Tuesday, November 27, 2012

11/26 - 12/2

Mon - Off
Tues - 10m (1:11:31) + strides. Nice run got out around 540 and did a double loop. Legs felt pretty good, not so much while trying to do strides..of to PF afterwards
Wed - 7m (2m Tempo) 11:05 solo at shen, a bit chilly out ended up staying fully bundled.
(82,82,82,83,84,84,84,81) Not as fast as I wanted but with the weather factor I am fine with it.
Thurs - Am 4m (NT)
Pm - 6m (40:28) with strides.
Fri - 9m (1:02:58) really cold out, got out and just got some miles in.
Sat - 10m (1:07:19) with a 30 min tempo was able to cover 5m over the tempo.
Sun - 14m (1:36:20) with the willow guys at Tony G's house. Nice run

Total - 60m

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

11/19 - 11/25

Mon - 10m (72:05) started out very easy. Got rolling towards the end but never pushed the run. Pretty nice out tonight. Finished up with some strides
Tues - 11m (71:10) 5x800 hill repeats. Plan was to keep them controlled and not be hunched over after any of the reps. Got in a nice 3m warm up to the hill, some quick stretching then got the workout going. Its a pretty good hill with the last 300-350 being pretty steep.(for CP) The only downside its on a back road and there are no lights on the street. Felt a lot better then 2 weeks ago when I did this workout, today I went - 256/255/255/251/247. 3m cool down back to the house for a solid day.
Wed - Am 3m (23:56)
Pm - 5m (33:25) before heading back to NH was supposed to go 7 but needed to be on the road by 2 in a attempt to beat traffic.
Thurs- 10m with 5k tempo in between. Workout was pegged for Saturday but with all the traveling this week I had to fit it in when I could.
Fri - 10m (68:50) was a bit overdressed for this run really didn't expect it to be so warm out.
Sat - 9m+ (65:00) Ended up working around the house all day. Moving the treadmill and fixing some sliding doors. Didn't get a chance to run until 5pm. Just hoped on the treadmill, not bad beside staring at the wall for over a hour.
Sun - 7m (47:02) was supposed to do a long run today but again had to use the treadmill. Got halfway thru and decided another hour would just be adding to the time it would take to get back to the apartment.

Total - 65m with some nice runs in NH on quite roads!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

11/12 - 11/18

Mon- 5+ (35:35) keep it nice and easy. Awesome weather today!
Tues - 9+ (1:05:06) Did a series out out and backs. Then off to the gym.
Wed - 8m (track) 2m tempo. Plan was to be at 80% effort. So looking between 1030-1040 range. Ran 10:39 but not in a pretty way (5:11/5:27) my body let me know we haven't done anything fast in
A while. Would have liked to be more even but a good test.
Thurs - Am 5m (36:04)
Pm - 5m (38:48)
Fri- 10m (68:01)
Sat - 7m (51:33)
Sun - 12m (1:23:03) Slight head cold so pretty congested, other then that everything felt pretty good.

Total - 61m

Monday, November 5, 2012

11/5 - 11/11

Mon - 8m (51:55) Nice run with Derrick, a bit chilly tonight but all in all a good run.
Tues - 8+ (57:34) Out the door right around 530 (darkout) went over to some neighborhoods off Plank Rd. We haven't done to much running over there and needless to say got a bit lost, had to stop and ask someone how to get out of the neighborhood.
Wed - 10m (hill workout) Today was my first workout under my new training plan. Called for 4x3min up hill, I had to do a bit of searching as there are not very many big hills around hear. Was able to find a  .5m hill (similar to the 2nd half of drummer) had a nice 3m warm up out there before getting started. Workout went well (3:01/3:02/3:01/2:58) I could def feel my quads on the climbing but overall was happy with how it went. 3m jog home before heading to Albany for our team meeting, got sweat new jackets!!
Thurs - 4m (28:11) decided to keep it short today with having plans for the evening. Hit up PF afterwards then out for a bit with some ppl.
Fri - AM 3m (21:57) nice easy shakeout surprisingly warm this morning.
Pm - 7+ (49:32) nice out and back thru the high school
Sat - 3m (22:02)
Sun - 10m Stockade-athon. not a good day, legs still don't feel good ended up dropping after i start to go backwards quickly

Total - 53

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Mon- 0m kinda shitty outside, decided to take the day off
Tues- 7m (45:51) Ran with Derrick.
Wed- 10m Got in a 3m warm up before doing a 6.3 mile tempo (37:00) felt pretty good breathing was a bit off but overall good, did a 1m cool down before getting dinner.
Thurs- 9m (59:25) a bit short but keep it easy.
Sat- 5m (35:54) went to the 3rd annual Erica's walk for a cure (in Beverley MA) in the Am before driving back to NY
Sun- 10m Went to the Frun 10k in Clifton park. Was supposed to do a tempo, legs felt like absolute shit The workout was over before it started..good thing the team race isn't until next weekend

Total - 46m