Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Mon- 0 snowboarded all day
Tues-3m ( had to squeeze it in between family and travel)
Wed- 9m Workout. 2k/1600/1200/800/400 Recovery (90/60/45/30 secs)
Times- 7:16/5:45/4:13/2:42/76...It was very windy today myself, Brian and Andrew split the workload to battle the wind there were times that I felt like i was sprinting to hold pace on the back streach. Overall it was a good workout and good effort.
Thurs- 9m (1:00:41)
Fri- 5m (33:00) with Eric and Thomas
Sat- 11m @ BU mini meet 3k-9:28 mile-4:48 another good workout, legs felt pretty heavy to start the mile. Overall happy with the day
Sun-16m with Eric and Thomas and Brandon..clearing plus 3 with Wilson Perez

Total- 53m

Monday, December 19, 2011


Mon- 8m 16x200 (full rest) Goal of the workout was to run quick and feel smooth without allowing my form to breakdown.
Tues- 11m (1:12:47)
Wed- 7m 3x1500 (100rest) 2x800 (100rest) @ threshold
Felt good def went faster then threshold pace again felt smooth
Thurs- 8m (55:25)
Sat-10m BU mini meet 3k-9:27 Mile-4:48

Monday, December 12, 2011


Mon- 7m (50:39) nice headlamp run
Tues- 6m (38:53) had a work function didn't get out till 8
Wed- 8m Track workout - 4x1000 @threshold (200rest) 4x600 2@5k 2@3k (300rest) 800 between sets
Times- 3:30/3:24/3:24/3:17/1:51/1:46/1:45/1:45
I felt really good today, first time in a while which was nice to have that feeling. Hoping that this rolls over to Saturday at the BU mini meet.
Fri- 3m (20:31)
Sat- 12m BU mini meet 3k-9:50, Mile 4:57 never really stopped running durning the day.
Sun - 10m 72:20 (did the first ten of the Joe Benny run. Felt like crap so called it before the big climb)

Total- 46m Better then last week...gotta keep moveing

Monday, December 5, 2011


Mon- 7m 46:57 felt relaxed. normal 5m loop plus loops around the high school campus....that place is huge
Tues- 0m (doctors apt)
Wed- 0m Raining
Thurs- 7m (800/1200/1600/1600/1200/800) 1min recovery
Fri- 7m (47:08)
Sat- Am 5m (34:25)
Pm 7m (45:42)
Sun- 7m (47:02)

Total- 40m (5days)

Overall- felt good this week, had a good workout Thursday had very short rest. Started a new diet this week after tipping the scale on the heavy side which would explain the struggles with racing. Felt much better this week hoping this is a good sign.

Monday, November 28, 2011


Mon - 7m (3x 2/2/4 full rest)
Tues- 0m (cold and raining)

Wed- 7m (3x1500...100m recovery)
This was tough, the workout was supposed to be 5x1500 but with racing this weekend i figured 3 would be enough.

Thurs- 5+ 35:09

Fri- 0

Sat- 5m 32:03

Sun - 7 46:05 beech hill

Monday, November 21, 2011


Mon- Am 3m (19:39)
Pm 5m (35:10) Legs felt like junk today. hopefully cutting my Pm run short helps
Tues- 0m (legs still felt crappy today. decided to rest)
Thurs- 8m (Seacoast turkey trot 17:45)

Monday, November 14, 2011


Mon- Am 7m (50:04)
Pm 5m (36:03)
Tues- Am 4m (30:16)
Pm 8m (53:56)
Wed- Pm 11m (workout) 4x800, 4x400 (halfrest)
Thurs- Am 2m (13:40)
Pm- 9m (59:31)
Fri- Pm 7m (48:36) A lot of out and backs, didn't run this morning and was dark when i got home so had to stay on limited
sidewalks on one road.
Sat- 0m
Sun- 8m ( went to slatterys lost the battle with the demons...bad day)

Total - 61m (6days)

Overall- got some good mileage in not the total i wanted but its a start. 1 good workout and a poor race, need to get my confidence back.....all in do time I hope.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stock-ade-athon 15k

Today was the Stock-Ade-Athon 15k, I went into this race a bit nervous after last weeks race and only being back 5weeks. I arrived around 7:45 shortly after we were out for a warm-up, I felt good and had no issues with my shin. Once the race went out I wanted to stay relaxed and get out a bit slower to avoid any blow-ups. I got out in 5:39 and felt pretty good over the next 4 miles I was in a group with 2 other ARE members I hit 5m in 28:43 shortly after 5 the course begins to climb this was the part of the course i thought I would be able to make up ground on those who went out faster. Instead I started to real backwards and struggled with the climbs. Shortly after the 8m mark I finally found some fight after 3 bad miles, from 8-9 I was able to salvage my 2nd fastest mile of the day 5:32 and had a good kick in the final .3. Overall it was a ok race steps in the right direction, I was also happy that even tho i had some tightness in my shin it never got past that.


