Tuesday, December 30, 2014

12/29 - 1/3

Mon - 4:30pm (7++) 50:53 - In Spac w/ Megan and Shaun. Took a mile or two before I felt relaxed with the pace, these two can really just jet out at a quicker pace were I've grown accustom to easing into the run.

Tues - 5:15am (3m - 24:34) On the treadmill, this was the first attempt at doubling was able to get the run in and make the 35min drive to work with plenty of time to spare.

6pm (7m - 53:39) From UAlbany did a loop around downtown with Joe, Mulford and Eric. These are good run as the group keeps the pace easy, and we avoid over doing it. Hit up some Chipotle afterwards.

Wed - 5pm (7m - 45:34) started the first 4+ with Eric on a new loop. I have run this a few times in the past month has a good combo of things some nice easy rollers in the start and around 5-6m you get a good 1/2m climb. Happy New Years!!

Thurs - 12pm (17m - 1:59:52) Hang Over half, Paced KQ and Jessy through their workout. We ended up picking up a few others (Dan and James) the goal was 3x3mile over the course of the race. Went very well! Afterwards I ventured back out onto the course to get Joe (who was running his first 1/2) was a good way to start the New Year.

Fri - 6pm (7m - 49:33) Treadmill - slow day at work left at 3pm to make it almost home before being called back in. Was a big shot to my motivation, got home finally around 430pm. Decided for a quick nap before the run. Good choice!!

Sat - 9am (5m - 36:47) went out for a reverse neighbor hood loop. Was decent out with a little wind and a storm making its was into town. 

6pm (5m - 33:43) treadmill run. A day that started out nicely turned shitty pretty quickly. Was called into work around 11am (35-40min drive one way) nothing horrible got me out the door to get stuff done. The horrible part of the day, had a planned 7m with Jessy and Eric (as the plan stated) right before heading out the door I received the 2nd call of needing to come into work. Normally wouldn't bother me except when you screw up my plans. Had to resort to the treadmill as it was nasty out and my motivation was lacking.

Sun - 8am (20m - 2:29:44) with Michelle, Joe, Newman, Aaron, Kyle and a few others. The plan was for 15m did a barn loop (roughly 12m) and decided to head back out to meet the rest of the group and run them in. Unfortunately they finished a different way then I did and I managed to miss the turn they took. This sent me for a tour of Albany, lucky I found a road I knew and tracked back to my car. Oops!! 

Summery: 79m feeling good about this week. Was a it high on the miles then planned but overall did well with the miles, next week will be the test to maintain those miles and hold to the plan. Some highlight were Thursday's 17m was after a late night of celebrating and Sunday's 20m was on an empty stomach. Nice to know the gas tank is still there, also attacked some of the climbs today (even doubled back on one)

VCM Journey

It's been some time since I've used the blog for anything useful. I've decided I will bring it back and track my training leading upto VCM and hopefully the remainder of 2015. A bit of background, since mid November I have been running solely base miles, nothing huge but also nothing structured. The plan was to get a nice base before going into the training cycle, I managed to stay around 50-55 miles a week with days off when I felt like being lazy. The last two weeks I added a long run to prep for training to begin (15,16m) I'm taking a very modest approach to VCM this year with the simple goal to obtain a new PR. In review of last year I believe I put to much on the time I wanted to see and really missed some key point, in the end I ran like shit. This week marks the first portion of scheduled training for VCM. 

Stay healthy/hungry
Keep easy days easy
Follow the damn plan!
Lastly sub 2:48:04

The plan:
The plan is simple to build in slowly and do it right no short-cuts
Phase 1 - adjust to scheduled mileage and hold a level of consistancy.
Phase 2 - continue to build the mileage with the addition of hill workouts
Phase 3 - Add tempo's in addition to hills and a slight increase in miles
Phase 4 - replace hills with track work and fine tune 

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Haven't done to much running in the past couple weeks. Started to struggle with workouts again and my right leg was bothering me mainly my hip and ankle. After a couple days of iceing and ice baths things were feeling a bit better but not 100%. I decided I would try a massage (never had one before) this was the greatest and most painful decision. I explained to the lady (who's also a runner) what was going on and where I felt tightness. Right away she noted my mid/lower back was extremely inflamed and the main culprate to my discomfort. After some extensive work on my back and legs I was already feeling much better. 
So far this week:
Monday - massage 
Tues. - 3.5m (23:55)
Wed- 5m (33:33)

I decided to hit the restart on the trainjng with no races really planned out. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

10/6 - 10/12

Mon - 8.5m (1:00) went for an hour on the malta trails. Not sure the distance as I doubled back on a few trails. The goal was simple 1hr on the trails.

