Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 Review/ 2016 Preview

2015 - Was a good year of training and some good races. I was able to get my back under control and begin training the way I felt I should be training. I saw some PR's along the way not only in races but in single weekly highs and a yearly high. I lined up for 2 marathons, a spring and fall - the spring didn't go as planned. The fall was a good race but didn't feel the way I would have liked early, I still managed to be close to my PR.

Some 2015 highlights:
5k - 16:45 (Octoberfest)
5m - 27:45 (Delmar Dash)
Marathon - 2:48:22 (Hartford)
YTD - 3,636 

Looking forward to 2016:
I have some old goals I want to chase down now that I have been able to stay healthy. I want to take a crack at my PR's, across the board and see what I can get back to. I want to keep my miles going and not drop down, as far as marathons go - I plan to hold off till the fall and work on some speed and lowering my times at other distances. As well as get back to some trail and maybe a few mountain races!

Mile. - 440
3k - sub - 920
5k - sub 16
Half Marathon - sub 1:15
Marathon - sub 2:40

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hartford Marathon

Saturday, October 10th - Hartford Marathon!
After getting dropped off about a mile from the start, we jogged over and got into the Seeded start. Pete and I were positioned in the 3rd row, we got out relaxed and stayed right with one and other. The plan was to run 605-615's for the first 15-20, the first mile starts with some down hill and you still have the half guys with you. We hit the first mile in 6:00 all things considered right where we should be. 

The next few miles clipped by around the same and we hit the first 10k in 37:40 (6:05 pace) somewhere around 8m I started to notice my quads already getting tight, this was a little concerning but I also figured they would loosen back up. Shortly after this point Pete started to bring the pace back down, I tried to cover but wasn't keeping up. At 10m (61:07) I was back about 10secs of Pete and figured I would latch onto a group and keep plugging away.

I was able to get with a group which consisted of the 2nd & 3rd place females. My pace had slowed but I was working with the group and we seemed to be staying steady, between 15 & 16 I made a quick bathroom break. I was surprised by this as I'm usually not that hydrated. There were some plus and minus to this, I no longer was thinking of having to piss but now was 35-40 secs back of the pack and alone.

The next 5-6m I ran solo trying to get back up with the group, but wasn't really making up any ground. I had myself a 1st class ticket on the pain train and no one to suffer with! Around 23 I heard Renee and Erin and was able to snap out of it for a little, there were a few people coming back to me and I pressed to catch them. I could also hear someone closing in and the cheers being closer and closer, I got a quick look around a turn and saw it was Dan Verrington. I knew he would catch me (extremely tough) but also knew he would drag me along with him. Just after 25 he went by and I tried to follow, I was able to keep Dan close enough that I caught some more people in front of me but no quite close enough to catch him.

I finished up 30th in 2:48:22 (18 secs off my PR) although it wasn't the time I was looking for I was happy to take a step in the right direction. This was my best marathon since my debut and I know the training is working, I also know I need to add a few more elements (some 10-15m tempos) into the mix.

Friday, October 9, 2015

10/5 - 10/11 Race week

Mon - off planned rest day. Took an Ice Bath.

Tues - 615pm - 7m (52:17) in Clifton Park w/Gavs

Wed - 6pm - 5m (track) 4x200 easy warm up with the guys followed by some 2's with Pete some final prep.
Times - 33/34/33/32

Thurs - 620pm -  3+ (23:42) sweet rd

Sunday, October 4, 2015

9/28 - 10/4

Monday - 515am - 3+ (24:44) Sweet Rd loop
6pm - 5m (36:09)

Tuesday - 620pm - 10m (1:10:29) Struggled getting out the door, once I was out ran some good loops in the neighborhoods.

Wednesday - 6pm - 9m (Mile/2x800/4x400 - Half rest) Met with the group for the classic keene state workout. Left Hamstring was a little tight, decided for some extra drills. Overall really happy with this workout, felt strong and smoother.

Results - 505/231/234/77/75/71/68

Thursday - 505am - 4m (31:28)
6pm - 5.5m (41:32)
730pm - 1hr massage

Friday - 515pm - 10+ (1:14:48) in Ballston Spa with Shaun and Macknight

Saturday - 8am - 10+ (1:21:09) in Albany w/ KQ (the other group went for  a 12m loop) Hit up City Beer hall after for some brunch.

Sunday - 9am - 12m (1:26:25) w/ Jim, Aaron and Pete - did the barn loop, keep it relaxed ready for next weeks race!

Summary - 69m - 1 good workout, I always struggle with the taper feel like I'm not really training. Just need to stay relaxed next week and be ready to roll on Saturday.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

9/21 - 9/27

Mon -620pm -  9m - (1:10:02) Nice and easy run

Tues - 515am - 3+ (25:05) Sweet Rd

510pm - 8m (57:36)

Wed - 615pm - 13m (The Michigan)

Track sets - 512/353/230/69

Road - 558/549/550/548

Thurs - 5am - 4.5m (35:07) W/ Renee & Diana

545pm - 7+ (54:07) w/Macknight

Fri - 5am - 6m (47:40) W/ KQ & Diana

7pm - 4m (31:24)

Sat - 10am - 7m (Spaten Sprint 5k) 7th overall 16:45

Sun - 420pm - 14++ (1:44:28) over to burnt hills and looped back around. W/Macknight

Summary. - 77m, 1 good workout and good race. Fastest 5k of year - right in time.

Catching up

8/31 - 9/6 (down week) - 57m
Mon - Off

Tues - 515am - 3+ (25:15) sweet rd
6pm - 9+ (1:13:37) Kinns rd

Wed - 730pm - 7+ (52:33) Sweet rd + neighborhoods

Thurs - 730am - 12m (5xmile @ GMP) 1/4m recovery (zim smith)

Times: 551/555/557/600/601

540pm - 6m (42:14) Neighborhood loops in Barrington

Fri - 840am - 8m (57:47)

Sat - 915am - 6m (45:26) W/ Coree Kinerson - glad to see him back running

Sun - 5+ (40:10) w/ Jimmy in Bandford

9/7 - 9/13 - 91m

Mon - 13+ (New Haven 20k) Rough day (1:16:51) Hot & humid

Tues - 715am - 9+ (1:05:37) Legs a little sore

Wed - 520am - 2m (16:28)

8pm - 7.5m (55:24) Neighborhoods w/Macknight

Thurs - 615pm - 12++ (1:30:39) 

Fri - 515am - 3+ (23:57) Sweet Rd. W/Renee

640pm - 9+ (1:06:05) w/Macknight

Sat - 7am - 6+ (42:52) to the Malta 5k
830am - Malta 5k w/Sydney (26:56)

530pm - 5++ (42:43)

Sun - 830am - 18m (2:00:53) point to point with Pete & Lozier

9/14 - 9/20 - 80m (6days)

Mon - 540am - 3m (25:20) Treadmill in Queens

440pm - 8m (1:00:07) in SPAC with Shaun

Tues - 5am - 5m (40:02) w/KQ & Renee

5pm - 8m (1:00:44) Kinns rd W/Macknight

Wed - 6pm - 11+ (16x400) half rest

Times: 85/81/81/80/79/76/78/76/75/75/74/76/74/74/74/73

Thurs - 3+ (25:35) Sweet Rd

720pm - 7m (55:50) Neighborhoods W/Macknight

Fri - 0 - Traveled to Long Island, Got in town late

Sat - 8am - 8.5m warm-up/cool down and observing Cow Harbor 10k

830pm - 5m (33:52)

Sun - 420pm - 22m (2:34:04)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

8/24 - 8/30 VT long run

Mon - 5am - 3+ (24:52) w/Renee, sweet rd loop.

540pm - 8+ (57:17) random loops w/Eric

Tues - 520pm - 12m (1:32:07) Kinns rd, did a mix of trails and a road loop. Met up with Pete and Eric, kept it very relaxed.

Wed - 510am - 3+ (26:26) Sweet rd, nice and cool morning

615pm - 16m (workout 4m/3m/2m/1m w/1m recovery) met with the group at the Corning bike path (in Albany). After an easy 2m warm up and change of shoes we were under way. The goal was goal marathon pace and try to finish the shorter ones a little quicker. Usually takes me a bit to get going but today I was locked in right away, it was a bit surprising but none the less a welcomed surprise. The first rep went well 23:31 (548/554/556/551) we jogged off a mile in the same direction before starting the 3m. Again this rep went well 17:38 (554/550/554) as we jogged off the recovery a few of us commented we should have put some fluids out, oh well a miss on our part. We set out on the 3rd rep and had a little confusion in our group, my watch was a little ahead and I took off as soon as it sounded. The rest of the group was a little behind, I felt smooth for the first mile then tightened up a little towards the last 1/2m 12:00 (551/609) jogged off the recovery, John and I agreed the last rep just try to get under 6 and at minimal stay under goal pace. I tried to hang with John for the last rep but felt like a friggen sprint, the last 1/4m was horrible I had nothing left in the tank. Finished up with a 6:08, not as sting of a finish as I would have liked but seemed collectively everyone struggled with the same sections.