Mile 8 seemed to be a bit long but even so it was a bad mile. Hoping to bump up the mileage over the next couple weeks and build my endurance up.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Tues- Am 2m (13:10)
Pm 5m (34:30)
Wed- pm 7m (3x800 @ 15k pace 2x800 striding straights jogging turns)
Thurs- 0
Fri- Am 5m (35:44)
Pm 3m (19:53)
Sat- 4.5 (31:16)
Sun- Am 13m (stockadeathon 15k 55:45)

Monday, October 31, 2011


Mon- 7m (46:00)
Tues- Am 2m (13:49)
Pm 11m (1:10:49)
Wed- Pm 9m (workout) 2x1k/8/6/4/2 (Recovery 4/4/2/2/1)
3:12/3:09/2:33/2:36/1:54/1:56/74/74/36/32....Good workout had a great group to latch on too, was supposed to start at 5k pace and work down. Might have been a bit fast for the 1k's but it felt good to be in a group like that.
Thurs- Am 4m (28:12)
Fri- 3m (21:01)
Sat- 8m (5k road race 17:48...first race in 2 months had no pop in my legs but breathing felt good. It's a starting point
Sun-9m (no time) in Dover. Just wanted to cover the distance, felt sluggish to start but attacked the hills just to turn over.

Total-53m had 1 good workout and a ok race. Next week will be a easier week with the first team race on the schedule. Hope to have some pop when we hit the line next sunday

Monday, October 24, 2011


Mon- AM 3m (20:48)
PM 7m (44:59) last 1.5 8:03 (5:21pace)
Tues- Am 3m (20:49)
Pm 5m (32:43)
Wed Pm 9m (workout)
6x1000 (400 recovery) 3:17/3:18/3:16/3:18/3:22/3:09....Overall happy with the workout not happy with the 5th didn't go with Josh when he surged. bounced back on the last rep. Good Day
Thurs- Am 2m (14:19)
Pm 5m (35:19) Strides
Fri - Pm 10m (1:03:43)
Sat- 0
Sun- 13m (1:34:57) w/ Matt

Total- 57 (6 days)

Felt good this week, good workout and another long run. Looking to stay around 60-65 these next 2 weeks leading into stock-ad-athon

Monday, October 17, 2011

10/17 - 10/23

Mon- Am 2m (13:23)
Pm 5m (31:14)
Tues- Am 0 (didn't sleep well)
Pm 5m (33:16)
Wed- 7m - Workout 4x800 (tempo,10k,5k,3k) (Rest: 100,200,300) 3min recovery 2m same paces
This was a tough workout, I felt really good till the final 800 of the 2m fell of a bit. Happy with the workout, beginning to feel strong. Times (2:49,2:41,2:40,2:38) Recovery (30,104,143) 2m (10:51) Splits 5:19/5:32
Thurs- Am 2m (14:14)
Pm 10m (1:06:02) w/ Derrick
Sat- Am 8m (58:04) W/ Hammett, Fyffe, Ferenc, Boj and Matty P
Sun- Am 12m (1:19:36) W/ Najem, Matty P and Miller

Total- 51m (6days) Good week happy with the miles. 1 good workout and solid long run with Najem, Matty P and Miller avg 6:40 pace in Rindge Nh pretty hill place.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Mon- AM 2m (13:41) no pain
Pm 3m (18:32) 9:40 out, 8:52 back
Tues- AM 2m (13:14)
Pm 3m (23:44) Rpi Xc course with Shaun
Wed- Pm 10m (1 x mile striding straights, 3x mile @ threshold, 1x mile striding straights (45sec recovery)
6:57/5:30/5:33/5:30/7:00. Good workout didn't have any issues with my shin so good test, taking tomorrow and friday easy before keene.
Thurs- 5m (32:34) So i might have lied saying I was going to take it easy...but it felt easy and I felt smooth so I'm happy.
Fri- 0
Sat- Am 7m (52:53) with Sontag. On rail bed in Keene
Sun- 10m (1:08:47) with Boj. On rail bed tried to help him with his workout he was crushing it


Good first week shin feels good. Had a good workout Wednesday and good mileage for 6 days

