Monday, April 9, 2012

4/9 - 4/15

Mon - 8m 53:14 good run felt pretty tired today and was not to motivated to run. Felt better once we got going pretty recovered from the weekend.
Tues - 10m 1:05:24 My 4-5 meeting was cancelled today AKA i was in training last week and didnt schedule anyone opps. Anyways met up with Derrick at 5pm we ran out about a mile to meet up and did normal loop. Good run felt really relaxed. Lifted upper
Wed - 9m (Track) 5x400 5x200 half rest
Felt pretty good really need to continue to work on my speed ( not doing indoor was a bad choice a bit behind with the turn over)
Thurs - 10m 1:11:56 out to Kinns rd trails nice and easy cruised on the roads and keep it relaxed on the trails. legs a bit tired
Fri - 8m 54:55 nice run with Eric an Derrick, got picked up at the door. felts horrible today legs didn't want to move.
Sat - 5m 35:53 Met with Kevin and Rick to run the delmar course to preview it before the race, Looked pretty good flat seemed it could be fast.
Sun - 10m Delmar Dash 28:20 13th. little gathering after then 3+ hrs of bball with ppl from work, ankle and foot a bit sore.

Total 60m

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