Thurs - 615pm - 10m (1:18:18) legs were pretty shot today. Kept it easy and just got the miles in.

Fri - 650pm - 9++ (1:10:13) ran the first 5m with Eric, went out to add on. Started to get dark so I made a straight shot home instead of extending for the full 10.

Sat - 12pm - 6m (42:59) looped thru neighborhoods.

615pm - 7m (51:23) went do to the zim smith trail to get on the cinder path. Felt good to be on soft surfaces.

Sun - 18m (2:21:41) shot over to VT for a long run with Ferenc and Hamment, Pete joined for the trip over. We decided on a compromise the way out would be on dirt roads and back we would head into the trails and run the ridge back. Nice tough hilly run with a solid 15-20min climb covering maybe 1.5m. Afterwards we hit up the river to cool off, before heading to the putney co-op for some food and meeting up with Fyffe.

Overall - 93m for the week, a good workout and solid long run. Next week will be a slight down/rest week, with new haven on 9/7.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Belmar Chase weekend

Friday 8/21 - took off from Ballston Lake and made our way down to Belmar, NJ. We made the trip with only 1 detour (parts of the highway were shut down.) once we arrived we checked into the hotel and went to packet pick up, got a nice shakeout run on the board walk as well. We stuck with the normal routine of making dinner at the hotel pre-race!

Saturday 8/22. - We got down to the race at 7am for the 830 start, figured out a few logistics and popped on the boardwalk for an easy 3m warm up. It was definitely warm out but nothing like we have been dealing with the past couple weeks. After changing into flats we made our way to the start line, for some strides and drills. I tucked into the 3rd row as it was a pretty tight start and a NJ masters championship. This was a 2 fold plan, I didn't want to get pulled out to fast and also wasn't really sure how my legs were going to respond. The 1st quarter mile was pretty controlled in a big group, once we took the 1st right hand turn I was able to get some room and started moving thru the crowds. The 1st mile came in 5:28 and felt very relaxed, over the 2nd mile a group of 3 runners passed me (only ones to do so) and I started to move with them. Came thru the 2nd mile again in 5:28, over the final mile I started to move past the group infront of me and tried to bridge the gap to the next group. I never did catch that next group just a few that fell off the back, I hit the 3m (5:27) and was alone (no one catching me and not catching anyone) I really didn't muster up any kick and crossed the line in 17:07 good for 30th overall. This was a great event and fun race with some awesome spectators on the course, this will be on the race schedule next year. (Just an idea of spectators there was one guy with a tie-die beard and a sign reading "your the slowest runner...so far" who was cheering every runner on.

Overall - I have mixed feelings on my race, on one hand my fitness is coming around and running that even is a great signs. The other I gave back atleast 7secs in the final .1 and had minimal soreness afterwards or the next day, hard to say but from that I probably could have pushed harder or did a day in the ocean help recovery that much?

Next: I have the New Haven 20k

Thursday, August 20, 2015

8/17 - 8/23

Mon - 515am - 3+ (26:06) Sweet rd loop

730pm - 8m (57:26) ugh so damn hot out!! tried to wait it out as long as I could

Tues - 515am - 3+ (26:36) Sweet Rd loop

6pm - 11m (track)
2x800/4x400/6x200 (half rest)
Met with Lozier and Pat, was a bit warm but not horrible. We got in an extended warm up then got on the track, the track was pretty empty tonight (was pretty sweet)

Wed - 630pm - 10m (1:13:59) Met with Gavs in clifton park, rolled a perimeter loop of town before heading into the neighborhoods to finish up.

Thurs - 620pm - 12m (1:25:41) Solo - hit up the back side of town then hit the bike path and looped back home.

Fri - 650am - 12m (1:35:43) W/KQ from the house. Plan was to start at 630, we decided to wait out the rain and start a little later.

5pm - 5m (40:03) On the board walk in Belmar, NJ. Nice shake out after the ride down

Sat - 10m (Belmar Chase 5k) 30th place (17:06) extremely even splits, can feel the fitness coming just didn't have the wheels to go. (Report to follow)

Sun - 710am - 20m (2:29:12) manasquam reservoir, 5m cinder path loop pretty shaded, ran the first 15 with the crew. The last 5m I brought the pace down and finished up the run, legs felt good and a awesome place to run.

Summary. - 95m good week, 1 good workout and 1 good race.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

8/10 - 8/16

Ugh that damn hot and humid weather is back!!!

Mon - 515am - 3+ (27:08) sweet rd loop

6pm - 7++ in SPAC, ended up doing a workout on the bike path with a few guys. Mile/6x400/4x200, stayed in trainers felt smooth (538/76/74/73/73/72/73/34/34/34/34)

Tues - 6pm - 10+ (1:10:38) from the Y. Was struggling a bit with motivation and also deciding where to run, knew I needed to be at the Y before 730. In a last minute decision I just ran from the gym, worked out well minus the high humidity.

730pm - yoga

Wed - 515am - 3+ (27:23) sweet rd legs pretty sore from last nights yoga class.

6pm - 11+ (track workout) 
Spark notes version - had nothing no pop no power nothing rough go at it.
The plan - 4x2/3x4/2x8/mile/2x8/3x4/4x2 (half rest)
Reality - 4x2/3x4/2x8/mile/800 (if you want to call it that)
Times - 37/36/36/37/76/76/78/248/250
(Changed back to trainers) 552/300 done game over.

Thurs - 510pm - 9++ (1:13:23) in neighborhoods

Fri - 515am - 3+ (26:41) sweet rd

410pm - 10m (1:08:45) Corning bike path. W/Ricardo

Sat - 9am - 2m @ jail house rock
930am - 9m (1:07:06) w/KQ back to town

Sun - 16+ (1:54:58) large group in Saratoga - last run as most of these guys are taking off for school. First 7-8m wasn't bad humid but cloud cover last half got rough clouds burned off and he jumped from high 70's to high 80's.
Happy with the run - no fuel or water

Summary. - 86m, 1 good workout one not so good. Wanted more miles for the week but missed my second run Saturday to hang with friends and could have pushed a 2nd run Sunday to get my 90, decided against it rather recovery and replenish. 

Next week Belmar chase 5k 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

8/3 - 8/9

Finally this heat and humidity are taking a break! 2 of the thinks that make me struggle the most.

Mon - 6pm -  7.5m (56:26) in SPAC, first 3 on the 5k course with Renee and Eric. Followed the last 4+ solo.

Tues - 510am - 3+ (25:45) Sweet Rd

545pm - 9++(1:04:18) did a combo of loops trying to avoid the construction areas. One strange run in, some weirdo decided to stop and stare at me when I popped into the woods, I heard the car stop and asked if I could help him. Got some bs "can I help you" then sped off...WTF?

Wed -515am - 3+ (25:23) sweet rd

6pm - 15+ (workout) Corning preserve 
We decided a change of location would be good for this week. Hit an easy 2m warm up then into the racers (new ds racer 10's - felt awesome) the goal was 3x3m (5min rest) at goal marathon pace. Eric and Aaron were a bit infront of us running together. The 2nd group was myself, Pete and John, we are all targeting around the same time which makes for a very nice group to roll with. The goal was 550-610 (coving everyone's range) first rep was smooth I sat back a bit to get my legs under me, the next 2 I stayed right up front on the throttle. Felt very controlled and smooth, could feel the legs getting some fatigue towards the end but the breathing never got bad.
We had a 3m cooldown back to the cars which was kept easy. 

Thurs -630pm - 7+ (55:06) legs were pretty tired to start, began to loosen up during the run.

Fri - 515am - 3+ (26:32) sweet Rd

7pm - 10m (1:11:51) lake rd loop with Eric

Sat - 8am - 9+ (Dan ran 5k) 2nd overall 17:11 - not a ton of pop in the legs, was able to stay pretty consistent and climb well. Splits (524/537/535/34) felt good about the effort.

730pm - 5m (35:46) neighbor hood loop

Sun - 9am - 18m (2:06:47) in Saratoga with Travis. Felt good for majority of the run, last couple of miles started to get a little rough. Happy with the run and pace for my first real long run of the cycle.

