Sunday, November 4, 2012


Mon- 0m kinda shitty outside, decided to take the day off
Tues- 7m (45:51) Ran with Derrick.
Wed- 10m Got in a 3m warm up before doing a 6.3 mile tempo (37:00) felt pretty good breathing was a bit off but overall good, did a 1m cool down before getting dinner.
Thurs- 9m (59:25) a bit short but keep it easy.
Sat- 5m (35:54) went to the 3rd annual Erica's walk for a cure (in Beverley MA) in the Am before driving back to NY
Sun- 10m Went to the Frun 10k in Clifton park. Was supposed to do a tempo, legs felt like absolute shit The workout was over before it started..good thing the team race isn't until next weekend

Total - 46m

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