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


As some of you have noticed I ended up getting injured again. This time nothing to serious, I had been feeling pain in my shin and was nervous that it could be a stress fracture. After 2 visits with the doctor he described it as a strain of the tendons from about my ankle to mid shin. With that the only recovery was stretch and rest. As of 10/3/2011 I agreed to pull out of CCM, for now i am finishing up my two weeks off and going to try and resume training on Monday. I am a bit disappointed about yet again missing the marathon, the big difference is last year I felt i was in good shape this year not as much so it was a bit easier to handle. As for racing I don't know when I will race again I am going to wait it out and see. Till then I plan on rebuilding my mileage and get back to weekly track work in hopes to race a few indoor meets this year.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Brock Trot 10k (Lenox MA)

On Sunday I headed down to to Lenox mass for the Brock Trot 10k with a few members of the stryders. We arrived at 8am for the 9am start. My shin was still sore from the run the day before so i decided to take some Advil to try and easy the pain. I noticed that the 10k field was pretty stacked and the 5k not so much. As the race went out I wanted to try and stay in the top 10 (as that's were the prizes were). I went out with Tim Mahoney and the rest of the pack, the top 2 were way out in front we hit the mile in 5:02 and i knew it was going to be a interesting day. After hitting some hills in the 2nd and 3rd mile my shin began to hurt more and more with the climbing and descending. By 4m(22:49) I was hurting pretty bad when the 2nd women had now caught up i tried to help her thinking that maybe i could battle back, the harder i tried to run the more my shin hurt after 4.5 i decided to jog in and try to stay on softer ground. After the race I immediately got ice, not sure what what is wrong with my shin but hoping its not to serious.
For now i am going to take time off until i can walk with out any pain.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Week 3

Mon - 10m (1:10) nice easy run with shaun. Legs didn't feel to bad after yesterday.
Tues- 9m (1:00:53) left shin was really sore. Hopefully it's nothing and just a sore muscle.
Wed- 0m Shin was very sore all day decided to rest and ice
Thurs - 13.5 (1:31:29) first 8.5 solo in 55:xx easy 5 with one of the members from stryders.
Sat- 8m 55:00 with Brock & Jimmy..4 x strides..Shin still sore but better then earlier this week.-
Sun-9m (Brocktrot 10k) Not a good race made it to 3m and started to get sharp pains in my left shin. This was a big red flag as I took pain killers before the race. Decided after 4.5 to jog in and try to change my stride to see if that pain would lessen.

Total-49.5 (in 5)

Overall- Concerned about my shin, after talking to Pete Thomas he advised to ice and rest since the pain is pinpoint and not covering the whole shin. Hoping that this isn't serious but a bit concerned when advised by PT to take days off.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saratoga Half

This morning I headed over to the Saratoga Half, I knew George Adams was going to be there so i thought it would be a good chance to see were I am at compared to this spring. I knew that I haven't be getting in the miles or long runs that I had leading into New Bedford. As the race went out I settled in with the lead group and figured that I could probably hang with someone in the group, we went thru the mile comfotable at 5:38 where eventual winner Thomas O'Grady put in a get surge to string the group out. I chose not to cover the move do to being so early in the race, the next 3 miles I was running solo at this point I started to feel my shoe rubbing on the back of my foot not sure to stop and fix it or keep going i decided to keep going as someone was coming back. At 5m I felt it rip thru and stopped to pull my sock up the next 3 miles I was dealing with the stinging from my foot, I was still in no mans land and couldn't see anyone in front of my as I came back into town I started to feel a bit better ( might have been the large amount of people on the course) I came thru 10 in 60:52 which I knew was slower then my other 2 half"s. Shortly after I felt a bit of a bonk which was surprising to happen at that point over the next mile I grabbed some gatorade around 11m I got caught and knew I needed to go with him once we hit the 12m mark it becomes a gradual down hill to the finish. I passed him back and put some distance between us, Overall the time wasn't that good 1:20:31 not a great time but for the lack of work I have put in leading up to this point I took it as a good workout and a bit of a eye opener.

5:44 (11:23)
5:50 (17:13)
6:06 (23:20)
6:05 (29:26)
6:21 (35:47)
6:40 (42:27)
6:21 (48:49)
6:07 (54:56)
5:55 (1:00:52)
7:07 (1:07:59)
6:25 (1:14:25)
5:49 (1:20:14)
:16 (1:20:31)

Some of the markers were a bit off like the .1 and 6-7 other then that it was a good course and looking to hopefully be in better shape next time I do it.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Week 2