Summary - 92m, 1 good workout and a solid race.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Sunday - 8/2 Wakefield RI.
If you have never done this race I highly recommend it!!

Arrived shortly before 8am, and got inside to change up prior to the warm up. A group was going for the course on the warm up, I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea. The distance not so much a problem the quicker pace and warmer temps hurt a little.

After changing shoes and getting some water on my head and face, I made my way to the start line. I had a plan in mind and wanted to stick to it, relaxed for the first 2 then try to push and chase people down the 2nd half. It didn't quite workout that way, off the line I felt good and stayed in a nice pack to ensure it was relaxed. We hit the mile in 5:24 and the group seemed to all stay intact, over the next half mile I was right where I wanted to be. Shortly after that point I got a similar feeling (same as Wednesday) I started to fall off the group, as this was happening a few guys started to come passed me I tried to regroup and go with them. It seemed every time I pushed to go I was slowing down, the rest of the race was a tough go. I continued to push with what I had and hold off anyone from coming by, as I approached the finish I did a quick check to see if anyone was around (knowing I had no other gear today) thankfully no on was close enough to worry. As soon as I crossed the line I was happy to get a bag of ice on my head and cooldown.

After the race a group of us headed over to Scott's parents for a cookout and hangout. This adds to the enjoyment of the event! Not only is it a stacked field every year but getting to relax and hangout with people makes it more enjoyable.

Results - 29th place 24:05 (WOOF)

7/27 - 8/2

Not the week I had in mind, exactly what I needed tho!

Mon- off - after all the running on Sunday and lack of sleep I decided to take the day off and catch up on some rest.

Tues - 530pm - 9m (1:07:49) w/ Shaun and Eric. Pretty warm out, didn't feel horrible but not that good either. Still pretty tired and wearing coveralls all day at work in the heat isn't helping.

Wed- 520am - 3+ (24:41) sweet rd. a bit cooler out and felt a little better.

7pm - 8+ (track) struggle fest tonight. Plan was 6x800 and 6x200. Was only able to get thru 4x800 before the heat took its toll on me. Some of which was mistakes from earlier in the day, only had water at work and leading up to the workout. Legs felt zapped. 
Times. - 240/241/238/243 the plan was 5k pace and the last 2 cut down to 3k. 

Thurs - 540pm - 8+ (1:00:32) 

Fri - 520am - 3+ (25:35) sweet rd loop

540pm - 11.5 (1:20:16) new loop going on the other side of town, for the most part pretty quite roads and relaxing.

Sat - 945am - 7m (51:16) in neighborhoods before heading down to RI.

Sun - 8am - 12m (run4kerri) rough day (29th place - 24:05) couple poor choices before the race and hot temps ate me alive. Race report to follow.

Summary. - 63m nothing to great to report, miles were low workout and race were crap. Good thing is weather looks better in the up coming days and I got a much needed down week.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Silks & Satins

Saturday, July 25th - Was the Silks & Satins 5k, in Saratoga. The race goes off at 8am to not impact opening weekend of the track as well. I arrived just before 7, picked up my bib and headed out for an easy warm up. Tried to hit the restroom before the start but the lines where crazy, opted to take a knee between cars. The plan was to get out a little quicker to deal with congestion and a early turn. I spent the 1st mile moving thru the crowds and trying to get into good position, came thru the mile (5:16) and John went by to bridge the gap to the next group. I wasn't able to follow the move, but I was able to get with a few of the highschool guys and roll with them. We came thru 2m in 10:42, the last mile has a good amount of turns but nothing you weren't able to roll on. I was pushing to move up but didn't have that closing speed, my last mile was the slowest but better then 2 weeks ago. Was able to finish up in 16:55 (15th) I was out a bit quick for my current fitness but the plus side is after the mile I was only passed by 3 ppl (John, Pete and Kiley) can't complain about losing to any of them.

Next up is Run4kerri!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

7/20 - 7/26

Mon - 540pm - 4.5m (30:32) solo in SPAC. Was to lazy to get up this morning.
630pm - 5.5m with Saratoga crew, 5m (31:17) with .5m cool down

Tues - 520am - 2m (NT)

7pm - 8m (58:18) no motivation today, was a little bit better once I got running. 

Wed - 6pm - 12m (track) met up with the super secret training group in Albany. The plan 3m/2m/1m @ tempo pace followed by 2x400, 4x200. We hit a easy 2m warm up before changing up and getting out on the road loop. The hardest part of the first rep is not getting caught up with others and go out to fast. This was a very good workout! Felt strong and smooth.

Times - 17:23/11:31/5:49/80/79/36/36/35/35

Followed up the workout with an easy 2m cooldown, and a bit of confusion. Macknight brought Pete home (didn't know that) thought he might have forgot we road down together. Rolled up shortly after we finished the cooldown.

Thurs - 5am - 3+ (27:08) sweet rd loop

545pm - 10m (1:16:23) met Pete and Eric at Kinns rd to run on some soft trails.

Fri - 330pm - 5m (37:47) wanted to go longer but was caught between thunderstorms and dinner at Renee's (pre-race routine) followed by some intense games of apples to apples with Sydney, Addy and KP.

Sat - 7am (silks and Satins 5k) 8m good race, report to follow (16:55)

Sun - woo long day! Went up to lake placid to watch ironman. Awesome event to watch, absolutely no interest in doing it. Got up to watch the start and hang out for a bit, ran at 9am (8m - 60:00) made it back to watch the first loop of the bike. After the afternoon of intense spectating I went out for my 2nd run, made an outer loop then popped on the marathon course to cheer people on. My buddy was having some stomach issues, I got his request ran a few miles with him and headed back to get some stuff from the condo (11m - 1:26). Once getting back he asked if I could do the out and back section with him, it was pushing 9pm and I knew it was quite on that section. I got a ride out and ran an additional 9m (1:47:08) to help get him in! Long day on the legs but awesome to see him finish! Highlight of the run was passing an older gentleman and with him stating "if you finish this you can finish any TRI" to the response of "this is my first TRI" all he got for a response was "shut the f*ck up" we died laughing.

Summary - 86m - 2 good workouts and 1 good race. Took a 28m day to put me back on track this week but got it done. Need to be better about morning runs.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

7/13 - 7/19

Mon - 530pm - 7m (51:26) met with Shaun in SPAC for an easy run in the heat. 

730pm - 1h massage

Tues - 615am - 5m (38:20) thru the neighborhoods. Could feel some tightness from the massage last night, otherwise felt good.

715pm - 10m (1:09:39) lake rd loop with Macknight. Legs were a little tired towards the end.

Wed- 720am - 3+ (25:02) sweet rd loop.

6pm - 11+ UAlbany track (3m tempo, 4x800, 6x200) goal - GMP on the 3m, 800's at current 5k pace and finish out some strong 2's. After an easy 2m warm up we changed up and headed to the start of the 3m (a permiter SUNY loop)  right off the pace of the 3m wasn't GMP but I just rolled with it, finished up in 16:59 took a 5-7min break getting back to the track then hoped into the 8's i thought 240's would be good (slightly faster then current fitness) these were tough right away 242/247/248/255. The original plan had list 6 of these but after struggling home to a 255 I knew it was time to bag it. Took a min after the final 800 and changed shoes, and made my way over to the 200 mark. Knowing how tired I felt this was a good opportunity to work on my speed, closed out the workout in 32/32/32/33/31/31. We finished up with a world record pace cooldown (first mile in 920) also during the cool down I had a first, not full blown but did have a little vomit session. I've never vomited from running before, damn this workout was tough.

Thurs - 9.5m (1:16:12) killed it, absolutely crushed the pace! Oh oh wait yea...nice and easy loop with Macknight, both of us felt pretty beat up from yesterday. Keep the pace very easy, good recovery day.

Fri - 445pm - 10m (1:10:53) w/Pete in Kinns park.

630pm - 25min Aqua jog @ the Y

Sat - 930am - 12m (track) 800/4x400/4x200/4x150 (full rest) went down to Shen high school, easy 4m warm up. 
Times - 227/73/72/72/71/32/33/33/32/23/22/21/21
Really happy with this workout felt smooth and strong the entire workout, even as the temps raised.

730pm - 3+ (24:23) sweet rd loop

Sun- 1030am - 10m (1:10:16) w/Saratoga boys. Man it was hot out, plenty of water stops along the way.

515pm - 5m (33:28) neighborhood loop just before the storms hit.

