Monday, November 14, 2011


Mon- Am 7m (50:04)
Pm 5m (36:03)
Tues- Am 4m (30:16)
Pm 8m (53:56)
Wed- Pm 11m (workout) 4x800, 4x400 (halfrest)
Thurs- Am 2m (13:40)
Pm- 9m (59:31)
Fri- Pm 7m (48:36) A lot of out and backs, didn't run this morning and was dark when i got home so had to stay on limited
sidewalks on one road.
Sat- 0m
Sun- 8m ( went to slatterys lost the battle with the demons...bad day)

Total - 61m (6days)

Overall- got some good mileage in not the total i wanted but its a start. 1 good workout and a poor race, need to get my confidence back.....all in do time I hope.

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