Mon - 6xMile (1.1 loop ) @ GMP ( 90 Sec recovery ) Did this workout on a loop at the state park with Shaun. It has rolling hills one direction has a long climb on the way back is just a short hill but still need to work the down's to hit the times.
Times- 6:39(6:09) 6:39(6:09) 6:27(5:58) 6:24(5:55) 6:17(5:49) 6:05(5:37)...Felt really good out there today, it was good to have Shaun there to help with the pacing..(11m)
Tues - 7+ (47:40) Around GF campus legs felt heavy for first 20 mins felt really good after.
Wed - 2x 1.5m loop hills. first loop felt a sluggish on the first loop. felt a lot better on the second loop. 1st loop did min on min off. second loop 2 min on 1 off (9m)
Thurs - 3m am....late night at work no Pm run
Fri - 0 late night at work went to concert
Sat- 3m
Sun - 18m Saratoga half

Total - 51m

Overall- Got more miles then last week. 1 good workout 1 Ok race, Need to keep building my miles and continue to hit the long runs. hoping to get 1-2 more races in before CCM

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Week 1

Mon- Francistown 5m- 31:35 (10m)
Tues- 0 Traveled home
Wed- 5m 32:15 Rpi xc course (7m)
Thurs- 5m 29:57 (5m) Out of work late. went to park to run found out a concert was there back to work ran around campus.
Fri- 3m easy shake out (3m)
Sat- Am (8m) MBPA 5k 3rd overall. 17:13 felt good need to work on my strength but going in the right direction.
Sun- 10m first 6 solo second 4 w/Renee Splitting duty pushing the stroller.


Overall- just happy to feel good running again. looking forward to next weekend, saratoga half and George is coming down so hopefully i can hang with him.

Monday, August 29, 2011


Mon- 9m (Work out) 6x800 (400 recovery) 2:36/2:37/2:37/2:38/2:36/2:34. Legs felt heavy from lifting yesterday, was happy to keep the times consistent.
Tues - 3m (am) @ work late didn't get in second run
Wed-0 gave blood at work didn't feel good after
Thurs-0 still. Felt off
Sat- 9m

Overall- a good rest week. Got some unplanned days off plus a few that just fit in. Hoping to bounce outta my current funk soon

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Mon- 10m (work out)
Tues- 10m 68:13
Wed- 10m (5k @ tempo- 18:23...3 min rest..2m @ tempo 12:10)
Thurs - 0 (didn't leave work till 8)
Fri - 7m 47:15
Sat - 8m ( Altamont 5k - 17:55...Flat course had no pop, legs felt bad early. Not sure whats going on starting to wonder if maybe i am just tired? Any tips or thoughts would be helpful.
Sun - 0 Park closed due to storm....damn you irene!!!

Total-45m had it set up for another week of 60 but weather didn't help me out nor did the long day at work.

Monday, August 22, 2011

4x800, 4x400

Workout: 4x800, 4x400 half rest

Times: 2:39/2:36/2:31/2:27

Overall: happy with the workout after the big weekend. felt smooth, the 400's i had to dodge the girls soccer team that was one the track at the 100m mark. I tried to get lane one but the coach didn't help me out so I keep swinging into lane 3 to get around.
felling better about alumni.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Mon- 10 (workout)
Tues- 7m
Wed- 8m (hill workout)
Thurs- 5m
Sat- 20m (little lake sunapee 8m 50:22)

Total 62 in 6

Good week need to keep the training going in the 60+ range and start racing more.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


3x1000 (400 rest) 4x400 (full rest) 4x200


Overall: felt good wanted to do 6x1000 but was going backwards a bit so I changed it up. A bit tough being out there solo but once I adjust I think I'll be good with it.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Mon-5m (went to track got thru 2 x blister on foot called it quits)
Tues- 9m Colonie track meet. First outdoor meet since college( mile-4:58, 2mile 10:38) Have 0 turn over I need to start doing speed again.
Wed- 11m Stryders (4x1400 rolling hills @ state park started @ 5:25-5:00) felt really tired today looking forward to easy day tomorrow

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ladder from hell

Work out- 200/400/600/800/1600/800/600/400/200

Rest- 200 after 1st 2/4/6..400 after 8/16/8/6/4/2

Results - 39/78/1:57/2:38/5:35/2:44/2:07/76/32

Overall: tough workout really started to feel the short rest on the mile. I want to revisit this workout later in the fall. Also first time in a while i bonked on the cool down.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Mon- Am 2m (13:46)
Pm 7m (Wilton Wildlife 5k 18:31 2nd place) (5:52,6:02,6:03,:32)
Tues- Am lift
Pm 10m (1:14:21)
Wed- pm 10m (workout)
Thurs- 13m (1:19:26) In flats..forgot my trainers
Fri- 0
Sat- am 8m- Great escape 5k (3.5) ok race took a lot of wrong turns there were maybe 10 people on the course and didn't seem they were to sure were everyone was supposed to go. finished in 19:17 1st place...these things always seem to happen when i got to a 1st time race...oh well it was a cool idea to race around a amusement park.
Sun- Am 11m - 1:21:22 w/ Jeff @ the battle place to run lots of ups and downs