Summary - 85m - 2 good workouts! Need to lock down my long runs, Sunday the sound of 5 solo miles I that heat wasn't going to happen opted for the double.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Sarcoma 5K

Saturday 9am- was the 4th annual Sarcoma 5K, I was looking for a race that some people would be at. The results showed the Saratoga high guys had been their the year prior and I was hoping they would be back today. Unfortunately they were not, the goal for today was simple to get another hard race effort in. The weather was pretty warm early on and projected to be high 70's to low 80's by start time. I stuck to the trails in SPAC for my warm up and tried to stay in the shade while stretching. Once on the line it looked as if one runner might be up to push with me, off the line he lead the first 1/4 mile before I took the lead. I could hear him close behind for most of the 1st mile, i didn't look at splits as I decided to wear my garmin (this smaller races usually don't have markers anyways). I made a push in the 2nd mile to try and maintain pace and was able to create a decent gap on the 2nd place runner. The 3rd mile was were I knew things would get tough and I could have used someone to push with, the good thing is I didn't feel my form breaking down I just slowed down. Holding on for the win in 17:08, overall I was happy with the effort and knowing had I been able to hold on a little better in the end that would have been sub 17 solo. Which I haven't done in a while, this was a good step forward in my training. It's also a big confidence booster that my training is working and progressing forward.

Up next - I have Silks & Satins in Saratoga on July 25th this race is typically stacked with winners usually sub 15. And following that up with a return to Run4Kerri.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

7/6 - 7/12

Mon - 6am. - 3+ (24:35) sweet rd loop, legs feeling recovered.

630pm - 7m (48:15) in SPAC with Saratoga boys.

Tues - 515am -5m (38:40) neighborhoods

6pm - 7+ (50:20) w/close out mile - holy hot&humid. Keep the first 6m relaxed and pushed the last mile home. Not the fastest of miles but closed in 554. I'll take it with this weather.

Wed - 515am - 3+ (28:20) sweet rd loop

6pm - 11m (3x2mile / 4x200) met at UA with the guys (Eric,Aaron,Pete and John) we were split in 2 groups Based off were everyone is with their training. Myself, Aaron and John did the workout together. We stick to the roads for the 2m repeats and went of the garmins, it was another hot day and I could feel it but never to a point of breaking down. The goal was to do these at tempo pace and not try to kill any parts of it.
Times:  - 1139/1144/1141
These felt a little harder then I would have like, then again I'm not the best at running in the heat. We got back to the track and changed into spikes for some 2's.
Boom! Was much happier with this workout once I wrote it out and looked at it!

Thrus - 7pm - 7m (51:26) nice and easy in the neighborhoods enjoying the rain.

Fri - 830pm - 7+ (51:06) pretty spent from the 3 days of traveling. Got home and decided to relax for a while, felt good to run with the sun going down.

Sat - 830am - 9m (Sarcoma 5k) 1st place 17:08

6pm. - 5++ (42:20) around the neighborhoods, legs were pretty tired.

Sun - 8am - 13m (1:36:06) Galway w/Renee. Same loop as a couple weeks ago, a bunch of hills. The early miles were pretty quick and once the sun was fully out and the heat I started to struggle. The last 3m were the slowest stretch of the run, by this point I had stopped sweating. Good run on quite roads, may need to start earlier in the future.

Summary - 78m with 1 good workout and 1 good race. Fitness is progressing forward and should lead to some good racing late summer and into the fall.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Fire cracker 4

Saturday - July 4th, woke up around 615 and on the road by 720 up to Saratoga. It was suprisingly cool out but you could feel the humidity. Got into Saratoga and found a parking spot just before 8 for the 9am start of the race. Met up with the crew and out for an easy warm up. 

Once on the line it was a bit of a cluster, the timing crew was still tying in the starting mats as the road wasn't shut down early enough. As they were explaining th start commands the starter stated there will be 2 commands runners set and then just shot the gun. So much for and explaining the commands, most of the first mile is navigating thru the large groups that hammer out I also didn't want to be out to quick as Tuesday workout proved I'm not there yet. The first mile came in 5:24 and I had one of the high schoolers with me, we pushed the 2nd mile together and moved our way thru the crowds. It was good having someone to work with an keep me racing, we hit 2m (11:00/5:36.) The 3rd mile of the course has a few quick turns and a steep down that climbs right back up after, I was feeling it on this mile and started to slip back a little. The steep down hill was a smoke to the system my legs didn't enjoy it, once we climbed out I was back with the group charging forward. The final mile has a good climb followed by 600m slight down to the finish, we continued to press and try to catch people. In the final 25m the high schooler I had run with the whole race had one extra gear I didn't and snuck past me just before the line.

I finished out in 22:32, even tho it wasn't a PR or even close to the fastest I have run on this course it was right where I projected I would be. Knowing how the workout went on Tuesday I figured I could be mid 22 on a good day. The good news is physically and mentally my body is heading in the right direction and I don't feel beat to shit like last year.

Right around mile 3

Thursday, July 2, 2015

6/29 - 7/5 Let the work begin

Goal of the week: begin to adjust back to training sleeping pattern. I have zero issue going to be early..the early rise is another story.

Mon - 515am 3+ (26:43) Sweet road loop. This run falls somewhere between 3.25-3.5.

430pm - 7+ (52:18) went up to SPAC and explored some of the new trails they cut. Some double back on eachother but otherwise well maintained.

Tues - 6am - 20mins stationary bike, core work. Decided to head to the Y this morning and get some focused core work in before work.

720pm - 7m (47:46) had a longer day today covering for a client. Overall felt good on the run, keep reminding myself to relax and not press the pace down any further.

Wed - My one lazy morning, alarm went off and I wimped out on getting up.

6pm- 9m (2m time trial) Met up with Pete, Aaron and Macknight at the track for a planned 2m. The goal was to try and run quick and controlled, also to give an idea on where the fitness level is. After a botched first attempt at starting (some of us were thinking 3200 while Aaron  was holding true to 2m.) the first 1/4 we caught some lap traffic and had a little mishap, Eric ran into someone and I just missed another. The pace got a little hot early was thinking 75-76 on the back of the pack instead was 72. The rest of the run was tough those 3 held that pace or close to for the next few laps. Right around the mile I saw Pete coming back and wanted to use him as a target (try to reel him in then close together) no dice Pete stepped off the track. I hung on for the next 2 laps before yelling to Pete to help me out. Nothing to impressive 10:39. The positives - no residual from the marathon, also I had noted a need for this next cycle was to work on some speed (this showed I need it) the other plus is I know with a few weeks of workouts this time will come down quickly.

Thurs - 515am - 3+ (27:20) sweet rd loop

7pm - 7m (50:31) first 5 in neighborhoods with Macknight. Added a loop thru the complex.

Fri - 930am - 3+ (25:40) sweet rd loop

545pm - 4+ (32:33) miller rd loop with Macknight.

Sat - 830am - 9m (firecracker 4 - 22:32) race report to follow.

430pm - 3+ (24:22)

Sun - 930am - 13m (1:31:18) awesome group run. From Joe's to Dan&Kelly's. Followed by a cookout. Not a bad way to end the weekend.

Summary - 72m with 1 ok workout and 1 good race.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

6/22 - 6/28

Mon - 430pm - 5m (34:53) ugh! Felt tired and legs were pretty tight. Seemed to be loosing motivation all day.

615pm - 1hr Massage - glad to get back to these. Surprisingly half my body wasn't bad, right calf and hamstring where horrible!

Tues - 530pm - 10m (1:06:55) got out between storms and tried to keep it relaxed. I caught myself a few times getting going and was able to back it down.

Wed- 730pm - 7+ (51:15) had a long one today - 11+ hrs of being out in the sun, I was pretty spent when I got home. Overall felt good for the run, and more recharged when I got home.

Thurs - 0 no motivation, laid on the couch for a while with the intention to go out for a run. Turned into - falling asleep on the couch and going to bed.

Fri - 450am - 3+ (24:45) sweet rd loop. Knew I had to be up early for work and woke up prior to my alarm. Felt great getting a morning run in.

7pm - 6m (41:41) easy through the neighborhoods.

10pm - Beer mile - holy hell! Tons of fun, hurt like hell. We all decided afterwards to do a 4x4 and had a 2 team race, we had some added spectators as someone called the police about a large group on the track. They were cool and took splits on the relay.

Sat- 415pm - 11+ (1:21:30) Met Renee at the Y. It was deciding if it was going to rain or just stay cool. We went out and did a loop I used to do when living in Clifton park.

Sun - 830am - 5m (35:40) neighborhood loop, wanted to get something in before heading to the bday party.

4pm - 8+ (58:35) Bday party was still going strong but it looked to be a break in the rain. I hoped out to my car to change and run some trails at Thatcher state park, very relaxing to be on rolling trails. The rain on the other hand came right back as I started to run.

