Tuesday, April 17, 2012

4/16 - 4/22

Mon - 7m (50:13) Wicked hot out today waited till 7 to get out for a run, still warm but with the sun going down it was a bit better.
Tues - 9m (1:02:16) w/ Derrick keep it pretty relaxed today, it was pretty windy for most of the run. Everything felt good minus my right foot its been sore since the pick-up games on sunday. Hurts to walk in the morning but was able to snag a tennis ball on the run saved me from having to buy one.
Wed - 13m Track 5x800/400 5x200 (half Rest) Alternating. This was tough, was doing this pretty much solo as Eric was doing a different workout. Met with Derrick at 520 and headed out to warm up, 3m out and back loop.
Was pretty happy with this workout focused more on pushing thru the 800's and keeping the 400s about the same as the first 4 of the 800. Had a little run in with the laxs team moving there equipment off the track on my final 400 they apparently don't look up the track before going to lane 1 oh well didn't really mess anything up, 3m cool down ( foot was really sore) Iced when i got home.Thurs - 10m
Fri - 8m (55:31) felt better today, was my planned down day which worked out very nice with the late start to the run.
Sat - 5M Went to saratoga with the plan to do a 10k tempo (6min pace) then 1.5hrs after race the 5k. Got thru 3m and my foot was throbbing so i decided to shut it down, Talked to Pete and he advised me to take a few days off and see if it gets any better. I had already gotten my number for the 5k and had Eric doing it as a tempo, so it shows up that i ran ( i wish i ran that well)
Sun - 0

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