Monday, July 18, 2011


Mon- 11m (1:17:18) First 7 w/Jen
Tues- Am 3m
Pm 6m (42:00) Didn't realize there was a concert at the places to run
Wed-8m (4x800,4x400) 95 out....250/254/257/251/81/77/80/69
Really hot on the track, decided to keep it easy and not put a lot of energy into the workout.
Thurs- 6m w/chance


Monday, July 11, 2011


Mon- 8m ( Wilton wildlife trail 5k 18:57) Very hot out went out controlled with Shaun hit the first mile 6:10-6:15 picked it up over the next two..solid tempo
Tues- 5m (very hot out)
Wed- 9m ( 2m warm-up 4 x mile 2min recovery) supposed to be at tempo pace...that didn't really happen
(5:59,5:48,5:33,5:24) 3+ cool down..felt good starting to feel good again
Thurs- Am 3m 21:36
Pm 7m 46:57
Fri- 0
Sat- 5m
Sun- 10m (DNF @ stowe)

Total- 47m

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4 on the 4th

Today we ran the 4 on the 4th in Keene, a group of 12-15 of us went out for a warm up looking at the crew I knew this was gonna be a fast race. After the warm up we all headed to the truck to change shoes on the way to the start 1 more fast person showed up, the race had the feel of a GP race. Right as the race started the entire group from the warm-up formed into the lead pack, we cruised in a pack to the mile I didn't wear a watch so I didn't get splits all i cared about was hanging on. After the mile the front guys started to pull ahead I tucked in behind Thomas and Ryan. I followed them till about 2 miles when George went by me I tried to latch on to him at about 2.5 miles it was me, George and Ryan B all pushing together we hit 3 miles around 15:45. George made a hard push and we tried to to cover over the next half mile we tried to catch back up with George by each putting in surges to try and make up the ground, we started to gain ground until about .5 left were Pete was standing and George re-opened the gap. I tried to battle Ryan to the finish but he was able to close a bit faster then me and I know Thomas was still around so I knew there was no chance to let up. I ended up crossing in 20:59 a 16 sec pr and 1 sec ahead of Thomas, so my thought of him being close was pretty correct. Overall it was a great day everyone ran really good and its always fun to run a fast race with a great group of friends. Afterwards we all went to Hammett's to bbq play wiff and swim.

Monday, July 4, 2011


Mon- 9m (4 on the 4th 20:59)
Tues- 0 (long day @ work)
Wed-8m ( fartleak over 3.8m 2 loops of 1.9 first loop min on min off 2nd 2min on min off) Total time 21:23 legs were tired
Thurs- 7m 47m
Sat-9m (Team teagens 5k 17:21 might have been long...we passed the lead bike before the mile
Sun- 13m 1:30:28 w/Jeff

Total- 46m

Gotta get my miles back up, waiting for stowe before i make any changes...after stowe I want to start to change over to marathon mode..good race monday the rest of the week i was tired.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Where: Saratoga springs high school
Who: Stryders

200/400/600/800/1600 (200 rest after 2/4/6, 400 after 8/1600) followed by 4x200

Times: 38/78/1:56/2:35/5:05/33/33/31/30

Overall: Good workout, felt smooth thru it all was hoping to dip under 5 in the mile but went negative 238/227..Ready for the 4th...shooting for sub 21


Mon-7m (stryders 5k 18:32 2nd) hilly trail race.
Tues- 3m 20:45 (solo) 7m 50:20 w/jen
Wed- 8m ( workout)
Thurs-7m 47:41 in gavensport w/jen
Fri- 7m 48:50 w/Shuan
Sat-5m 31:53 in Keene
Sun- 5m 35 W/Najem

Monday, June 20, 2011


Mon- 8.5m 59:51 w/Jen
Tues- 5m 34:54 (@4)
5m 37:27 (@5 w/jen)
Wed- 10m (6x800 half time rest)
5x100 hill sprints
Thurs- 5m (leg fell asleep)
Sat-8m w/Jimmy and Brock

Monday, June 13, 2011


Mon- 7m (46:49) 5 x strides
Tues- 8m (51:27) Lift
Wed- 11m (fartleak 5,4,3,2,1...2m between...5m 28:18) 6 x strides
Thurs- 8m 59:05 (5 w/Jen)

total- 41m

Not the miles I wanted but 2 days off from traveling is ok back to 60's next week

