Tuesday, September 20, 2016

9/19 - 9/25

Mon - Am - 3m (nt)
           Pm - 5m (35:50) with having this week as a transition week between jobs it seems like a prime time to see how the body handles doubling again.

Tues - 8m (4x1k @ 6min pace) 
Drove out to NY to finish moving my stuff back to NH. Shot down to Albany to workout with the guys, was a bit tired from moving/driving all day but was still able to hit the times pretty relaxed.
Times - 3:48/3:48/3:46/3:38

Wed - off - finished packing and drove home, didn't finish unpacking till 9pm.

Thurs - AM - 7m (50:49) 3x30/60/90 - Struggled hard today the first set went smooth and gave a false hope that no run yesterday was going to bother me. The 2nd set I started to struggle a bit and pick-ups were getting slower, the last rep I had no pop and could tell I wasn't moving to quick, took the 2m cool-down very easy and trotted home.

Fri - AM - 6m (46:15) @ northwood meadows W/Coree. Nice easy shake out on the trails, legs felt tired but nothing to bad.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

9/12 - 9/18

Mon - 6m (41:48)
Tues - 8.75m (1:00:15) pushed the hills and relaxed on the downs, felt good.
Wed - 7m (47:21) first small workout (5x1min on 2min off) got a late start, decided to stick to the peepers course for the workout. Felt good to turn the legs over pick ups ranged from (535-550)
Thurs - 5m (37:30) legs a bit tired and tight from yesterday. Fully expected with the large gap between workout type efforts.
Fri - 7m (49:20) felt much better, keep the pace relaxed and enjoyed running at an earlier time.
Sat - 8++ (1:02:20) much cooler start to the run (48 out) felt great to not be dying of heat.
Sun - off

Summary. - 42m (6days) overall have with this week, had my first workout type effort go well. Just need to focus on getting the long run in.

8/6 - 9/11

A lot has happened and changed since the move back to NH, work got crazy and the fire burnt out. After the Father's Day 5k where I struggled to hang on at 530-540 pace and ran a horrible race (in my terms.) I made a last ditch effort of calling Pete Thomas to see what to do, the choice was clear but I couldn't make the call..time to shut it down. This was the first time I've ever stopped running with out a clear plan of when I would start back up or even if I would. Fast foward nearly 2months, I stubbed across some results from a local race seeing the win not being anything to special and thinking to myself "what the hell are you doing, that's an easy win and $." I knew it was going to take a lot of time and work to get it back but the fire was going again. I met with former Berlin High teammate (and close friend) Coree Kinerson who was also trying to get back in shape. We decided it would be best to work at it together, it's been a slow build with my miles and feeling able to handle it.
The past 6 weeks have been:
No major jumps in miles, very slow building, with the goal of being race ready by late winter early spring. With the start of a new job in a few weeks and aces to top notch facilities I'm feeling that goal will be reached. 

Hopefully I'll have sometime to keep the blog going and see if I can get back to where I used to be.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

5/16 - 5/22

Mon - 9m (1:04:07) legs felt surprisingly good after 2 races this weekend

Tues - 5m (35:39) Got home late from work, didn't have much time or energy

Wed - 10m (Track) 3 Sets of 1 mile @ Tempo, 3x200 (200 R)
Met Alex @ UNH for a workout. Plan is to do these weekly and get going for the year. Put myself in a bit of a hole in the first set, plus a little confusion.


Thurs -  6m - (45:58) holy hell my legs are tired. Found a grass field and did loops to get off the road.

Fri - 5+ (37:48) easy shakeout before tomorrow's race.

Sat - AM 8m (Get fit in May 5K) 18:12 (4th Male) WTF!!!! Felt good the first half of the race, legs were responsive and smooth. Right at half way tightened right up and went backwards, ended up falling out of the money and could never get back in.

Sun - 14++ (1:44:06) Met Alex and Jason at the rail trail in Newmarket, good trail running all the way to Manchester. We discussed a long run some day to cover the whole trail. Felt good till 11/12 miles legs started to get heavy and fell off the pace a bit...good mentally need to get my strength back!

Summary - 61m - 1 good workout, a poor race and a solid long run. Next week is the VCM relay (should be tough)

Friday, May 13, 2016

5/9 - 5/15

Mon - 8++ (61:29) decent loop on the back side of Barrington by the pond- has some good rollers thru the frost half.

