Tuesday, November 27, 2012

11/26 - 12/2

Mon - Off
Tues - 10m (1:11:31) + strides. Nice run got out around 540 and did a double loop. Legs felt pretty good, not so much while trying to do strides..of to PF afterwards
Wed - 7m (2m Tempo) 11:05 solo at shen, a bit chilly out ended up staying fully bundled.
(82,82,82,83,84,84,84,81) Not as fast as I wanted but with the weather factor I am fine with it.
Thurs - Am 4m (NT)
Pm - 6m (40:28) with strides.
Fri - 9m (1:02:58) really cold out, got out and just got some miles in.
Sat - 10m (1:07:19) with a 30 min tempo was able to cover 5m over the tempo.
Sun - 14m (1:36:20) with the willow guys at Tony G's house. Nice run

Total - 60m

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