Tues - 7m (59:44) with Kevin and the two dogs. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

9/29 - 10/5

Mon- 9 (60:53) plus or minus a few. In the pine bush trails with Aaron, Pete, Mackey and Eric. Nice run and hit some sweet trails.

Tues - 7.5m (56:05) with Joe Benny in albany.

Wed - 8m (track) plan was to do 8x4-8x2. Was a bit more ambitious then I originally thought. Did tonight's workout with Kiley (150/40x) Aaron (150/405) and Pete (150/414) and just for shits and giggles Goup (209/434) needless to say when they decided to pick it up I went off the back of the pack..but it was a blast trying to hang.

Actual workout : 7x400 and 2x200
I stopped short on the 400's as I was starting to go backwards. On the 200's I tried to stick with the group on the first one, then got a little head start on Pete and tried to hold him off..he went 25-26 low - no chance on holding off. 

Thurs- 8++ (60:28) nice and easy run

Fri - Off

Sat - 11m (Apple Run 5k)
Shot over to Burnt Hills for the Apple Run 5k, I knew Pete was going to be at the race. Intended to work together ( as we figured we were in similar shape) A bit of a change of plan happened on race day. Tony G showed up (it is only .5m from his house) this was a game changer as I knew he had just run 1601.
We got out in a nice pack and cruised through the first 1/2m together before Tony took over the lead and started to open things up. Myself and Pete continued together trying to keep Tony close, I hit the mile in 5:12 and tried to close the gap up on Tony around 2m Pete pulled up alongside me and was able to open up a nice gap. The last mile was pretty tough I was reeling backwards pretty hard after 1.5m and just wanted to hang on. Finished up in 17:11 which was no what I was hoping for but it is the fastest 5k since I've been back training. Went out for a 5+ cool down with Pete and Tony to pack in some miles.

Sun - 10m (67:07) relaxed medium long run. Was 43 out when I started and about 47 at the finish.

Total - 53m

Overall a good week got the miles up and started to build the long runs into the training.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

9/22 - 9/28

Mon - 5.5m (40:40) quads were really sore. Not bad on the ups tough on the downs.

Tues - 5m (32:24) 

Wed- 10m (3xmile - 800 rest) jumped into the workout with Pete. Goal was 520-515, 515-510, 510-505. Wasn't sure how the legs were going to feel but everything felt good. 
Felt a tad off the 1st 400 of the 1st rep but after that it was clock work. The last rep we can threw 400 as Eric started his set, I knew he was running 500 or under and just tried to latch on with a hope of getting close to 500 or under.

Thurs - 7m (48:50) 

Fri- 3+ (22:10)

Sat - off

Sun - 8m (brocktrot 5k) 1st place 17:25. Had nothing for the the last 1.1 of climbing..but got the win so I am happy.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Mon - 5m (34:11) lifted upper
Tues- 5.5m (37:50)
Wed - 9m - track workout (5x800) jumped in with Pete, Nick and Paul for a nice workout 5x800 half rest. The goal was 230 down to 225. I wasn't to sure on the times at first thinking it might be a tad fast. I took the lead on the reps to try and control it a little, to my surprise it didn't feel to fast and felt smooth. 


Everything felt good and I can tell my fitness is there! Ready to roll this weekend!

Thurs - 5m (34:45)

Fri - off

Sat - 5m (33:55)

Sun - 16m (Palio half) jumping into a half with no long runs was not the best idea but got a good hard run out of it.

Total - 46m

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

8/25 - 9/14

A little behind on the updates be here we go.
Mon- 7m (44:28) 
Tues - 0 long day at work
Wed- 7m (50:02)
Thurs - 8m helped out at the Malta build up - pace 4x2/2/4 then did 2 more sets (30/30/69) (32/32/69)
 Hamstrings were on fire - maybe a little to hard on the 2's
Fri. - 0m work function 
Sat - 7m (alumni - 18:01) a bit warm and dehydrated from the night before.
Sun - 7m (nt)
Total - 36m (5days)

9/1 - 9/7
Mon - 5m - 34:00
Tues - 7+ (48:43)
Wed - 8m (track) 4x1200 LT 
Thurs - 7m (47:06)
Fri - 3+ (23:33)
Sat - Am 8m (race) Malta 5k (17:27) not sure what to say about this had 100% humidity and pretty warm but went for it and clearly paid the price splits were (5:16/10:40/16:40/17:27)
Sun - 0m lifted legs (squats/leg press..etc)