Monday, June 6, 2011


Mon- 5m 36:33 with Jen Adams @ saratoga park
Tues- 10m 68:19 @ s.s.p. (5 w/Jen)
Wed- 6x1000 (3:43/3:44/3:38/3:23/3:18/3:13) 1:30 recovery @ Saratoga park..Trail loop...11m
Thurs- 10m 71:21 solo @ Saratoga park
Fri- 5m 34:59 Legs were tired
Sat- 9m (17:30 greenfield dragon 5k 1st) Hilly course)
Sun- 9m (16:46 Crossing of the colony 5k 2nd got out kicked over the final 300m)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Mon-22m 2:50:45 Ferenc's to Fyffe's w/boj, Hammett, Pipp, George and James
Tues- 0m recovered from Monday. Lifted upper body/core work
Wed- 8m (1.1m repeats over rolling hills @Saratoga springs state park
7:00/6:41/6:55 @ tempo pace)
Thurs- 9m 58:39
Sat- 5m
Sun- 20 (rhody 5k 16:33)

Total- 64m

Monday, May 23, 2011


Mon- 8m- 48:56
Tues- 5m- 35:43
Wed- 8m (3x800 half rest @5kpace/ 1.5 mile cut back,every 800
2:36/2:34/2:33. 2:50/2:31/2:41

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

B1st peepers 5k / Nashua 6k

This weekend was a busy weekend with my hometown race saturday and the GP 6k sunday. Saturday turned out to be more of a struggle then anything else, I had some blood drawn for my new job and felt light headed when I woke up that morning. I felt like I was pressing the whole race and never had a point of feeling smooth, I was able to get 2nd in 16:44 I felt that I should have been able to hang with the winner better but just didn't happen. Going into sunday I figured that it would be much of the same as the day before, Lucky for me I felt really good it wasn't till the last mile that I started to hurt but never slowed down I just wasn't able to change gears late. Overall I was 35th in 20:19 which is my first time at this distance.

It was a good weekend and looking forward to having this next one off and getting ready for Rhody.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

James Joyce

Today was the 10k of the GP series, going into the race I was looking to run 34min or better with a pr of 34:4x I wanted to try and work that down. The race got out smooth as I settled in with Ben, Jim and George through the first mile all that I was on my mind was I rushed and forgot my calf sleeve ( haven't run without it in months) after the mile though I became confident that it would be ok my achilles didn't hurt. As we moved threw the next two miles we worked together threw a few packs, I wanted to continue to do this which I was able to do. It helped having KG out there keeping me going. The next few miles had some rolling hills and one decent winding climb, I started to feel a bit tired at 5m but knew I had to keep pushing. Overall I finished in 33:52 for a new pr, I was happy with the race and was also pumped that my 5m split was the fastest 5 i have run since college. After the race I ran down the course a bit to watch Haley finish up in her first GP race she ran well and was CMS 4th women.
Overall it was a good day we got the W and I think most people were happy with there races.

5:30 10:53
5:26 16:19
5:25 21:45
5:31 27:16
5:31 32:47
1:04 33:52

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Mon- 9m 54:29 College rail trail
Tues- 7m 47:45
Wed- 11m (4x2,2,8) 1)35/36/2:32 2)36/34/2:34 3)35/34/2:27 4)34/33/2:19
Thurs- 4m 28:11 robin hood park
Fri- 10m 57:55 (slightly short by .2 according to map my run)

Monday, April 4, 2011


This weekend was the SEA 5K in Concord, after heading over with Hammett we meet up with the CMS crew. We previewed the course for a warm up, after a few strides I headed to the start. As we got out I tried to stick with the front pack, I stuck with them till a bit before the mile after that everything hit me and I felt my legs get very heavy. I could hear someone right on me and at 1.5 Rod Veins passed me, I fought trying to hold on and was able to retake the lead from him with about .5m to go.
Overall not happy with the time I wanted to run faster but I think the week might have caught up with me, just have to chalk it up as a good workout and get ready for the next race.