Summary - 58m in 6 days, no formal workout this week. Just never got it in, had a fun week of training along with some added motivation to get the miles back up.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

6/15 - 6/21

Mon - 630pm - 7.5m (53:27) checked the weather before the run as it was calling for rain at 7. Decided I could get a small loop out on the main roads before ducking into the neighborhoods. Overall a good run and a nice change of loops, sadly no rain.

Tues - 545pm - 10m (1:12:34) went up to  SPAC and did the 5m course first time in the normal direction then in reverse. It's a nice open loop with some rolling hills, great place to enjoy the run and get on some soft surfaces.

Wed- 515pm 7.5m (track) went up to Saratoga high for my workout today. Finally a day with low humidity! Didn't seem to really matter as I just couldn't find those gears today, no pop in the legs!

Workout - 2x800/2x400/5x200

Initally I wanted to do more 4's but the legs wouldn't go, even in the 2's I was fighting to hit those times. On a plus side the 8's felt pretty smooth.
All in all not a great day but I have had worse.

Thurs - 715am - 3+ (nt) normal sweet rd loop. Legs didn't feel bad, always a bonus to not be beat up after a sub-par workout.

615pm - 7m (49:34) sweet road loop with Macknight. Legs still a little beat up from yesterday.

Fri - 330pm - 5m (34:40) neighborhood loop. Legs feeling better but still have some tightness.

Sat - 8m (greenfield dragon) this is a hilly course and also a low key race (rust buster) usually less then 100 ppl show each year, it's a good place to test yourself both mentally and where the legs are at. Today added a slightly new factor, I met up with some friends for a small bday get together. Ended up having a later night then planned. Needless to say the stomach wasn't to settling this morning. I warmed up the course in reverse, got changed up and to the line. The first 1/2m is the only true flat part of the course (and people tend to push that too much) I had some company for that first part of the course once we hit the hills I was on my own. Despite feeling like shit, I was surprised how locked in I was able to get. I felt smooth up until the final 1/2 mile, this was the only fight I had was to keep pushing when I felt it falling apart. Overall I got the win (unfortuantly no one was there to push with) 18:25 a little slower then last year but that was with Gavs last time. The most impressive part of the day was 2nd overall was a 13 year old girl who ran 19:50 for the course!

Sun - 915am - 13m (1:42:23) went up to Galway with Renee and KQ. We did a loop from Renees parents camp, they were looking for a hilly run and we sure found it. Legs we still a bit tight but the rolling course helped a bit. Afterwards we aided Kevin as he did his swim (training for iron man) I decided to give some company towards then end and swam 1/  2m with him...my thoughts afterwards are simple..I'll stick to running 

Here the elevation map from today's run.

Summary - 61m overall a good week 1 subpar workout and a decent race. I'm feeling some fitness coming back, and looking to have a good day in 2 weeks.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

6/8 - 6/14

Mon - 645pm - 7m (49:51) got stuck in traffic in the trip home. Was a bit stiff after slacking on stretching.

Tues - 6pm - 10m (1:07:16) did my normal lake rd loop. Felt good thru 7-8 miles before I started to feel some fatigue, I needa get back on my hydration.

Wed - 645am - 3+m (NT) felt good to get out for a morning shake out.

5pm - 7+ track workout planned (3x2/2x4/8/2x4/3x2) met with Shaun for this workout. Decided I would try to roll with Shaun and see how my legs would respond. Overall felt pretty good, bailed on the 800 after the first 200 felt like I was struggling to recover and needed a little more of a break.
Times: 35/35/35/72/73(2min break) 72/72/33/33/31
Happy with the workout, no lagging issues from VCM. Hardest thing is to adjust to the heat/humidity and some speed work.

Thurs - 1030am - 7.5m (53:29) Worked from home this morning and wanted to get a run during some early morning "warmer" temps. Legs were a bit tired from yesterday's workout.

7pm - 1 hr Hot Yoga

Fri - 8am - 5m (40:05) Normal morning loop, surprisingly I missed this loop a bit. Was pretty humid out this morning.

7pm - 5+ (41:53) Met Gavs down at Shen for an easy run, we got there and both noticed the alerts on our phones saying sever weather and "tornados" haha. We did get caught in the storm after about 15-20min of running. The high winds didn't come until late at night.

Sat - No motivation to run in the morning, went to Addie's birthday party. Got home around 9pm and was spent.

Sun - 5pm - 11m (1:17:58) legs felt good, for some reason my stomach wasn't feeling great. Decided to cut the extra 2m off of the run and call it a day. Stomach seemed to calm down after the run, not sure if it was my lunch or something else.

Summary - 56m up a few miles from last week even with the day off. I also registered for some of my Fall races, looking forward to the process with those (New Haven 20k and Hartford Marathon)
I have a few others planned in but these will be 2 of the bigger races that i'll be attending.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

6/1 - 6/7 back to work

Mon - 545pm -  7+ (49:28) met up with Gavs and Alex for a run in Albany. The first mile or so is steep down hills, the pace was hit from the start (took me till the bike path to catch up) once on the bike path it was still a quick pace, I was surprised by this but also intrigued to see how long my legs would hold up. To my surprise I never faded, climbing back to the house was pretty. Good 2nd day back!

Tues -5pm-  8m (3xmile) met KQ at the track and paced her track workout. Legs felt good. (604/609/601

Wed - 3pm -  7m (49:32) went up to Spac for a run on the trails. It was fairly quite up there and nice to get on some soft surfaces.

Thurs - 5pm - 5m (35:07) did the normal neighborhood loop.

730pm - 1hr hot yoga

Fri - 530pm - 7m (48:30) Met with Shaun at Spac. Did some variations of the XC course and trails.

Sat - 9am - 7m (@ OK 5k) did the warm up and cooldown with the group. Then ran around to cheer.

Sun - 4pm - 10m (1:18:20) on the bike path with Renee. Was a bit tired from all the traveling and going out in Keene last night.

Summary - 51m good first week back and feeling pretty strong and recovered. The yoga helped loosen things up, might keep that in the rotation.

5/25 - 5/31

Taking this week as a recovery week to rest from Vermont and the training before. Overall my body feels ok considering this past weekend. The first couple days I did nothing but rest and hydrate. As the week went forward I started to add some light stretching in.

Mon - Fri. - 0m

Sat - 2+ running (sprinting) around Albany at the Freihopers run for women. Legs felt surprisingly good.

Sun - 5m (37:28) on the bike path with Renee and KQ. My feel for pacing is a bit off but otherwise felt easy.

Summary - almost a full week off..main thing is I feel recovered and feel ready to get back to training.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Vermont city marathon

VCM- I made the decision early in the winter that I would chase this race again this year. Last years race was a combination of things, not fully trained and not fully health. Going into the race this year I was trained (best training block to date and health). I felt really good about where my fitness was at, and had a pretty solid plan.

Race day - woke up around 540am and immidiately got a drink and back to hydrating. Ate some breakfast, rolled out and tried to keep off my feet. A little after 7 I drove down to the start, got in a light warm up then to the line with Macknight. Was greeted by a crew of Albany people that come out to watch! It was awesome!
I was able to see a few people before the start and found Jim, Joe and Dan at the line and tucked in with them. Off the line I was right with Jim and we cruised together for a good portion of the course. Jim was looking for sub 2:50 and I was thinking 245, we decided to work together and stay under control. We locked into a rythem pretty quickly and we're just clipping away. After the turn around on the highway we began to separate a little, I wanted to try and get up with Joe around 10m or so. The next couple miles I moved thru some crowds but never really dropped the pace down. My main concern was to continue to get fluids in, I was trying to get 2 cups per water stop. Once back into town I was able to catch Joanna (formerly from Albany) we chatted for a min and noticed we were shooting for the same time and trying to get with the same group. We were able to cruise together for 8-9m , once I knew we had 10m left I began to get a head of steam and started working to close the gap with the group infront of us. At this point my legs felt refreshed and I was thinking just one mile at a time start to lock in. Somewhere between 19-20 I felt some real tightness in my quads and calfs, I'm still questioning the split decision I made but saw an opportune place to get a quick stretch and keep moving. It's hard to say weather the cramping would have gotten better had I left it alone or not. The next mile I was trying to get back on pace and back into the groove of things, coming up on 22 you have a short steep down hill then a little pop up to the bike path. This seemed to be the final dagger, my legs immediately locked up once I got on the bike path. I tried to walk it off and keep jogging to finish up but they continued to get tighter. The final straw was around 23m I was trying to fight thru and keep moving, I started to feel a lot of stain near my achilles I have dealt with those injuries before and have no desire to do that again. I finally pulled the plug and knew I wasn't finishing, it was a long 3m walk back but it gave me time to think and clear my head before seeing anyone. I was not happy about dropping but was happy the way everything was going till that point. 

