Tuesday, June 12, 2012

6/11 - 6/17

Mon - 8m (55:06) - set out for the 11m loop with Eric, legs felt like shit decided to turn around at 4 when I was falling behind at 7min pace.

Tues - 10.5 (1:11:16) tried to wait out the rain today, decided at 530 to eat some food and that I would wait till 7 until I run. Eric headed out a little after 6 so it was going to be a solo run, which after yesterday was needed to be able to just run and have no idea what the pace was.

Wed - 10.5 (track W/O) 1xmile,2x800,4x400 half rest. The goal was to be 5:10-5:15 for the mile and hold that pace for the rest of the workout. I had some secondary thoughts of running faster but that would have been if everything went right. Overall I was still pumped with the workout, everyone else was doing a different workout so I was again working out solo which isn't to bad when there are 20-30 ppl on the track.
Times: 5:07/2:34/2:34/74/75/75/71
Good overall workout felt pretty smooth, I am thinking of possibly racing this weekend but will most likely be a game time decision.

Thurs - 9.5 (1:10:43) Nice and relaxed recovery run, legs felt a bit tired but the run was relaxed so never got to a point of adding fatigue.

Fri - 8m (52:19) With Eric,Tom,Pat and Chuck at the Nisky bike path

Sat- Am 4m (29:40) Nice easy shake out before driving home.
Pm 4m ( 27:40) Legs felt a bit heavy for second run but overall feel pretty good.

Sun - Am 9+ Fathers day 5k Dover 2nd overall (17:03) Race report to follow
Afternoon - 2m (15:20) in pool

Total - 65.5m decent week next week need to be in the 70-80 range

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