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Mileage:228 (50.86 per week)

Overall: A good month of training had 2 pr's at both the half marathon and 4.5 miles. started building the mileage up in the middle of my 3rd week at 60 planning for one more week at this mileage before bumping it up. Goal for next month avg. above 60 a week and continue the solid workouts, also hope to add in some long runs

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Goal: 3xmile @510-515 then 4x200 at 33-35

Workout: 5:07/4:59/4:59

Overall: I was really happy and surprised on how the workout went. Andy did the same workout just quicker. The others did the 2 miles then some 8's

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fast Friends

This morning was the Fast Friends 4.5 miler,the race is directed by Andy and all of the keeyans go over in support. The course itself if very challenging and adds a element with being 6days removed from the half marathon. After a nice warm up with James I threw on my new mayfly's to give them a try and headed to the start area to meet up with everyone. As the race went out the first mile is mostly flat, Fyffe,Miller and Hammett got out ahead of George and myself. A little before the mile I put in a surge to give myself a gap on George going into the climb knowing I can't climb with George. This worked perfect as he caught me at the top and I didn't give up much ground, the down hill really made the half come back into my legs as my calf's started to tighten up. I was able to make one final move at 2.5 and pull away from George to put myself in 4th at this point I could see Hammett in the distance. The final mile is deceiving as the climb isn't to bad but after everything its the icing on the cake it just sucks up any wheels you were hoping to have at the end. Overall I finished 4th in 25:23 which is a new pr for that distance. Also for those who enjoy a fun a challenging race they should try this one!!!

2)5:49 hill

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Bedford Half Marathon

This weekend was the New Bedford Half, the first race of the 2011 grand prix. Everyone seemed to be excited for the race as well as that the team got new sponsors. As for the race, I headed to the start about 5mins of 11 and realized it was going to be tough to get up front with the team, I managed to sneak in with the 7-8 min mile group and couldn't really move any further forward. Over the first few miles I was moving threw the crowds looking to locate some fellow CMS guys. I came threw the mile (my watch) at 5:34 and finally could see some of my teammates I spotted George Adams and a bit ahead of him Jim P. Over the next few miles I worked to get with George, I caught him at 5m (28:30) and spotted Jim as he was ditching his gloves. I noticed he was in a large group and I wanted to try and get up with them. I set the goal of catching them by 10m but we seemed to be running the same pace, around this point I was able to catch Kevin Tilton who was coming off snow shoe nat's we worked together to try and get with the group ahead over the next couple of miles. As we approached 11m I realized that this was were I began to fall apart last year and didn't want the same result, I also noticed Jim making a strong move and breaking up the group he was in this helped me greatly as people were coming back from the group. As we approached 12m I saw DD and used him as a marker to tell how from from the front of the group I was about 14-15secs which held till the end. Overall I was very happy to run a PR and also that the team ran well.

5:25 (28:30)
5:45 (56:42)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

8x400 4x200

8x400 4x200 (full rest)


Overall: Felt good and fast ready to roll this weekend. Everyone looked good and seems ready for this weekend

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Mon- 0 (Raining and cold)
Tues- 7.5m 52:30
Wed- 14m (workout) 4xmile 3x400- 5:22/5:30/5:23/5:16/80/82/76(almost getting run over)
Overall good workout I had planned on doing 5 but decided 4 was good and jumped in to help brad on his final 4's.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

DH Jones

Today myself,Haley,Hammett,Fyffe and George headed down to Amherst to the DH Jones 10-Miler we met up with Andy, Chris and Matt. After a 3 mile warm up it became very apparent that this wouldn't be a pr day. This was the first time I had been to this race with it not being a grand prix. Which made for a smaller field as the race got out I settled in with George and Heidi Westover we went through the first couple miles together. As we hit the dirt road it was snow covered and very slick. I struggled over these miles as I couldn't get any traction in my road flats, George and Heidi pulled away at this point putting about 20 secs on me. Once we got back on the road I knew I had ground to make up over the next 2miles I pressed the pace in a hope to close the gap I began to lose hope on gaining ground for a moment until I noticed George pulling away from Heidi and knew there was still a chance. I ended up catching Heidi around 8 miles and knew I needed to keep pushing, I continued to move up and get back with George and made one of my few mistakes I passed George on the climb before mile 9 instead of tucking in and trying to conserve energy I tried to pass and get away. Instead of that happening I passed and right after 9 miles George took over the lead again and crushed me on the final climbs.
Overall I was happy with the effort and that even tho I haven't been able to train a lot I still have good strength and speed.
Overall-59:02 13th Place

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Mon-4m 28:31
Tues- 5m NT (First attempt to run with out compression sleeve. Went ok till about 3 miles started to feel Achilles act up and went home.
Wed-13m (workout) mile, 2x800,4x400 full rest
Felt awesome everyone had a really good workout!!
Sat-7.5 53:47
Sun- 13m DH Jones (59:02)


Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Tues- 5M 32:00
Wed- Am 5m 36:14 Beech hill
Pm 12m (workout)- 2mile- 10:33 4x4- 72,72,72,71
800 rest after the 2m and full rest on the 4's. This was a fun workout it led to some bonking afterward, Overall the transition back to longer races is in full effect!
Thurs- 7m 48:42
Fri- am 7m 53:54 w/ Haley
Sun-6m 43:12