9/8 - 9/14
Mon - 5m (39:40) legs really sore.
Tues - 5m (35:30) feeling a bit better hamstrings are sore.
Wed - 9m (track) 2m TT, 4x200 did the time trial solo at the UAlbany track. Man did it feel good, not my best time at this workout but showing progress. 
Times: (10:29 - 514/515 even spilts) (33/34/34/29) Kiley got me going on the 2's and really helped push the last one.
Thurs - 5m - 34:39
Fri - 0m Last day at GF. Had an afterwork get together then headed to Albany to enjoy sitting by the fire with Jill and friends.
Sat - 5m - 35:15
Sun - Am 8m - WWTD "5k" I have run this course a few times over the years in spac and knew it was a bit long. Did my warmup over the course to make sure I knew where to go (24:30) got changed and headed to the line. Was solo from the gun, which was much expected there might have been 50 people at this race. No mile markers but had an idea where I was on the course, was able to get the win in 17:18 and felt pretty comfortable. Afterwards I re-looped the course and checked some previous data I had showed the course to be 3.2 which was nice to know - Converts to 16:45ish for the actual 5k.
Pm - 3m (21:50) Malta trails

Total - 40m

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Mon - 7m (Wilton wildlife trail 5k) this was the last of the series and my 2nd time this year going to this race. Got in a easy warmup with Casey before meeting up with Shaun and heading to the line. Stuck to my plan of not getting out to quick, after 1/2m I settled into 3rd and began to close the gap on Shaun and Jake. Was able to catch them and stick with them till 1.5m when they really cracked down the pace. As they pulled away I knew in wasn't fading just didn't has that gear. Was able to hang on for 3rd in a new PR for this race (18:09).
Splits: 5:51/11:42/17:33/:36
Overall was happy how the legs felt (still breathing like a fat kid..just 2 weeks till alumni 

Tues - 5m (36:56) a bit quicker then planned but felt good

Wed- 0m really warm out

Thurs- 5m (34:34) with Derrick

Fri - 5m (37:14) long day at work was nice to relax on the run.

Sat - 7+ (49:11) got out pretty late, it was a nice and quite run.

Sun - 16m (2:04:14) ran with the FFW team. Nice and relaxed run..was pretty surprised to go that long on an empty stomach and feel fine.

Total - 45m 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Mon - 7m (Wilton wildlife trail 5k) this was the last of the series and my 2nd time this year going to this race. Got in a easy warmup with Casey before meeting up with Shaun and heading to the line. Stuck to my plan of not getting out to quick, after 1/2m I settled into 3rd and began to close the gap on Shaun and Jake. Was able to catch them and stick with them till 1.5m when they really cracked down the pace. As they pulled away I knew in wasn't fading just didn't has that gear. Was able to hang on for 3rd in a new PR for this race (18:09).
Splits: 5:51/11:42/17:33/:36
Overall was happy how the legs felt (still breathing like a fat kid..just 2 weeks till alumni

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Went to the Shen track for a nice speed workout, we met up with gavs and got in a 3+ warm-up. After some strides and drills we got into the workout. The first rep was under control to see how the legs were feeling, everything felt good and we started to crank it down.

Times - 240/236/235/233/231

Felt pretty good on this workout I was breathing pretty heavy on the last rep, it was bad enough that Gavs went by me in the first 200 thinking that I was done. Normally he would have been 100% correct. He started to pull away and I hit the 400 in 77, immediately said "SHIT!" and started to try and close the gap. Last thing I wanted to do was F up my workout and not pull it together. With 300 to go I surprisingly opened it up and was able to come back in 74 (breathing like a fat kid)

Feeling pretty good these past few weeks just in time to have some fun at Alumni in a couple weeks

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

8/11 - 8/17

Monday - 7++ (51:40) legs felt really good even after the 3 days off.

Tues - 0 worked from 730-11pm

Wed - 5+ (41:04)

Thurs - 9m (Track)

Fri - 5+ (41:13) on the bike path with a nice little group

Sat - 7+ (50:15)

Sun - 3m + strides

Total - 38m 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

3 x Mile

Met Gavs at Shen around 6pm for a 3 x Mile workout. Both of us are working our way back into shape. We got a 3+ warm up, followed by some drills and strides.