Seems me and the spring marathon still have something's to workout. 

1 - 6:23
2 - 6:12   (12:36)
3/4 - 12:24 (25:00)
5 - 6:12   (31:13)
6 - 6:23   (37:36)
7 - 6:19   (43:55)
8- 6:22    (50:18)
9 - 6:28   (56:46)
10 - 6:08 (1:02:55)
11 - 6:25 (1:09:21)
12 - 6:23 (1:15:44)
13 - 6:23 (1:22:08)
14 - 6:32 (1:28:40)
15 - 6:23 (1:35:03)
16 - 6:49 (1:41:53)
17 - 6:25 (1:48:15)
18 - 6:17 (1:54:36)
19 - 6:35 (2:01:11)
20 - 7:25 (2:08:36)
21 - 6:49 (2:15:26)
22 - 6:53 (2:22:19)

As for what's next: I am going to enjoy my 2 weeks recovery before getting back to running. I think there are some small things that I need to add to my routine over the summer months, but nothing major. The main focus will shift to some shorter stuff for a little before coming full swing to prepare for Hartford. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

5/18 - 5/24 RACE WEEK!

It's finally here! Race week and I'm feeling health and fit! Let's go!!!

Mon - 640pm - 7++ (51:57) in the neighborhoods with Macknight. Felt good and relaxed.

Tues - 530pm - 5m (37:08) ran in Spac for some trails and relaxation. Post run got in some extra stretching and a ice bath..all about recovery!

Wed - 630pm - 5m (34:07) normal loop in the neighborhoods. Everything feeling good.

Thurs - off - 1hr massage

Fri - off - unplanned, ended up working 7-7 by the time I got home I was beat.

Sat - 12pm - 3m (20:23) in Burlington.

Sun - 23m (VCM dropped at 22)

Summary - good week of rest, unfortunate result at the race. Report to follow.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

5/11-5/17 2 weeks left

As I close in on race day my main focus is feeling healthy and rested. The works been done.

Mon - off - planned to run but once the evening came around I was still feeling this past weekend. Opted for an early dinner and early lights out.

Tues. - 530am - 5m (nt) legs felt good a bit humid out. 

6pm - 5m (36:18) decided to mix things up a little. Made the trip up to Spac and ran the XC course.

Wed- 6pm - 7+ (51:30) assortment of loops in the neighborhoods with Macknight.

Thurs - 6pm - 8+ (59:00) another trip to Spac, looped some of the course then hopped on the "five mile trail" and took that around the park.

Fri - 6pm - 7+ (track) went over to the Saratoga track for my last workout. The plan was mile,2x800,4x400. I had talked to Pete earlier and the week and he suggested to keep the recovery at a quick pace. Got out a bit hot in the mile (504) and keep the rest under 7min pace. The 1st 8 (234) again keep the rest quick. Felt good thru 200 of the 2nd 8 then the form started to fall apart came thru in 77 and was done. I jogged off a lap and decided to end on a good note, popped over to the 200m mark and ran one hard 30.5. Shot Pete a call after as I was a little thrown back, he reassured me it was a good workout and that I pushed the mile a little to fast and recoveries should have been a bit slower. 
All in all it was a fun time trying to push, looking forward to the long push next week!

Sat - 7am  - 3+ (24:44) went down to watch the run Westfield race. Renee and KQ were running, myself, Kevin and Mark went to watch. Both ran PR's!

Sun - 10m (1:15:30) met up with KQ and Renee at the Y for there 10 miler. Just hoped in and ran the course, was a bit warm out but legs felt very good. Prior to the race I did the kids race with Sydney, Addie and KP, this was far more fun then the run!

Summary - 47m with 1 decent workout
Hayes in the barn!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

5/4 - 5/10

Mon - 6pm - 10m (1:16:22) went to the state park just outside of Albany and met up with some of the ARE guys along with Macknight. Was nice to run on hilly soft surfaces, legs felt good after yesterday's run.

Tues - 615pm - 8m (5x800) wow did today get changed around a lot. Had the original plan of 5x1200, and having time for a proper warm up. Got out of work late and Jim got talked into a different workout as he wasn't feeling great. I shot out for an easy 10min warm up (not nearly enough) and jumped in with Jaime and Rich as they were doing 800's. Was a little nervous of the pace haven't done much faster paced stuff. Much to my pleasure and surprise the workout went really smooth, I sat back on the first rep then took over the work for the first 4-500m of the next reps. This allowed me to work on 2 things, running infront relaxed and fighting when those guys would go by.
Times : 233/233/231/233/232

Wed - 545am - 3+ (nt)

4pm - 9+ (1:06:17) out of work early today, went and picked up Ricardo (who's up visiting) and headed to the bike path in Albany. Had a nice relaxing run and caught up on things from the past year.

Thurs- 530pm- 8+ (nt) had the watch going to start the run but with how hot it was I staged some water at the house. Forgot to start the watch back up after the water stop. Oh well legs felt kinda shitty, didn't hydrate enough during the day.

730pm - 1hr massage

Fri - 530am - 6.5m (52:58) met up with Jessy, did the normal neighborhood loop. Legs felt much better and not to sore from last nights massage.

Sat - 8am - 8m (Peeper 5k) 2nd overall - not much to note with this race I got my ass handed to me pretty early, once we hit the turn around it was over. I opted to back of the pace and cruise in, overall not to surprised the change in course added a new element and I knew running a strong 5k would be a shot with no real speed work.

Sun - 8am - 15+ (1:53:54) Ran from my parents in Barrington down thru dover and back home. Sam came over that morning and joined for the run, it was pretty warm but felt very good for the run.

Summary - 68m - good week overall very happy with the workout earlier in the week and happy with the race. It was a nice change of pace and good 2nd workout. only 2 weeks till VCM and i'm feeling strong, the work is done now just need to get some rest and get to the line.

Friday, May 1, 2015

4/27 - 5/3

Been a little delayed this week with getting my posts up. The change in jobs has had me pretty busy.

Mon - 630am - 5m (NT) legs were pretty tired this morning.

430pm - 5m (NT) I knew I was still feeling sore and tired, I opted to leave the watch at home and not worry about it. Afterwards enjoyed a nice ice bath.

Tues - 530am - 10m (72:56) had a later start time today and knew I had a company get together in the afternoon which I would be at till 8pm. 

Wed - 630pm - 13+ (3m/2m/1m - 1m recovery) first day at the remediation site plus some paperwork at home lead to a late start. The goal was to be in the 3 ranges of marathon pace (AB and C goals) 3m @620 pace / 2m @610pace and 1m @600. I have some slight mixed feeling on this workout, I couldn't settle into any of the paces and found myself running faster than planned for all set. The plus side is it felt very relaxed and easy. 
Times  - 18:27(609pace) / 11:51(5:55pace) / 5:31
The recovery miles were 7:14/7:12
On the final mile I gave in a bit and allowed myself to open it up a bit while staying under control.

Thurs - 615pm - 5+ (38:40) in the pinebush with Mulford

730pm. - 5m (38:10) solo from the house. Felt very tired on this go, I was going to do the whole run on trails but they had some shut down for a control burn so I didn't want to get lost.

Fri - 5am - 5m (42:21) really tired this morning. 

515pm - 7m (51:06) in pisgah with the one and only Hammett..found out we would be out of work early and needed a run I shot Greg a text and met at his place for a run. Was great to catch up and get on the trails.

Sat - off - had plenty of time to run but chose to hangout and do stuff around the house with my dad instead.

Sun- 530pm - 19.3m (2:07:08) Drove back from NH, and hung out for a bit before heading out for my long run. Really didn't have anything planned just knew I wanted somewhere between 18-20. It was fairly warm out so I opted for loops that would pass by the house and staged some gels and water. Did the first 13+m solo and felt very relaxed, the last 5m Derrick joined for. This was the first time I really noticed the pace, Derricks usually able to hold a full conversation on runs and today wasn't talking to much. It was noted a few times about the pace but at that point I wasn't backing off. Overall was very happy with this run and gave some added confidence with VCM right around the corner.

Summary - 75m (6days) pretty happy with this week, starting to adjust to the new job and finding that my focus is coming back. Looking forward to these next couple weeks but also wondering what I'm going to do with this added free time?

