Wednesday, September 10, 2014

8/25 - 9/14

A little behind on the updates be here we go.
Mon- 7m (44:28) 
Tues - 0 long day at work
Wed- 7m (50:02)
Thurs - 8m helped out at the Malta build up - pace 4x2/2/4 then did 2 more sets (30/30/69) (32/32/69)
 Hamstrings were on fire - maybe a little to hard on the 2's
Fri. - 0m work function 
Sat - 7m (alumni - 18:01) a bit warm and dehydrated from the night before.
Sun - 7m (nt)
Total - 36m (5days)

9/1 - 9/7
Mon - 5m - 34:00
Tues - 7+ (48:43)
Wed - 8m (track) 4x1200 LT 
Thurs - 7m (47:06)
Fri - 3+ (23:33)
Sat - Am 8m (race) Malta 5k (17:27) not sure what to say about this had 100% humidity and pretty warm but went for it and clearly paid the price splits were (5:16/10:40/16:40/17:27)
Sun - 0m lifted legs (squats/leg press..etc)

9/8 - 9/14
Mon - 5m (39:40) legs really sore.
Tues - 5m (35:30) feeling a bit better hamstrings are sore.
Wed - 9m (track) 2m TT, 4x200 did the time trial solo at the UAlbany track. Man did it feel good, not my best time at this workout but showing progress. 
Times: (10:29 - 514/515 even spilts) (33/34/34/29) Kiley got me going on the 2's and really helped push the last one.
Thurs - 5m - 34:39
Fri - 0m Last day at GF. Had an afterwork get together then headed to Albany to enjoy sitting by the fire with Jill and friends.
Sat - 5m - 35:15
Sun - Am 8m - WWTD "5k" I have run this course a few times over the years in spac and knew it was a bit long. Did my warmup over the course to make sure I knew where to go (24:30) got changed and headed to the line. Was solo from the gun, which was much expected there might have been 50 people at this race. No mile markers but had an idea where I was on the course, was able to get the win in 17:18 and felt pretty comfortable. Afterwards I re-looped the course and checked some previous data I had showed the course to be 3.2 which was nice to know - Converts to 16:45ish for the actual 5k.
Pm - 3m (21:50) Malta trails

Total - 40m

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