Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Mon - 3m (21:30)
Tues - 4m (27:50) Ran a little with Derrick, good time had a lot of catching up to do haven't run with him in over 3 weeks
Wed - 5m (35:14) @ UAlbany did the warm up with the group and then added on. Watched the workout afterwards / while jogging around. hit up 99 after for some food (a lot of food)
Thurs - 5m (34:17) Did the evergreen loop before heading to the gym
Fri - 6.5 (43:35) ran with Derrick, felt a bit tired might just be due to the added workload.
Sat - 7+ (50:20) This was a awesome run, with how great the weather was today and no rush to get anything done I was able to just relax and run. much to my surprise I was able to clip off the run in a decent time with little effort
Sun - 11.5 (1:32:21) w/ Renee and some willow street ppl, previewed the stockade - athon course. keep it really easy (longest run since hartford) Hit the gym afterwards for a easy day of lifting

Total - 42m

Sunday, October 21, 2012

10/15-10/21 (recovery week)

Not very much information this week, Monday and Tuesday was a lot of limping around and avoiding the stairs at work. By Wednesday I was feeling pretty good walking around, went to Albany to watch the workout and get some dinner then to TCBY with Karen before she leaves for Fort Collins. Thursday and Friday were pretty relaxed, watched " that's my boy" with Adam Sandler pretty funny movie. Saturday morning I decided to do a little jog, went out for a easy 3 had some soreness set back in while on the run, foam rolled and iced before heading to Keene for P-fest. Sunday was death it was a quick reminder I am not in college anymore.

Training begins next week with some light mileage and start getting back into the swing of things.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hartford Marathon

This past weekend was the Hartford Marathon, Myself and Eric set off for Hartford on Friday to check in and relax before the big day. Once we got to the expo it started to set in that I finally made it to the marathon healthy, we checked in and did a shake-out before relaxing for the rest of the night. I tossed and turned all night, it finally was time and I was definitely nervous. I got up at 6 for some food and to get ready for the 8am start, we were able to hang out at the hotel until 7:40am then jog the mile or so to the starting line. It was pretty chilly out but perfect for a race, I met up with some ARE members before breaking off to find Erica (who I was planning on running with) the gun went off shortly after 8am. The start included the full and half marathoners it was interesting to see everyone from both races, after about a mile the two races split and you got to see who was in what race. I settled in with Erica and a few other who were sharing similar goals, after about 5-6m our group broke up a bit the group was picked up the pace and I decided to back off a bit with one of the other runners. Once we hit the 9m mark I decided to try and catch up to Erica's group as they were only 10-15secs up on me, over the next 3-4m  I was able to get back with the group. I ended up falling off the group around 15m but was not slowing down so I wasn't to worried, I keep rolling thru 20m at that point the guy I was running with caught me and quickly went by the next 3m were a bit rough before I was able to re-rally a bit for the final miles.
1&2 - 12:31
3 - 18:46 (615)
4 - 25:04 (617)
5 - 31:16 (611)
6&7 - 43:49 (12:33)
8 - 50:10 (620)
9 - 56:35 (6:25)
10&11 - 1:08:57 (12:21)
12 - 1:15:04 (6:07)
13-1:21:20 (616)
14 - 1:27:31 (610)
15 - 1:33:44 (613)
16 - 1:40:10 (625)
17 - 1:46:46 (635)
18 - 1:52:54 (608)
19 - 1:59:26 (631)
20 - 2:06:11 (644)
21 - 2:12:47 (635)
22 - 2:19:39 (652)
23 - 2:26:23 (643)
24 - 2:33:12 (648)
25 - 2:39:58 (646)
26 - 2:46:47 (648)
.2 - 2:48:04 (76)

10/8 - 10/14

Mon - 7++ (53:50) W/ KSC guys
Tues - 5m (34:56)
Wed - 3m (20:43) w/strides
Thurs - 0m
Fri - 2m
Sat - 27m Hartford Marathon (2:48:04)
Sun - 0m

Total - 44m

10/1 - 10/7

Mon - 9m (1:02:27)
Tues - Am 3m (23:41)
Pm 7m (46:32)
Wed - 10m (10x400 full rest)
Thurs - Am 3m (23:14)
Pm 5m (35:19)
Fri - Am 3m (21:07)
Sat - 8m (1:01:10) w/ Sam, Najem, Gavs, Abbey and Julie
Sun - 10m (1:05:57) w/Sam and Najem @ governor's Island

Total - 58m