Thursday, October 23, 2014


Haven't done to much running in the past couple weeks. Started to struggle with workouts again and my right leg was bothering me mainly my hip and ankle. After a couple days of iceing and ice baths things were feeling a bit better but not 100%. I decided I would try a massage (never had one before) this was the greatest and most painful decision. I explained to the lady (who's also a runner) what was going on and where I felt tightness. Right away she noted my mid/lower back was extremely inflamed and the main culprate to my discomfort. After some extensive work on my back and legs I was already feeling much better. 
So far this week:
Monday - massage 
Tues. - 3.5m (23:55)
Wed- 5m (33:33)

I decided to hit the restart on the trainjng with no races really planned out. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

10/6 - 10/12

Mon - 8.5m (1:00) went for an hour on the malta trails. Not sure the distance as I doubled back on a few trails. The goal was simple 1hr on the trails.

Tues - 7m (59:44) with Kevin and the two dogs.