Monday, November 7, 2016

10/31 - 11/6

Mon - 7+ (53:13) out along the mystic trails and back thru town, got a little turned around coming back but figured it out quickly.

Tues - am - 5m (37:34) Nice out and back towards cambridge
Pm - 3+ (23:36) mystic trails. 5xstrides afterwards

Wed - 10m (12x400 half rest) - 81/79/80/80/81/80/79/80/78/79/77/73

Thurs - Off - No real reason other then I haven't run a full week yet and didn't want to change anything with 2 races coming up.

Fri - 7.5+ (55:25) w/Scott - Planned to go on the Mystic trails but was a bit to dark for that, opted for the bike path instead.

Sat - 5+ (38:38) Battle road + strides. First time running here it was nice a bit busy when I went, could be another good place to get off the roads.

Sun - 11m - USATFNE XC champs 10k (37:47) Not really what I was looking for, I knew it had been a while (4-5years) since my last cross race but this was tough. Felt very out of place racing today, couldn't keep with any packs and slowly ended up in no mans land. The only positives I can see out of the race at this point was 1) I got a race type effort in before the seacoast half - which I wanted to do and not be rusty before. 2) I got my ass kicked!  - most wouldn't see this as a positive but the good thing is that brings everything back into prospective and focus.

Summary - 49m - A good workout, never felt to stressed but incontrol running quick. A tough race but solid workout.
Up next I have the seacoast half (which I signed up for to get myself training again) after this race I'm looking forward to ramping the miles back up and getting to work this winter with some indoor track.


  1. small typo on your blog... you wrote: 'and getting to work this winter with some indoor track.'... when it should say 'and getting to work this winter with some snowshoe racing.'

    1. haha never tried it - maybe I'll stop by maddison when im in the area and do a training run first