Tues - 9+ (68:38) in Davers with Casey (college teammate) mix of roads and trails.

Wed - off got home late last night and told felt mentally tired..played basketball instead.

Thurs - 8.5m (57:04) in Dover with Alex, felt good run was conversational.

Fri - 6+ (42:49) Started to down pour right before I got out the door. Decided to stay on the back roads and avoid the main roads as much as possible.

Sat - 10m (Peepers 5k) headed over to the local Peeper 5k (.5m from my house) I knew Alex would be coming but wasn't sure who else might show. Game plan was simple if I was in the top 3 or had a shot at it I would race or keep racing if not I would shut it down for tomorrow. After the opening mile I was well out of the race, I backed off and finished up 7th in 18:44.

Sun - am - 8m (Spirt of recovery 5k) This race is part of the Dover race series, I wanted to make sure I was there as I missed the first 3 races. Warmed up over the course which had some good hills and a lot of wind. It was clear early there was a hand full of guys that could be in the front pack, once the race was off we broke into two groups. After the first mile it was clear I was racing for 3rd, on the down hill Miles Brady built up a good gap that I wasn't able to cover. I tried to close it up over the last mile but was barely gaining ground. Finished up 4th in (17:51) better then last week. 

Summary - 54m (6days) legs are feeling better and more adjusted to being back in NH. Made the plan with Alex to begin working out, i know I still have a ton of work to do hoping by the fall to be back running fast again.

Monday, May 2, 2016

5/2 - 5/8

Mon - am - 3+ (24:39) lucked out and got done before the rain started.

PM - 5m (35:53) @ hotel

Tues - 10m (1:16:15) first couple with the girls while they warmed up. Rest with Aaron on roads and trails.

Wed - 8+ (58:22) Solo around town, over dressed, prepared for 40's and rain and got no rain.

Thurs - AM - 3+ (26:47) sweet rd loop

Pm - 6m (East Berne 5k) A weekly Pub race in East Berne NY. Decided to go up and see what the course was like. I knew it was hilly and the last mile was down hill. Got out hard and tried to chase Macknight as long as I could (fully knowing he is a better climber and let's be honest just a tad faster) I realized early that my climbing legs weren't there. I was caught in the hills of the 2nd mile by Ray, he quickly opened a 5-7 sec gap. As we hit the down hill I continued to work to close the gap (didn't want to be that guy who went out hard and died) was able to catch up with a little over 800 to go and continue to move on the downs and finish 2nd in my 1 and only run to the pub race.
Above is the elevation profile for the East Berne 5k (out and back course)

Fri - Am - 5+ (40:52) had to run over to Malta and pick up my car at the parking lot I left it at last night for the race.

Pm- 4++ (nT) met Renee at the track dos the warm up and recovery jogs with her.

Sat - AM - 5m (39:07) with KQ around the neighborhoods.

Sun - Am 9m (moms on the run 5k)
My first race of the Dover race series, I arrived just before 8am and spotted double J in the parking lot. After picking up bibs (and watching Jim struggle with his area code) we headed out for a course loop. Felt pretty good on the warm up and thought I could build off last weeks race. The first mile has some down hill so I was expecting to see a little faster of a split, when I came across in 5:30 I switched to trying to maintain the effort. I could tell Thursday's effort was still there and was unable to go any faster. Managed to hang on for 2nd and get some points.
Coming into the finish

Pm - 4m (30:10) nice easy shake out

Summary - 63m - 2 ok races. Continuing to build back up, this next week will be interesting with starting a new job and being back home.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

4/25 - 5/1

With this week being my 2nd to last week in NY it's been anything but relaxing. The plus side is the running is starting to come around.

Mon - 7m (51:08) round lake bike path on the cinders. Legs felt good after yesterday's effort at James Joyce. Clearly showing I am fitter and should be able to push more.

Tues - am - 3+ (25:59) w/ Renee, KQ and  Eric. Had an early start job so needed to keep it short.

Pm - 5m (35:30) felt a bit off, hoping a small change in diet helps and better hydration.

Wed - 10m (1:06:56) Met Sean at the Corning Perserve in Albany. We planned out to cover 10m with 5sets of 5 min on 3min off pick ups in the run. Felt good on the pick ups while focusing on form (leaning back to much) other then a minor hiccup of my shoes to tight and my feet going numb it was an overall good workout.

