Tuesday, June 16, 2015

6/15 - 6/21

Mon - 630pm - 7.5m (53:27) checked the weather before the run as it was calling for rain at 7. Decided I could get a small loop out on the main roads before ducking into the neighborhoods. Overall a good run and a nice change of loops, sadly no rain.

Tues - 545pm - 10m (1:12:34) went up to  SPAC and did the 5m course first time in the normal direction then in reverse. It's a nice open loop with some rolling hills, great place to enjoy the run and get on some soft surfaces.

Wed- 515pm 7.5m (track) went up to Saratoga high for my workout today. Finally a day with low humidity! Didn't seem to really matter as I just couldn't find those gears today, no pop in the legs!

Workout - 2x800/2x400/5x200

Initally I wanted to do more 4's but the legs wouldn't go, even in the 2's I was fighting to hit those times. On a plus side the 8's felt pretty smooth.
All in all not a great day but I have had worse.

Thurs - 715am - 3+ (nt) normal sweet rd loop. Legs didn't feel bad, always a bonus to not be beat up after a sub-par workout.

615pm - 7m (49:34) sweet road loop with Macknight. Legs still a little beat up from yesterday.

Fri - 330pm - 5m (34:40) neighborhood loop. Legs feeling better but still have some tightness.

Sat - 8m (greenfield dragon) this is a hilly course and also a low key race (rust buster) usually less then 100 ppl show each year, it's a good place to test yourself both mentally and where the legs are at. Today added a slightly new factor, I met up with some friends for a small bday get together. Ended up having a later night then planned. Needless to say the stomach wasn't to settling this morning. I warmed up the course in reverse, got changed up and to the line. The first 1/2m is the only true flat part of the course (and people tend to push that too much) I had some company for that first part of the course once we hit the hills I was on my own. Despite feeling like shit, I was surprised how locked in I was able to get. I felt smooth up until the final 1/2 mile, this was the only fight I had was to keep pushing when I felt it falling apart. Overall I got the win (unfortuantly no one was there to push with) 18:25 a little slower then last year but that was with Gavs last time. The most impressive part of the day was 2nd overall was a 13 year old girl who ran 19:50 for the course!

Sun - 915am - 13m (1:42:23) went up to Galway with Renee and KQ. We did a loop from Renees parents camp, they were looking for a hilly run and we sure found it. Legs we still a bit tight but the rolling course helped a bit. Afterwards we aided Kevin as he did his swim (training for iron man) I decided to give some company towards then end and swam 1/  2m with him...my thoughts afterwards are simple..I'll stick to running 

Here the elevation map from today's run.

Summary - 61m overall a good week 1 subpar workout and a decent race. I'm feeling some fitness coming back, and looking to have a good day in 2 weeks.

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