Rest) Alternating. This was tough, was doing this pretty much solo as Eric was doing a different workout. Met with Derrick at 520 and headed out to warm up, 3m out and back loop.
Was pretty happy with this workout focused more on pushing thru the 800's and keeping the 400s about the same as the first 4 of the 800. Had a little run in with the laxs team moving there equipment off the track on my final 400 they apparently don't look up the track before going to lane 1 oh well didn't really mess anything up, 3m cool down ( foot was really sore) Iced when i got home.Thurs - 10m
Fri - 8m (55:31) felt better today, was my planned down day which worked out very nice with the late start to the run.
Sat - 5M Went to saratoga with the plan to do a 10k tempo (6min pace) then 1.5hrs after race the 5k. Got thru 3m and my foot was throbbing so i decided to shut it down, Talked to Pete and he advised me to take a few days off and see if it gets any better. I had already gotten my number for the 5k and had Eric doing it as a tempo, so it shows up that i ran ( i wish i ran that well)
Sun - 0

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Delmar Dash

Today was the 24th annual Delmar Dash in Delmar NY, We arrived at 7:45 got some front row parking talked to a few ppl got a race tee (helps knowing the person handing out shirts). Also the got a unused porta potty AWESOME, at 8:15 we heading out for a warm up go 2.5m quick bathroom break then to getting the flats and uniform. Headed to a side parking lot for a few strides and drills before heading up to the line. Was really unsure how today would go was hoping to run mid 27 but wasn't too sure that would happen. Once at the line i settle in the second row behind Eric and Kevin, we got the go command and i tucked right in with a group of ARE guys. The first mile felt pretty easy 5:27 at this point i pushed ahead of the group and tried to get up with the next group, the overcast that we had at the start had seemed to blow over durning that first mile and everyone could feel it starting to get warm / humid. I felt like i was closing the gap on the group in front of me and wanted to get with them to not be in no mans land. As we hit 2m (5:30) the course begins to have a ton of long straight aways and i could tell the group was putting distance on me and i knew there was a group not to far back at this point i was 8th-9th place at 3m (5:43) at about 3.5 i got caught by that group a few guys got in front of me after about 200m I started to re-rally and passed a couple guys 4m (5:51) this was part of getting caught, it was a bit rough and could feel the humidity ( guess i got to start getting used to it) Over the last mile I was trying to fight back but couldn't seem to really change that gear i was able to close the gap on a few guys but not able to get in true striking distance. As we made the turn for the final 600m I could start to hear Joe Benny cheering which allowed me to know how close they were behind me, it also keep me going to try and close the gap to no luck. (5:46) last mile finished about a minute slower then i was hoping. I got a little while till i race again most likely at the Bedford 12k so until then I will be doing a lot of speed work to try and get some turn over back.

10:58 (5:30)
16:42 (5:43)
22:33 (5:51)
28:20 (5:46)

There was no team competition which i thought was strange being a USATF race but i guess that is the different between NE and Adirondack. Overall it was a good day 13th overall even tho there were guys from both our team and willow street missing for various reason (some running boston others coaching or working a race) I know I have some work to do but i think things are coming around.

Monday, April 9, 2012

4/9 - 4/15

Mon - 8m 53:14 good run felt pretty tired today and was not to motivated to run. Felt better once we got going pretty recovered from the weekend.
Tues - 10m 1:05:24 My 4-5 meeting was cancelled today AKA i was in training last week and didnt schedule anyone opps. Anyways met up with Derrick at 5pm we ran out about a mile to meet up and did normal loop. Good run felt really relaxed. Lifted upper
Wed - 9m (Track) 5x400 5x200 half rest
Felt pretty good really need to continue to work on my speed ( not doing indoor was a bad choice a bit behind with the turn over)
Thurs - 10m 1:11:56 out to Kinns rd trails nice and easy cruised on the roads and keep it relaxed on the trails. legs a bit tired
Fri - 8m 54:55 nice run with Eric an Derrick, got picked up at the door. felts horrible today legs didn't want to move.
Sat - 5m 35:53 Met with Kevin and Rick to run the delmar course to preview it before the race, Looked pretty good flat seemed it could be fast.
Sun - 10m Delmar Dash 28:20 13th. little gathering after then 3+ hrs of bball with ppl from work, ankle and foot a bit sore.

Total 60m

Monday, April 2, 2012

4/2 - 4/8

Mon - Am 3m (21:59) with Renee it was a early start today out the door at 515
Pm 10+ (1:09:26) We did the CPC loop felt really good
Tues - 7m 47:51 Started out on a 11m loop with eric but decided to bail as i have a slight head cold and wasn't feeling better after a few miles.
Wed - 8m Track 6x1000 (200 rest) got in a short warm up and was looking to keep things in control. 3:27/3:35/3:36/3:35/3:26/3:10 after the first 3 Rich tagged along and it seemed to get me thinking how good i was feeling did the 4th-5th set with him then the last solo.
Thurs - 10+ (1:13:52) Keep it easy today ran over to the Kinns rd trails about 4m there some easy loops there before heading home. just what the doctor ordered.
Fri - Am 5m (38:30) before work legs felt good.
Sat - 18m Great bay half, I decided since things seemed to be going better i would give the half another go. I found this one which is right near my parents house, figured it would get me out the door for saturday and thought it would be really low key (never happens) Got in a nice warm up with Jim Johnson and Dave Dunham. Felt good and was thinking 75-76 would be do-able. This was till about 2m in i started to think i should have just run the 5k, i keep pushing till about 7-8 miles were nothing was working (the course get tougher also) Decided to bag it and save it for Delmar dash. Over the last few miles I cheered for ppl catching me talked to some helpers on the course just enjoyed the nice views on the run.
Sun - 0m took the day off chilled with the family played 2hrs of bball (1on1) with my brother and tossed out the old couches

Total 61m (6days)

Fast Friends 4.5m

Today was the annual fast friends race put on by Andy, this race has become one of the few races that we all make sure to be at. I arrived at 8 with boj, we got signed in and headed out to yale for a warm-up (boy did it feel good being on trails) at 915 the race was off. Like always it was a pretty stacked field and i was unsure how things would go considering my past races, I got out comfortable and was 3-4 secs behind Heidi thru the mile I stayed about the same thru the climb and opened it up on the down hill. Once we got thru 2m it seemed like a repeat of the years past I could see Hammett's red shirt in the distance making the turns on Matthews rd and Matt Clark was about 15-20 ahead and the gap never grew or shrunk. For the first time i felt i was running well and felt relaxed (as much as you can racing) I ended up finishing 6th overall (25:44) This year the start was a bit further back then the past years which added a bit to the course and this was still my 2nd fastest time! I was pumped for how the race went this course is really tough and makes you fight for every second. Overall this was the type of race i needed i ran the way i should and the results showed that my fitness is coming around.