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

James Joyce - race report

4/26 - James Joyce 10k, spent a good part of the morning relaxing at the hotel before heading over to the start with the crew. This race has 2 starts with the masters getting a 3-5min jump on the open field. This differently makes the race interesting, especially in the open field. As we got off the line it was very appearent where the gap was, the chase pack was myself and 1 other runner. As we moved thru the opening mile it crossed my mind to go and try and hang onto the leaders but never made the move. I was feeling a bit off as my legs felt jello like and my upper was very tight, as I moved thru the course I was in and out of masters runners from the start. At 2m the one guy I was running with pushed away and I never covered the move, the next 3m were pure shit! I wasn't going anywhere and felt like I had nothing to give. Somewhere after 5m I finally started to feel loose and began to move up, I caught a few more masters runners and just pressed to the finish. 

I finished up in 36:10 which sucks! I know my fitness is far better then that, on the cooldown Sarah asked if something was wrong? She noted that when she could see me on the course I looked very tight and not running smooth or efficient. I've been noticing that for the past week or so and all I can link it to is the added stress of changing jobs. 

The plus side is even having a bad race I ran close to a minute faster then last year which I also thought was a bad race. With a month to go to VCM that is the only focus, I have some things to workout before then but nothing major!

A few photos from the race thank to Krissy K.

As for my athletes they all ran well! 
Renee - 3rd master
Erin - 9th master
KQ - 5th open (new pr)
Derrick - top 3 (55-60) 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

4/20 - 4/26

Mon - 5am - 5+ (NT) met with Jessy for an easy morning run. Legs felt surprisingly good and lucked out to only minimal rain.

545pm - 9m (4xhills rd) was really struggling with motivation this afternoon. Not sure if it was the weather or what. Finally got going and headed over to hills rd, the plan was to do 4 reps and run quick but relaxed. Wanted to shorten the workouts this week with a race planned for the weekend. 
Times: 256/256/255/248
Very happy with this workout, not only was it my best set of 4 reps this cycle but I felt very strong and smooth climbing! Not bad for lacking motivation.

Tues-640pm - 11+ (1:20:17) decided to wait for Macknight and joined on one of his loops (new for me)

Wed- 5am - 4.5m (nt)

530pm - 11m (16x400) 200R. Met Macknight and Pat Carroll at the skidmore track for this workout. Today was another one of those unfocused days, thinking about it now with changing jobs this week my mind has been running with plenty of other items. The workout itself went well with the target being (77-80) per interval, I was solo in the intervals which added some toughness to this workout.

Times: 78/80/79/80/80/80/81/80/79/79/78/79/78/77/76/75

Thurs - 5pm - 10m (1:14:20) No morning run today as I wanted a bit more rest after yesterdays workout. Decided to head to the bike path and run on the cinder, was a bit chilly out but otherwise nice to be on the trails.

730pm - 1hr massage

Fri - 5am - 5m (NT) body felt pretty good after yesterdays massage

430pm - 9m (1:01:08) It was feeling like winter all over again! snow and all I started to wonder if maybe I slept thru summer. Decided to tuck into the neighborhoods and loop together some random streets to hide from the elements, was a decent run considering the weather.

Sat - 9am - 5m (36:42) normal loop in the neighborhood, legs feel good and have some lift to them.

6pm - 5m (38:04) Easy shakeout in Dedham Ma. First 3m were with Renee and Erin, 2nd bit was solo around the area.

Sun - 10am - 13m (James Joyce 10k) 36:10 - Race report to follow.

Summary - 88m with 2 good workouts and 1 shit race. Had planned another run for Sunday when I got home but by that time I was spent. I shot Eric a text to decide what I was going to do, if he said run again I was gonna force myself out the door. I was instead told to call it a day, the next couple weeks I need to focus on some of the things from this past race and refocus for the race.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

4/13 - 4/19 try something new!

As I finished up last week and started to focus on the upcoming week some thoughts raced thru my mind. First and Formost was miles for the week and workout? I envisioned holding the daily miles from last week and try going above 100m. Hell why not right?

Mon - 5am - 6+ (46:39) met with Jeff and hit the normal loop. He is in the nearing the end of his taper and clearly feeling good. I let him control the run and drag me along.

4pm - 8m (56:40) did a few neighborhood loops before hitting the bike path. Was a bit stiff but loosened up after about 30mins.

Tues- 5pm - 10m (67:33) ran the 1st 5 with Macknight, we caught up (had a 4-5 day stretch of no run or being home at the same time) stopped at the house to stretch a bit then out to finish up solo.

Wed- 5am- 5m (42:00) started out with Jess and Jeff before peeling off to head home.

6pm - 15m (track workout) Met with Jim Sweeny at the UA track. Got in a nice warmup with him and Nick, also saw Lozier and caught up real quick. The plan was 8xmile (6-550) wanted to keep the first 4-6 controlled then try and pick it up on tired legs. I've done extended mile reps before but never more then 6. We took 400 rest between each rep to keep the legs from fully recovering. 
Times: 603/557/553/551/543/536/530/520
Holy hell extremely happy with this workout, and glad I had company during it.

Thurs - 430pm - 13m (1:42:34) Met Shaun at the price chopper in malta and made the trek over to the trail head. We met up with Adam (who was biking) and made our way onto the trails, within 5 mins of being on the trails I stumbled almost went down but caught a tree which may or may not have cut my thumb open. Shaun immediately gave me some shit about not getting hurt (much deserved last summer i managed 3 falls on 1 run)

Fri - 5am - 6+ (53:10) met up with Jeff and Jessy for our normal morning runs. Jeff is closing in on his marathon and looking ready for a huge PR! The run its self was relaxed and pretty warm out. Legs were still tired from wednesdays workout.

430pm - 10++ (track) Met with KQ and Renee at the Shen track, got in a 3m warm up then paced KQ in her workout (mind you I didn't do great at controlling the pace early...oops) It took me a little to get into the workout, my legs seemed to loosen up pretty well and we cruised through.
Times: 602/608/611

Sat - 8am - 18m (2:25:33) Ran from U Albany with Joe B, Joe M, Pat and Newman. The plan was for a rolling hill 12m loop then others would add on. I stayed with Pat and Newman for the 12m loop before breaking off to do some on my own, the temps got up quick on the run. After I had finished 15m I saw Joe B and Joe M fueling up and decided to join them for my last 3m instead of going solo. The legs were off and on today but my hips were really tight, leading me to cut it a little short from the original plan of 20m.
After the run we hit up some brunch at Cafe Madison, I came home for a bit before meeting back up to play 9 holes of golf (haven't played in a while, hooked a few shots off course towards some houses...didn't here any glass break so i'm calling it a win)

Sun - Out the door at 5am to head to Kingston and watch Jeff run his marathon, I had ideas of doing my run while we were down there but once we scoped the course it didn't look like it would pan out. At the start I would guess there were 25-30 ppl between the half and full, we drove out to the 9m mark which is on a rail bed. It looked to be a scenic course but holy hell your running solo with nothing but your own thoughts. It was awesome to see Rich get the win and also see Jeff run a 40 min pr (again running by himself)

6pm - 11m (1:16:10) I had this whole plan to watch the race run then come home and finish off what ever miles I might need. Well no run at the race, then proceeded to come home and sleep for 2-3 hours watch some playoff basketball then convince myself to stope being lazy and get out the door. Surprisingly the legs felt great today, which is a relief I was expecting them to still be sore.

Summary: 103m (new high) really happy with how this week went. Had an awesome workout on wednesday and to come back friday and hold marathon pace is a huge confidence booster, all well getting a new high for miles. With 5 weeks to go I plan on 2 more big weeks before coming down, this next week might be a bit lower 90-95 with the plan to race at James Joyce but I will play the miles by ear on how my legs are feeling.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

4/6 - 4/12 Just like new

Last week ended interestingly, with my car breaking down on the trip home. Realistically wasn't that bad, got an extended weekend and saw some of the guys I wouldn't have been able to see other wise.

Mon - planned day off - plenty of traveling and picking up my car. 

Tues - 5am - 3.5m (nt) no need for the watch as I knew I had plenty of time between the run and leaving for work.

430pm - 10+ (1:09:56) felt completely off this whole run, part of why I hate days off. Effort was relaxed and happy with the time, just felt like a fish outta water.

Wed - 5am - 5m (NT) met with Jessy, Jeff , Renee and James at the shen track. Short warm up then paced Jessy thru the 1st 2 repeats of her workout.

6pm - 11m (8x1k - 600r) met Gavs and the rest of the ARE crew at the track. The weather wasn't to bad for a while the last 4 reps were in rain/hail and some other shit! Overall workout went great, took a bit to get comfortable on the track and get into pace. This was planned to be a threshold workout (330-335) started out a bit slow but worked into it nicely.
Times: 340/338/336/333/332/330/327/319
Gavs did every other with me, I asked him to start on the 2nd so I would have help on the last rep if needed. Ended up skipping the cooldown as all my dry stuff got wet and I was freezing!!!