Thurs - Am - 3+ (27:10) really didn't want to get up, glad I knew Eric and Mullens were running as well.

Fri - Am - 3m (23:33) got to the hotel late..12hr day and driving to the city I changed the plan from a PM run to an AM run.

PM - 5m (34:33) normal loop with Macknight.

Sat - 8m - Spring forward 5k - 1st OA (17:31) not a great time but faster then 2 weeks ago and solo after the 1st half mile. Felt strong till around 2, started to hurt a bit but held the pace..plenty of work to be done 

Sun - 15m (1:47:58) Went to the historical Saratogoa battlefield, had a group of 9 going varying distances. 1 loop is just over 10m with a few places to make a cut off. Good overall run with some nice rolling hills.

Total- 59+ for the week. 1 good workout and 1 ok race

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Building back / Big moves

After a winter of sub-par racing and general lack of interest I decided to take some time off in mid March. Since then I have been building back up and trying - key word there to not doing anything stupid (like jumping back into workouts) - (fail) I've jumped into a few races some I have been ok with others not so much. 
I had begun to build out a race schedule to give myself some goal races - which is now taking a big change, as I am moving back to NH (Dover) it will be like starting over, need to find new places to train and new people to train with. Hoping to not lose to much steam and keep working towards getting faster again. A key will be to keep the blog updated to keep myself honest.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 Review/ 2016 Preview

2015 - Was a good year of training and some good races. I was able to get my back under control and begin training the way I felt I should be training. I saw some PR's along the way not only in races but in single weekly highs and a yearly high. I lined up for 2 marathons, a spring and fall - the spring didn't go as planned. The fall was a good race but didn't feel the way I would have liked early, I still managed to be close to my PR.

Some 2015 highlights:
5k - 16:45 (Octoberfest)
5m - 27:45 (Delmar Dash)
Marathon - 2:48:22 (Hartford)
YTD - 3,636 

Looking forward to 2016:
I have some old goals I want to chase down now that I have been able to stay healthy. I want to take a crack at my PR's, across the board and see what I can get back to. I want to keep my miles going and not drop down, as far as marathons go - I plan to hold off till the fall and work on some speed and lowering my times at other distances. As well as get back to some trail and maybe a few mountain races!

Mile. - 440
3k - sub - 920
5k - sub 16
Half Marathon - sub 1:15
Marathon - sub 2:40

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hartford Marathon

Saturday, October 10th - Hartford Marathon!
After getting dropped off about a mile from the start, we jogged over and got into the Seeded start. Pete and I were positioned in the 3rd row, we got out relaxed and stayed right with one and other. The plan was to run 605-615's for the first 15-20, the first mile starts with some down hill and you still have the half guys with you. We hit the first mile in 6:00 all things considered right where we should be. 

The next few miles clipped by around the same and we hit the first 10k in 37:40 (6:05 pace) somewhere around 8m I started to notice my quads already getting tight, this was a little concerning but I also figured they would loosen back up. Shortly after this point Pete started to bring the pace back down, I tried to cover but wasn't keeping up. At 10m (61:07) I was back about 10secs of Pete and figured I would latch onto a group and keep plugging away.

I was able to get with a group which consisted of the 2nd & 3rd place females. My pace had slowed but I was working with the group and we seemed to be staying steady, between 15 & 16 I made a quick bathroom break. I was surprised by this as I'm usually not that hydrated. There were some plus and minus to this, I no longer was thinking of having to piss but now was 35-40 secs back of the pack and alone.

The next 5-6m I ran solo trying to get back up with the group, but wasn't really making up any ground. I had myself a 1st class ticket on the pain train and no one to suffer with! Around 23 I heard Renee and Erin and was able to snap out of it for a little, there were a few people coming back to me and I pressed to catch them. I could also hear someone closing in and the cheers being closer and closer, I got a quick look around a turn and saw it was Dan Verrington. I knew he would catch me (extremely tough) but also knew he would drag me along with him. Just after 25 he went by and I tried to follow, I was able to keep Dan close enough that I caught some more people in front of me but no quite close enough to catch him.

I finished up 30th in 2:48:22 (18 secs off my PR) although it wasn't the time I was looking for I was happy to take a step in the right direction. This was my best marathon since my debut and I know the training is working, I also know I need to add a few more elements (some 10-15m tempos) into the mix.