Tuesday, June 2, 2015

6/1 - 6/7 back to work

Mon - 545pm -  7+ (49:28) met up with Gavs and Alex for a run in Albany. The first mile or so is steep down hills, the pace was hit from the start (took me till the bike path to catch up) once on the bike path it was still a quick pace, I was surprised by this but also intrigued to see how long my legs would hold up. To my surprise I never faded, climbing back to the house was pretty. Good 2nd day back!

Tues -5pm-  8m (3xmile) met KQ at the track and paced her track workout. Legs felt good. (604/609/601

Wed - 3pm -  7m (49:32) went up to Spac for a run on the trails. It was fairly quite up there and nice to get on some soft surfaces.

Thurs - 5pm - 5m (35:07) did the normal neighborhood loop.

730pm - 1hr hot yoga

Fri - 530pm - 7m (48:30) Met with Shaun at Spac. Did some variations of the XC course and trails.

Sat - 9am - 7m (@ OK 5k) did the warm up and cooldown with the group. Then ran around to cheer.

Sun - 4pm - 10m (1:18:20) on the bike path with Renee. Was a bit tired from all the traveling and going out in Keene last night.

Summary - 51m good first week back and feeling pretty strong and recovered. The yoga helped loosen things up, might keep that in the rotation.

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