Thurs - 5pm - 10m (1:15:36) with Shaun and Derrick. Did a loop around BL legs and lower back were very tight.

730pm- 1hr massage - holy hell!! Knots on knots on knots...this was painful to say the least.

Fri - 5am - 7m (56:37) normal loop with Jessy and Jeff.

530pm - 8m (1:01:20) in pinebush with the ARE crew, legs are still sore from massage.

Sat - 830am- 15m (1:58:19) met with Renne,KQ, Erin, Dave and Mark on the bike path.

Sun-9am- 21.5m (2:31:13) met with Jim Sweeny at the battlefield preserve with the plan for 20-21m. Felt really good, last few miles were rough climbing back to the car. 

Summary: 91m happy with the miles and getting a day off in there. Had 1 good workout and a solid long run. 6 weeks left! 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

3/30 - 3/5

Mon - 5am - 8m (1:03:17) holy crew this morning!!! This was a blast to cruise with everyone this morning..legs felt good, almost had a fall on some ice.
W/ Jessy, Jeff, Renee and KQ

530pm - 5m (36:20) Woof!! I slacked off on hydrating through the day an ate like shit!! Payed for it on the run today felt horrible for 3+ miles.

Tues - 430pm - 14m (6xhills rd) 1/2m climb. Met up with Jessy for a warm up and both hit the hills for our workouts. Felt really smooth and strong on the climbs, I had 1 slight bitch out moment on the 5th rep. After that i was back in service and pissed at myself for being a bitch on the previous rep.
Times: 257/254/257/256/258/253
Through 4 that was close to my best workout, being able to hold it for 2 more was awesome!

Wed- 5am - 6.5m (52:17) met with the normal crew today and was able to get the first half of their run done. Calfs were tired to start but quickly loosened up.

6pm- 7.5m (53:54) started out solo until I spotted Macknight on his way home. Turned around to move my car and gain some company on the run. Was interesting weather, warm in spots and cold in others depending on the wind.

Thurs - 4pm - 13m (1:28:02) overall just a weird day. Was called into work at 140am came home late morning to try and sleep. Was feeling the lack of sleep before the run..but it was almost 70 out!

Fri - 5am - 8.5m (1:05) met Jessy and jeff did 3x30/60/90. Was surprisingly warm out this morning.

530pm - 7.5m (45:46) second workout. 3x30/60/90 legs were pretty tired but was able to push on the pick ups.

Sat - 8am - 19m (2:16:57) in Athens VT with Ferenc. Awesome run on some dirt roads. 

Sun - 9am - 11m (1:20:10) was pretty sore walking around this morning but once I was out the door everything felt good. Had one stop when i noticed a boxer an Doberman in the road (great) the owner quickly called them into the house, but not before I was able to notice the boxer was blind..much like my own dog. Overall nice an quite on the back roads.

Summary - 100m really good week with 2 good workouts and a relaxing long run. Feeling very strong these past few weeks. Next week will be a bit down with a day off tomorrow..unless the news from my car comes back really bad (might have to blow off some steam) a little back log - my car broke down Saturday morning on my ride, luckily I was close to Ferenc's house. Was a good start to the day! 

Monday, March 30, 2015

Delmar Dash

Sunday: 3/29 - this morning was the Delmar Dash 5m this race typically falls in mid April and has some good weather. This year it was moved up, the course was it good shape considering the winter and it snowing yesterday.

I arrived at 745 for the 9am start, it was a bit chilly 15 when I got there. The projected forecast was for 22-24 at the start. Shortly after 8am I hoped out for a warm up with Kevin and Rich, we decided to stay off the course an venture some different roads. Picking what to race in was a crap shoot, ended up with hat gloves and a long sleeve. Was out the door about 10mins to the start for some strides and light drills.

9:02 we were off the line, had a few stragglers getting to the line. The first 1/2m is a slight down hill, I found myself just right on the back of the lead pack and decided to hang on for the ride over the first mile. Shortly before the mile I let off the pack knowing the pace was a bit hot for me. Shaun caught up to me and we chatted about me taking off with the leaders (first time Shaun's seen me do this since my first summer in NY) hit the 1st mile 5:17.

Early in the 2nd mile Rich came by I knew we were looking for similar times I latched on and keep my focus on him to pull me through. I stuck behind Rich for the next couple miles, at this point I was running in 8th place. Right before the 4m mark Eamon pulled up next to me giving me some words of wisdom "only 6 mins of hurting left" I tried to move with the group but they were seeming to gap me. We hit 4m in 22:10, after another quater mile they were beginning to gap me. I heard a few guys behind me and was able to change gears (a little late) but felt the legs winding up. I held on to my spot (11th place) and secured a new PR 27:45 for the roads. I was very happy but at the same time knew I had some extra gears just couldn't get them out today. 

I'm sure you can say I cost myself sometime in that first mile but hell I haven't run a PR in 4 years! The confidence to get out an pull people in wasn't quite there. After today I feel much better about how my trainjng is going and look forward to the next race and workouts.

Some pictures from after the race with my fan club! And from crushing the kids race with KP!

Monday, March 23, 2015

3/23 - 3/29 no more weak shit!

Mon- 5am - 7m (56:17) Met up with Jessy and Jeff, was awesome to hear that Jeff ran a Pr at the Syracuse half this past weekend..always nice to have company on this early morning runs!

6pm - 7m (48:21) around country knolls with Macknight. Checked out where he did his workout this past weekend and tried to avoid the wind.

Tues - 415pm - 12m (workout!) the plan for today started with a slight hic-up, was supposed to get up for an easy 3 in the am..even allowed myself some extra sleep time..dumb dumb dumb! Couldn't get outta bed. 
Got out for a 3.5m warm up before switching into my lighter trainers. The plan was 5m hard effort, I checked with my consultant (Eric) on time and had the goal of mid to low 28 (and not a huge positive split. This loop has a pretty quick first 3m with only one small uphill. The 2nd have has 2 good climbs followed by some solid down hill. Almost shit a brick coming thru the mile (immediately thought I'm gonna do what Eric told me not to) 1st mile 5:26 hmm? After that I only focused on getting to the half way marker. Hit 2.5 (13:39) the next few miles I was still feeling strong and fast, over the last mile I knew it was going to be close, only a little off the first half split (13:45) for a total time of 27:25...got damn!! I haven't seen a time like that even in a race in years!!! Followed up with a change of shoes and a dry shirt for 3.5m cool down (and yes I was sweating enough in 35 degree weather for a shirt change! )

Wed - 5am - 6+ (51:06) met with the normal crew with the addition of Macknight. We headed into the neighborhoods, some of the group were doing a workout. Had a tough time keeping up with them today, legs were pretty sore from yesterday.

5pm - 5m (37:40) legs were better this afternoon, was planning to go further but after 3m of being pelted with hail I felt ok with 11 for the day!

Thurs- 5am - 3.5m (27:37) tried to meet KQ and Renee but we seemed to miss each other. Ended up meeting KQ at the end of her run and at the max I was looking for. Hoped a ride home instead of the 2m run back.

530pm - 9m (hills rd) got a call from Pete Thomas before heading out the door. Was good to catch up before the workout. It was 35 and raining out, planned to do 5xhills. After 4 of them I was freezing and decide to call it. 
Splits - 2:59,2:59,2:58,2:59
Felt really good on the climbs and stayed consistant, I didn't want to over do this workout with the race this weekend.

1hr massage

Fri - 430am - 9.5m (1:13:17) out the door with the normal crew. Felt good to get out and it was surprisingly warm. Legs are a bit sore from the massage but overall feeling very good!

7pm - 5m (38:08) always seem to get out late when I know I can sleep in the following day.

Sat - 9am - 3.5m (25:46) legs felt a bit stiff to start, loosened up throught the run.

430pm - 6.5m (47:58) through the neighborhoods. Very relaxed run, minus it was snowing!! Enough with this shit!

Sun - 9am - 16m (delmar dash 5m-27:45) race, warmup/ extended cooldown. Race report to follow.

415pm - 5m normal loop in neighborhoods, decided not to wear a watch and enjoy the run. Legs weren't to bad.

Summary: 95m Awesome week! 2 good workouts, 1 good race and lifetime highest weekly mileage. Very happy with this training week and to run a Pr for the first time in 4 years towards the end of my highest mileage week. Looking forward to the weeks to come