Workout - 3xmile(half rest)
Times: 5:31/5:26/5:19

Pretty happy with this workout felt good and was able to run pretty steady.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

8/4 - 8/10

Mon - 7m a Went to the Wilton wildlife trail 5k. Haven't done one of these since my first summer in NY..boy was it fun. Got out a little hot but manged to hang on for 5th in 18:40. I looked back in the blog from when I first ran these races best of 18:31..knowing that I think that's within striking distance.

Tues - am 5m (40:11) nice easy run

Wed - 10m (track)

Thus - 5m (41:49) w/Shaun

Fri - 0 in buffalo 

Sat - 0 

Sun - 0

Summary: overall a very good week. Had a good workout and good effort on Monday. Also had the 3 goose eggs but it was well worth it to spend time with Jill and her family on the lake.

     My co-pilot on the trip home!

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Mon- 5m (32:30) lifted upper
Tues - 5m (37:40) @5:15 am with KQ. Yoga in the Pm with Jill
Wed- 5+(35:30)
Thurs - 5m (37:40) w/KQ
Fri- 8+m (57:00) w/ Treadway
Sat - 0 - traveled to Nh to watch my little bro play in the shrine football game.
Sun - 7m (46:50) lifted  - legs/core

Total - 35m

Solid first week. Legs feel pretty good currently continuing to lift legs. Adds a little fatigue to them. Biggest thing is the mind is there and I'm enjoying the runs.

Monday, July 28, 2014

The dead blog

For anyone who still looks at this thing you can tell it's pretty much died. I'm thinking this might be a good time to bring it back. I'm not going to bother to backfill the past couple months..because really who cares? Nothing important happened..so instead I will provide some spark notes! 

I continued to train after VCM and ran a few local races. Physically I felt good, mentally I was getting sick of this shit. I made it to the 4th of July ran a sub par race (had no want or will to fight) cooled down with a few friends and expressed I was tired of running. They urged me to keep going but my mind was made up.
This was essential my last run for the month, I transitioned to the gym and started lifting 4-5 days a week. I decide while on vacation to go for a run this was the worst and best thing..I struggled/deathmarched/walked and any other thing that happens when you die!
I got back finally maybe covering 4-4.5 miles layed in the grass and thought what the hell was that shit. It was at this point I realized I needed to do something, as soon as I returned to NY i decided it's time to start running again! Got in a nice run with Eric and Gavs, made the decision I'm gonna train to run shorter stuff again and put the marathon on the back burner! 

Past 3 days
4.5m - 32:40
5m 34:30
5m 32:49 (didn't look at the watch until the last .5) just ran and enjoyed it!! 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Vermont city marathon

Now that I've fully digested what occurred and working my way back into the swing of full training, I figure there is no better time to write my race report.

The goal for this race was simple run a PR and get closer to the year goal of breaking 2:40. I got in an easy mile with Eric prior to heading to the line, caught up with a few friends and tucked into the 3rd row. As the gun went off the lead women were just ahead of me, instead of running with them I decided to keep them close and get into that group a little later. Hit the 2m mark at 12:20 everything felt loose and relaxed, other then my sunglasses fogging up. Decide to ditch them at 2.5 when we passed by Macknight heading to the out and back highway section. We cruised right thru this section, it was cools to see the leaders and how everything was playing out in those early miles. As we got closer to town the gap with the lead women began to close, I gave myself the goal of 11m to get with them. We cruised thru downtown and towards the 10m mark (61:20) the next few miles were run solo trying to bridge the gap. I hit the half way point in 1:21:10 perfect, as I was heading down the bike path I started to noticed some tightness in my right hip. I tried to stay positive with the look of the hills to hopefully shake things out and regain my stride. I'll spare the details of the 2nd half and give the short story..my hip flexer never loosened up and proceeded to only get tighter and spreading down my quad. By 17m I had switched from the goal of a PR to just getting to the finish line. 

Overall - not what I was hoping for I felt very fit going into this race and thought this would play out well. Instead I was left with a sour taste in my mouth and more motivation to build towards the fall!!

1&2- 12:25
19-7:44(with a stop)
25-7:38 (Eric jumped in)
Total - 2:57:58

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Week 17

Mon - 5+ (37:01) legs were pretty tired and had to go back to work.

Tues - 10m (62:00) 8m tempo (47:56) legs were still pretty tired. New Pr for the loop..all good signs!! Lifted after

Wed - Am - 5m (40:00) slow moving this morning.

