Thursday, June 28, 2012

6/25 - 7/1

Mon - Am 3m (NT) Out & back
Pm - 9m (61:30) had the plan to go out for 7, we had a loop planned but neither of us could remember how it went 100% turned out to be a good way to start the week.
Tues - Pm - 9+ (65:04) did normal loop with Derrick
Wed - Am 3m (NT)
Pm - 10m (workout) 2/2/4/4/8/mile/ 4x200
Thurs - 9m (1:04:25) decided to do a 9m loop, I planned to decided when we got close to home if i was feeling good I would add on. Legs felt tired so I called it good at 9.
Fri - 7m (50:19) out&back legs felt like junk again
Sat - Am 5m (37:07)
Pm 6m (38:25)
Sun - 14m (1:38:09) Had the plan to run 20 with Tom, but my body had different ideas. We meet up with Chuck and a few others at the bike path about 11m in I called it after about 1.5 with those guys my legs were cramping pretty bad.

Total - 75m

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