Thursday, June 28, 2012

6/25 - 7/1

Mon - Am 3m (NT) Out & back
Pm - 9m (61:30) had the plan to go out for 7, we had a loop planned but neither of us could remember how it went 100% turned out to be a good way to start the week.
Tues - Pm - 9+ (65:04) did normal loop with Derrick
Wed - Am 3m (NT)
Pm - 10m (workout) 2/2/4/4/8/mile/ 4x200
Thurs - 9m (1:04:25) decided to do a 9m loop, I planned to decided when we got close to home if i was feeling good I would add on. Legs felt tired so I called it good at 9.
Fri - 7m (50:19) out&back legs felt like junk again
Sat - Am 5m (37:07)
Pm 6m (38:25)
Sun - 14m (1:38:09) Had the plan to run 20 with Tom, but my body had different ideas. We meet up with Chuck and a few others at the bike path about 11m in I called it after about 1.5 with those guys my legs were cramping pretty bad.

Total - 75m

Monday, June 18, 2012

6/18 - 6/24

Mon - Am 10m in Newmarket with Sam Wood, no watch this morning we just went out and ran. A nice mix of roads and trails with some nice climbs on the roads.
PM - 5m (33:05) Felt good and under control, legs felt refreshed after the morning run.
Tues - 11m (1:15:01) Did a loop in Durham, had some nice roads with some rolling hills. The best part was there was orientation at UNH so plenty of cuties out.
Wed - 9m (65:xx) was supposed to do Min on min off with Sam, we decided to bag it do to the heat. That plan was changed to just run the 9m loop and survive. I struggled hard the last 1.5 took about 15mins to cover distance..
Thurs - 0 legs felt like junk and only have the morning to snag a run
Fri - 0 Tommy's wedding
Sat- 0 previous day should sum that one up
Sun- 16m (1:55:xx) in Keene with Boj, Thomas, Ryan and Plankey..nice way to break up my 4 hr drive home.

Total - 51 m not a horrible week but obviously could have been better if I didn't miss 3 week will be another chill week shooting for 65-70.

Fathers day 5k

Sunday July 17th was the Fathers day 5k in Dover, NH. I decided to jump into the race and see where I was based on workout and previous races, I knew there was a good chance of someone being at this race as the past two years have been a good field for a local race. This was no different on my warm up I saw Nate Huppe I have raced him a few time and knew he would be running up front. As the gun went off I settled into 2nd and was 4-5secs off the lead, went through the mile 5:21 about 5-6secs back over the 2nd mile I was closing the gap and shortly before 2 I took the lead. At this point I wanted to try and break away instead of settling in, shortly after 2 1/4 I let off the gas a bit on a down hill to get ready knowing it was going to most likely come down to a kick. Once we hit 2.5 Nathan made a huge move and opened a gap, I tried to recover and go when he did but had nothing to go, with about 400 to go I knew it was over. I missed the splits for the other mile markers, I wasn't happy with the time today the from my past workouts I thought 1630 should have been do able and with having someone to race against I figured it was a perfect setup for a good time. Just didn't seem to have it today got a few weeks until I race again hopefully I'll have a better day.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

6/11 - 6/17

Mon - 8m (55:06) - set out for the 11m loop with Eric, legs felt like shit decided to turn around at 4 when I was falling behind at 7min pace.

Tues - 10.5 (1:11:16) tried to wait out the rain today, decided at 530 to eat some food and that I would wait till 7 until I run. Eric headed out a little after 6 so it was going to be a solo run, which after yesterday was needed to be able to just run and have no idea what the pace was.

Wed - 10.5 (track W/O) 1xmile,2x800,4x400 half rest. The goal was to be 5:10-5:15 for the mile and hold that pace for the rest of the workout. I had some secondary thoughts of running faster but that would have been if everything went right. Overall I was still pumped with the workout, everyone else was doing a different workout so I was again working out solo which isn't to bad when there are 20-30 ppl on the track.
Times: 5:07/2:34/2:34/74/75/75/71
Good overall workout felt pretty smooth, I am thinking of possibly racing this weekend but will most likely be a game time decision.

Thurs - 9.5 (1:10:43) Nice and relaxed recovery run, legs felt a bit tired but the run was relaxed so never got to a point of adding fatigue.

Fri - 8m (52:19) With Eric,Tom,Pat and Chuck at the Nisky bike path

Sat- Am 4m (29:40) Nice easy shake out before driving home.
Pm 4m ( 27:40) Legs felt a bit heavy for second run but overall feel pretty good.

Sun - Am 9+ Fathers day 5k Dover 2nd overall (17:03) Race report to follow
Afternoon - 2m (15:20) in pool

Total - 65.5m decent week next week need to be in the 70-80 range

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

6/4 - 6/10

Mon - 9.5m (1:07:50) Did the normal loop in reverse to pick up Derrick, missed him some where then add on a loop thru some of the neighborhoods.

Tues - 11+ (1:17:33) Went down to Kinn's rd trails keep it relaxed till we got to the trails picked it up a bit in there and cruised home 26:33 for last 4.

Wed - 11.5m (workout) 3 x mile w/800 rest - @Albany track. 5:18/5:12/5:08 total time 26:47 for 4.5m (5:57 pace) Felt a bit sluggish on the first rep once I get going felt much better the middle mile was were I felt the smoothest. On the last rep I hit the 8 in the same time as the 2nd rep but was 2 secs slower on the 1200 and new I need to move my ass to not mess up my workout was able to negative split the whole workout and keep the rest a bit quicker.

Thurs - am 5m (39:01) out n back 5
Pm - 8+ (55:17) around Berlin

Fri, Sat , Sun - 0 spent time with the family.

Total - 45m