Week 16

Mon - 8m (72:00) WRC ran 3 before did the run with the group and added on. Legs still tired

Tues - 10m (69:30) relaxed workout loop with Eric. Lifting afterwards

Wed- 10m (71:20) 

Thurs - off

Fri - 7m (49:03)

Sat - 25m (2:43:33) with Ferenc and Fyffe (on the bike) did the extended marathon loop. Felt extremely relaxed, Boom!

Sun - 15m (1:51:00) puntney mt trails..legs were a bit tired but nothing to bad. Struggled with the trails/single track most of the run.

Total - 75m (6days)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wk 15

Mon - am 4.5m (35:20) got out around 530 surprisingly warm out. Chrio afterwards.
Pm - 7.5m (1:00) killed the pace today! 

Tues - 10m (62:19) goal of today was 2x20mim tempo's with 3mins rest. Got in a 10m warm up before the first set (3.41m avg 5:52) felt good, this section has some rollers but mainly flat. The 2nd set has some pretty long gradual climbs and some late down hill (3.37m avg 5:55) jogged off a little over a mile back home. Headed down to lifting afterwards

Wed - am 4+m (34:55) 
Pm 8m (57:30) in saratoga with Eric, Shaun and Megan 

Thurs - 15m (track) headed over to Burnt Hill for my workout. Did the normal 3m warm up loop before getting on the track. It was a bit crowded tonight by ppl so frankly rude ppl. Asked for lane 1 and no one beside the 2 10 year old kids acknowledge. Goal was 8x800/400 alternating with half rest. Other then the annoying ppl in lane 1/2 it was pretty windy on the back stretch. 
Times : 2:40/80,2:42/81,2:43/81,2:45/82,2:45/81/2:42/80,2:42/81,2:39/76
After the 5th set everyone was off the track and I felt I was able to lock in. Very happy with this tough workout.

Fri - 10m (72:10) legs were surprising loose today. Was expecting to be pretty sore/tired.

Sat - 11+ (81:20) there it was found the tired legs. Today was tough I was trying to keep it easy but running north of 7:10s felt horrible. Spent some extra time stretching and foam rolling afterwards.

Sun - 14m (1:39) planned for 20m today but didn't happen. Legs were still pretty tired, better then yesterday.

Total - 84m 

Had 2 good workouts, legs were tired the last 2 days of the week but still a very productive week of training.

6 weeks to go!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wk 14

Mon - 10m (62:17) good tempo run. This is the first tempo I have done on the roads all year, was a bit of a shock to the system.

Tues - Am - 5m (39:10)
Pm - 7m (47:57)

Wed - 14m (track) Goal: 5xMile (530-510) half rest
Headed down to Shen High to meet up with Pete and Ryan, got in 3+ for the warm-up before getting ready for some fun.
Times: 5:32/5:29/5:25/5:27/5:16
Legs were a bit stiff at the start after the first 2 reps I felt I got locked in pretty well, minus the hiccup on the 4th on (got out to slow.)

Thurs - 10m (1:10:49) Solo run in the afternoon before working the PM shift

Fri - Am 3m (22:15)
Pm - 8+ (56:34) Tried to miss the rain, waiting till after going to chiro

Sat - 8m (56:38) Legs were pretty tight but other then that no issues

Sun - 15m (Delmar Dash)
Got in a 3m warm up with the Fleet Feet crew, legs were feeling pretty tight and tired. Figured it was just me over thinking pre-race. Got out relaxed, the first couple miles I was ok. Wanted to try and move up after 2m, noticed quickly that I was already grinding. I tried to close the gap on the guys in front of me but wasn't happening. Overall a good workout for the day.
Got in a nice 7m cooldown with Kristina Gracy as she needed another 10m. Sadly enough my legs felt loose and responsive on the cooldown...guess I just needed some time to warm up.

Total - 80m

Good 2nd week of Marathon training 7 weeks to go

WK 13

Mon - 0m ( planned day off)

Tues - 8m (58:03) good run, called Najem afterwards for a training plan...let the fun begin

Wed - 10m (track workout)
12x300 (goal 50-52)
Hit Shen track, was pretty windy out but good first workout
Times: 54/54/55/56/57/56/54/55/55/55/54/55 (half rest)

Thurs - Am - 3m (23:48)
Pm - 9m (1:01:59)

Fri - 10m (71:00)

Sat - Am - 9m (track) 2x1k,1x800,3x600
w/ fleetfeet crew (times: 316/316/236/156/156/156)
Finished off by pacing Ben thru his last Mile rep
Pm - 3m w/ We Run The Capital group

Sun - Am - 13+ (1:42:11) w/fleetfeet crew
Pm - 5+ (39:13)