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bradford Valentine 5m

Today myself,Greg,Boj and Jen headed down to Bradford MA to run the Bradford Valentine 5m. I was looking towards this race to begin transitioning back to the roads, after a 3m warm up over the first part of the course we realized the climb was longer then we imagined. As the race got out Greg was up in front with one other there were two people between myself and him. I hit the mile in 5:28 and was settled in 5th. After the first turn I noticed that there was no one close behind me and the race was going to be trying to reel in those in front. The next mile it became clear that the only person I would have a chance to catch would be Keiron Tumbleton (Whirlaway) I continued to chase after Keiron for the next 4 miles. He was very tough to catch and I am not sure I would have if not for getting a few breaks. At about 3m we meet back up with the group racing 6k at this point you are now in crowded streets which had some icy sections. At about 3.5 I saw Keiron slip going around some other runners and slide into the snow bank, this allowed me too close the gap a bit. Over the last mile I was now right with him and after one more slip, in which I put my arms out hoping to help him avoid a fall we were surging at one another. He lead until the final 300 meters in which the race finishes on a down hill and I knew that I had some closing speed from track.
Overall I was ok with the day 27:54 is the fastest I have run on the roads so I can't complain, I hope to get back to sub 27 this summer as long as I can get in some better training.

1) 5:28
2) 5:31
3-5) 16:53 didn't see the markers once we were in 6k traffic.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Tues-5m (33:00) In town loop
Wed- 10m (workout)
2x200/3x400/800/3x400/2x200 (35/34/73/73/72/2:35/72/73/71/35/30
Went well didn't feel like I had a strong stride felt more like a loping stride but the times were good so I was happy with it overall.
Thurs- 5m (36:39) Beach Hill
Fri- 5m (36:50) w/ Haley,Amy,Maggie
Sat-11m (Bradford 5m 27:53)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Objective: 4x800
Where: KSC upstairs track (11 laps per mile)

Results: 2:37/2:38/2:38/2:37

Overall: Went pretty well the turns are tight and there was a lot of traffic on the track. Felt good to turn the legs over and get in a workout even with the weather not helping out.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Mon- 5m 37:00 Beach Hill
Tues- 12m 1:31 W/ Wilson
Wed-7m (workout)
Fri- 5m (stomach issues- had to bail during my 10m loop)
Sat- Am 3m (22:03)
Noon- 40:04 Aqua Jog W/Wilson
Pm 7.5m (58:41) W/Boj (Wicked Icy and hailed the first part of the run)
Sun- 8m Beach hill

Total- 47m

Friday, January 28, 2011

Week ending 1/30

Wed- 10 workout
Thurs-7.5 51:17


Workout: 36/74/37/70/36/70/36/71

Overall: I was happy with the work out felt a bit choppy but I think that is do to not running to two days prior. Hoping this will keep my legs fresh and ready for the BU 3k.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Goal- 6x800

Workout- 4x800 (2:39/2:40/2:39/2:39) 1xmile (5:11)

Overall- I was happy with the workout. Wilson decided after the 4th 800 that it was quicker to run a mile instead of doing the last 2 800's. It worked out to be a good idea as we split 2:37/2:33 which was faster then the repeats. It was nice to get back to workouts

Friday, January 14, 2011


Tues-4 w/Haley
Wed-16 w/boj and Hammett
Fri-5 w/Haley
Sat-5m 16:25 5k: 1st overall
Sun- 15m 1:44:17 w/ Wilson,Fyffe and George

Total 45

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Instead of doing a Review of the past year I would rather look forward to this up coming racing year. I have some new goals and also some roll over ones. 1st is to stay Healthy. As for racing, 5k- sub 16, 5m- 26:30's 10m- 55 half- 1:12 and Marathon- sub 2:40. Outside of that I just want to enjoy my winter racing, been having one of my better winters and looking to translate that to the roads this summer. As for the team I want to move up the list which might be a bit harder considering we added some more strong runners. All in all I am ready to get back at the races with the team, The 1st mini meet was a reminder of how much fun it is....


Tues-7 w/Sam Wood
Wed- 9m (8x400 100m rest) (71,72,72,73,72,72,70,70)
Thurs- 5m (35:00) Beach Hill
Fri- 11m 1:18 W/ Boj an Alex
Sat- 11m 1:17 w/Boj
Sun- 5m 36:05 w/Haley


Overall- Good week. workout went well and got 2 runs over a hour