Tuesday, September 24, 2013

9/23 - 9/29

Mon - 5m (39:10) legs were beat 
Tues - 10+ (6x400) (6x200) (200 rest) legs loosened up during the day so I decided to give it a go. Went well for the first workout (79/77/77/77/75/77/36/35/36/35/36/34)
Wed - am 3m 22:36
Pm - 4.5 32:46 Calfs shot
Thrus - 7m (48:32) zim smith bike path. Calfs still sore but a little better
Fri- 3m 
Sat - 10m (fam 5k 17:10) Calfs were sore.
Sun - 0m Calfs still hurting decided for a day off. Got in the hot tub for a while afterwards

Total 43m 
Need to get the miles up and do some excersices for the Calfs.

Dunkin 10k

9/22 - was the dunkin 10k, I was hoping to be around mid 34. Got a easy 2m in before the race, once we were off I settled in with Nick Webster and Kent Lemme. I was able to stick with them till about 1.5m, I could tell pretty early my legs weren't there. I came thru the 5k in 17:30-17:35 I knew I was a bit slow but knew I needed to keep fighting. The second 5k was run completely solo, ended up finishing 6th in 35:45. On the cool down I started to bonk after about 10mins, re-assured that this effort was all I had on the day. Happy with the progress but I know I've got a lot of work to do.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

9/16 - 9/22

Mon - 7m (48:53) normal loop with Eric
Tues - 6+ (42:21) got out late and thru the reflective vest on. 
Wed - am 7++ (55:30) wanted to get my whole run done in the morning. Had to break out the winter gear for the brisk 35 degrees
Thurs - 8+ (58:05) with Eric 
Fri- 0
Sat - 5m (36:01) in Stoney Creek pretty hilly
Sun - am 11m (dunkin 10k 35:45) not fully in 10k shape but it was a good test and stayed tough.
Pm - 5m (33:46) felt really good..was wondering where that feeling was this morning.

Total - 50m

Next week is the USATF 5k champs so I will stay around 50-55m before ramping up to mod 60's thru October 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

9/9 - 9/15

Mon - 9+ (63:52) on Simba trails with Shaun and Eric
Tues - 7m - Attempted to do a track workout. No go legs felt like trash. Going to continue to just run and go faster when I feel good and race. opposed to trying and forcing workouts
Wed - 0m Legs felt tired
Thurs - 7.5m (49:36) Felt good and relaxed
Fri- am 3m (22:xx)
Pm -0 cold and raining (not worth it)
Sat- 7m (45:43) in Stoney Creek.
Sun - 12m (1:20:08) in Stoney Creek, out towards Harrisburg an back. It is climbing the entire way out and down hill back to the house. 

Total - 46m (6days) 

9/2 - 9/8

Mon - 5m (37:20) with Brandon. Planned for 7 but legs were tired
Tues - 6m (41:23) with Shaun and Megan between shifts at work. Felt a bit better
Wed - 7m (44:24)
Thurs - 7m (48:22) on bike path
Fri - 5m (35:22) with Eric
Sat - 7m (MBPA 5k)
Sun - 12m w/ Alex, Megan and Ricardo

Total - 49m

Took a bit to recover from alumni, had a good race Saturday..I think my fastest in the past 2 years

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Saturday 9/7 was the MBPA 5k in Malta NY. The head sponsor is global foundries and there is a inside bonus for ring the first global employee. After last weeks alumni race I thought realistically I could run 16:50-17:00. I the plan was to run relaxed and go out smart 525-530, once I arrived I saw someone who looked fast warming up (shamus nally) so my thought was right he is fast. I knew Eamon was going to be there and also ran into Aaron. Right before the start Eamon an myself jokes about not being out under 520. That went out the window really quickly, at 400 I was sitting in 7th with 2 global ppl near me. I pushed up towards the leaders but never fully came in contact with them, I saw them going thru the mile at 455-457 and came thru in 5:07 I immediately thought I was in trouble with the early pace. I made the effort to try and close the gap, as the course went onto the global site I got a boost from my co-workers cheering, I came thru 2m in 10:34 and was able to see the pack behind me was a ways back. Over the last mile I tried to use the down hill coming off the site to gain some ground. I was unable to close the gap on the leaders but was very surprised to see the clock coming into the home stretch. I was able to grab 4th place (1st global) in 16:38 which was very surprising. I asked the immediate question about the length and was assured by several ppl that it is certified and correct. This was a huge boost in confidence and the first sign that my training and racing are coming around.