Total - 70m (6days)

WK 12

Mon - 6m (52:00) WRC in saratoga...Very nice recovery run

Tues - Am - 3+ (24:48)
PM - 7m (46:42)

Wed - Am 3+ (25:04)
Pm - 7m (52:07) first 3 with Mechaniville high school team

Thurs - 9m (1:01:31)

Fri -7m (50:36) in Keene with Sears and Macknight

Sat - 11m (fast friends 4.5m) (26:13, 6th overall)

Sun - 18m (2:05:10) in VT with Ferenc and Macknight

Total - 72m

1 Good race and some solid miles, need to keep rolling and stay on track

wk 11

Mon -7+ (49:17) steady state run

Tues - 8m (54:02)

Wed - 0m

Thurs - 8m (1:00:59)

Fri - 8m (59:00) in Albany with Jim

Sat - 5m (34:50) in Mass

Sun - 18m (New Bedford Half)

Total - 55m

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New Bedford

3/16 - Was the newbedford half marathon, I was feeling pretty relaxed and ready. We got in a easy 3m warm up and headed to the line, within the first mile I was noticing it felt a bit off. I hoped that as we got going that would change and I could get moving. Around 3 miles I got with a group and tried to use them to pull me thru, about a mile later I was falling off the group. I came thru 5m(28:54) slower then DH jones. I knew I needed to charge, I was able to pick it up a bit from 10k - 15k but not enough to make a huge change. Thru the 10m (57:58) I knew I would need to run well the last 5k to break 76 mins. I can tell you now my wheels are somewhere around mile 10 still. The last 5k was brutal, I finished up in 77:39 which I can't be too upset about. This is the fastest half I have run in the past 3 years and considering it was an off day that's not horrible. I looked back at some of my other races that were on days and slower. I know I'm in 74-75 min shape and that showed by the groups I beat at DH Jone running in those ranges. 

Overall it was a tough day at the office but also put more wood in the fire. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wk 10

Mon - 9.5 (62:05) controlled for the first 8 then 1.5 @(8:09) was planning for .5 cool down but heard the walking board on the treadmill give way..cracked from the from to back.
Tues - am 3m (nt) 
Pm 7m (47:42) followed by weight training
Wed- 8m (56:40) in toga with Megan, Shaun and Eric 
Thurs - 5+ (40:42) 
Fri - 0m got home around 8 decided to just take a day.
Sat - am 15m (1:51:22) w/Jessy. Paced Jessy thru her workout was originally only going to do 10-12m but it was 30 out at 630 am. Guess you could say the nice weather got the best of me..and Jessy killed her workout
Sun -0 worked the expo, came home and made the mistake of relaxing for a bit. Next thing I knew it was 8pm.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 9

Mon - 8.5m (58:01) pretty sore from yesterday's race.
Tues - 7m (48:56) cold out stuck to the treadmill.
Wed- am 3m (22:30) treadmill
Pm - 8+ (1:01:34) w/Megan, Shaun and Eric
Thurs - 10m (67:45) first 4 outdoors last 6 on treadmill.
Fri - 5m (35:11) early morning run
Sat - 0m went snowboarding all day
Sun - 10m (1:18:53) nice run with Bojo around Keene.

Total - 52m

Good recovery week, 2 solid lifting days and a nice day off snowboarding.

Monday, February 24, 2014

DH Jones 10 Miler

2/23 - Today was the DH Jones 10m in Amherst MA, we met at Fleet Feet Albany at 7:20 to make the drive down. We arrived around 9:40am relaxed and caught up with a few people before heading out for a warm-up at 10:20am. The warm up was very relaxing and full of joking around, I did notice some funny looks from others around us. Once we got back to the gym I got changed up and headed out to the starting line, I tucked into the 3rd row and awaited the start of the race. Right off the start I latched on to my teammate Megan and rolled thru the first couple miles with her, I decided prior to the race that I would wear a watch but not bother with splits and just see what happened. This worked out well as we cruised thru the opening miles, around 3-3.5 I fell off the group during the climbing. I checked my time at 4m (23:xx) once we hit the dirt road it was a mix of mud and ice, I was able to lock in with a group and roll thru this section hitting the half way point in (28:52). Over the next few miles I locked in with a runner from greater Lowell and kept pushing together the rest of the race, on a few of the turns I was able to check back and see where Pete (teammate) was and how close he was. Pete has (1:50 - 800m speed) with all the downhill I was running a bit scared that he would roll-up on me. I came thru 8m (45:02) and knew I was going to have a good day, we hit the final hills coming in and continued to press to get thru them as quickly as possible. With the change in the course we made a left hand turn at the 9m mark, I felt my legs starting to hurt and tighten up. Again the runner from Lowell gave me a boost by taking the lead again to help us close the gap, I checked the watch as I knew we were close and figured we had at most 1/2mile left and started to change gears to get close to the finish. As we turned into the parking lot I wasn't sure when to start a full sprint, I decided to wait until I could hear Eric as soon as that happened I was able to close up pretty quick. Finished up with a time of (57:44 63rd overall)

Finally a good race, it was like a weight lifted.
Coming into the finish 
Final Push

Wk 8

Mon - 8+ (55:30) keep it pretty relaxed, did a combination of loops to create a new one.
Tues - am - 3m (20:44)
Pm - 3m (19:30) busy afternoon had to rush to not be late for weight training 
Wed - 7m (52:02) awesome to keep it nice and easy
Thurs - 8+ (55:44) met with Meghan for a run in saratoga..followed by some food and beers.
Fri - 8m (52:04) weather sucked and roads were icy. Ended up on the treadmill.
Sat - 5+ (35:10) it was a bit tough to just call it at 5 the weather was so good could have run for hours.
Sun - 16+ DH Jones 10m (57:44)

Total - 59m

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week 7

Mon - 7.5 (60:00) keep it very easy today, legs felt good. Only issue was a strange discomfort in my right side / hip, hopefully it's nothing.
Tues - 0m decided to heat and rest my side.
Wed- 5m (38:30) side felt much better then Monday, had a few twinges here and there. For the most part felt good.
Thurs - 5m (33:06) ran on the treadmill, side was a bit sore to start felt good once I picked up the pace. Last 1.5m (8:00)
Fri- 9m (1:02:34) first full run with no pain in my side.
Sat- 11m (1:15:00) with Renee, Johanna and Eric. Keep it honest, legs were a bit tired today.
Sun- 7m (52:09) needed a rest day, slept in and took a short day on the treadmill.

Total - 45.5m 

Tough week not sure what caused my right side to hurt but put a bit of a damper on my week. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Week 6

Mon - 8.5m was pretty tired from this past weekend. Could feel the legs but always happy to get out the door.
Tues - 9+ (60:30) took the day off from work, get some relaxing in and hustled out a relaxed run before heading to lifting.
Wed - 7.5 (60:00) in the storm stayed in the neighborhoods, made it the whole run with only one close call. In the final min I felt my feet slip and was very close to busting my ass, some how saved it.
Thurs - 6m (40:20) just a lazy day, lacked the motivation to run. Almost thought it was going to be a zero but around 9pm I got that surge I was looking for, got my lazy ass up and out the door. It was awesome to run.
Fri - 7m (46:20) was nice to run in some daylight before heading over to Keene. Felt really relaxed a bit surprised by the time and the effort.
Sat - 7m (49:00) in Keene keep it easy with the planned run for tomorrow.
Sun - 24m (2:42:19) this was an awesome run with some lifers! Meet up at Ferenc's house, rode over to the marathon loop with Josh, Greg and Eric. We rolled out on the loop seeming very relaxed. A few rollers in the early parts but mostly flatish around an hour in we turned to a dirt road and hit a beastly climb (never fails on a Ferenc run) after a 20min climb we were coming down the back side heading towards town. Almost as soon as we got onto pavement again the pace began to increase, we started to roll into town. Made one quick pit stop at the graffton county store for a drink the proceeded to roll in the final 4-4.5 miles.

This was an awesome run with some great friends, always enjoy running with this group.

Total - 69m 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Week 5

Mon - 7m (50:49) had to work a split shift so we were able to enjoy some day light. Followed with some lifting (legs)
Tues - 7m (45:09) we got rolling pretty well it was a bit cold and was pressed on time to make it to albany for lifting. Last mile in 5:30 felt good, every time Eric pushed I was able to surge with him.
Wed- 8m (61:00) with Meagan. Nice and easy around saratoga.
Thurs - 0 worked a spilt shift which need up just being a full shift then comig back for more. 
Fri - 8.5 (57:40) nice run and good weather. 
Sat - 0m recovery from last night (macknights bday) also went to chowderfest in saratoga. By the time I got home all I wanted as to sleep, so that's what I did.
Sun - 10m did the winter series in Albany went with the short race again 7k they advertised it as a 4m so I had some demons creep up when I hit the final turn for home and realized I was at 23:30 already. Would have been nice to know prior. Overall a good effort 25:00 (5:44) on a solo effort, makes me confident to know when I line up with competition I'll be ready to roll with them. 2nd place was 2:25 back, was all alone after the first 200 meters.

Total - 40m

Not a great mileage week, but had a good workout and good race. Need to have the next two weeks be better mileage wise before heading into DH Jone.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wk 4

Mon- 8m (58:11) bit chilly out, legs felt good for the most part a little tiredness in the right hip flexer
Tues - 0m planned day off from running. Got in a very good lifting session with the team later in the night.
Wed- am - 5m (37:35) woke up wicked early, decided get some extra miles
Pm - 7m (47:17) 
Thurs- am - 3m (21:15) 
Pm - 7m (46:57) was supposed to do a workout but ended up hitting the store after work. Didn't start my run till 9pm, at that point I figured best to push the workout and just get some miles.
Fri - 2m (14:00) was planning to do a workout. My left shin has been sore for a few days but usually fine after a few mins of running. Didn't want to loosen up today. Decided to shut it down for some maintenance.
Sat - am 5+ (37:05) did some drills and rolled out the legs before running. No discomfort in the shin.
Pm - 8+ (58:20) roads were pretty sloppy for the afternoon but still nice to get a easy run in.
Sun - 7+ was supposed to double but never happened. Did the winter series in the morning, ran the 3m (17:23) not nearly as fast as I wanted but there were some bad sections of road and a solo effort so no complaints. Ended up taking a nap when I got home, once I woke up I had no motivation for a 2nd run. Decided to instead go clean my car and do some grocerys. 

Total - 53m with a planes day off and one day for maintenance. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wk 3

Mon - 8+ (60:31) weather was awesome tonight. Only mistake was being vet dressed. Seems weird to say that in mid January.
Tues - 7m (46:35) good run was able to miss majority of the rain. Picked it up over the last couple miles. Afterwards headed to Albany for some weight training..was informed today's gonna suck doing super sets...there was no lie in the statement it sucked..but enjoyed it at the same time.
Wed - 10m (73:13) was extremely sore from yesterday's lift, took the first half of the run to feel like I could lift my legs. Sucked but at least I knew why I was tired/sore.
Thurs- 10m (65:13) got some snow last night so I pushed my workout to indoors on the treadmill. Easy 3m warm up then changed into flats for a 5m controlled tempo. This was the first workout of the season, felt good the first 2-3 miles the last couple I was hurting a bit but never breaking down. Hit the 5m (28:36) had to laugh a bit that's close to the fastest I've raced in the past few years. Pretty happy with the run and can't wait to build on it.
Fri- am - 2.5m (19:43)
Pm - 5+ (38:03) nice easy shake out was feeling pretty sluggish this morning.
Sat- Am - 9m (1:04:22) nice and easy morning run with Eric and Megan. Nice way to start off the day.
Sun - 18.48 (2:09:57) went to the Joe Benny pancake run. First 15 with the group then added on 3m felt really good, on top of that I didn't take any fuel the entire run and still felt stong.

Total - 71m

First week of marathon training went pretty well had a good tempo run and a solid long run.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wk 2

Mon - 9m (60:49) went out into the neighborhoods to avoid traffic. Roads weren't to bad.
Tues - 6m (36:53) on treadmill to damn cold outside. Last mile in 5:14 felt good. Afterwards went down to FF for some heavy lifting with the team. 
Wed- 8+ (54:30) got a late start to the run, mainly do to watch the mighty duck which didn't end till 8pm. Oh well it was an awesome run.
Thurs - 10++(1:15:04) nice and easy run, followed by hitting the gym ( right next to our house) nice little gym and quite. Proceeded with a legs day.
Fri - 5m - (43:14) Legs were sore all day, decided for a slow and easy recovery run.
Sat - 10m (69:50) w/Eric and Meagan Hogan. nice weather and good run the last 10 mins or so there was a bit of rain but nothing to impact the run. Pasted by a place we were looking at for next year possible.
Sun - 14++ (1:43:36) In Albany with the Fleet Feet team, started out pretty relaxed and worked our way down around 10.5 - 11m a group picked it up to finish out the run. I stayed back with one of the girls, funny part was we were still hitting 630-640 pace.

Total -63m

Summary - Good week starting to build the miles up and feeling good doing so, had a nice progression run on Tuesday and 2 solid days lifting. Next week will be around 70m and need to keep up with the lifting days / progression runs.