Thursday, June 11, 2015

6/8 - 6/14

Mon - 645pm - 7m (49:51) got stuck in traffic in the trip home. Was a bit stiff after slacking on stretching.

Tues - 6pm - 10m (1:07:16) did my normal lake rd loop. Felt good thru 7-8 miles before I started to feel some fatigue, I needa get back on my hydration.

Wed - 645am - 3+m (NT) felt good to get out for a morning shake out.

5pm - 7+ track workout planned (3x2/2x4/8/2x4/3x2) met with Shaun for this workout. Decided I would try to roll with Shaun and see how my legs would respond. Overall felt pretty good, bailed on the 800 after the first 200 felt like I was struggling to recover and needed a little more of a break.
Times: 35/35/35/72/73(2min break) 72/72/33/33/31
Happy with the workout, no lagging issues from VCM. Hardest thing is to adjust to the heat/humidity and some speed work.

Thurs - 1030am - 7.5m (53:29) Worked from home this morning and wanted to get a run during some early morning "warmer" temps. Legs were a bit tired from yesterday's workout.

7pm - 1 hr Hot Yoga

Fri - 8am - 5m (40:05) Normal morning loop, surprisingly I missed this loop a bit. Was pretty humid out this morning.

7pm - 5+ (41:53) Met Gavs down at Shen for an easy run, we got there and both noticed the alerts on our phones saying sever weather and "tornados" haha. We did get caught in the storm after about 15-20min of running. The high winds didn't come until late at night.

Sat - No motivation to run in the morning, went to Addie's birthday party. Got home around 9pm and was spent.

Sun - 5pm - 11m (1:17:58) legs felt good, for some reason my stomach wasn't feeling great. Decided to cut the extra 2m off of the run and call it a day. Stomach seemed to calm down after the run, not sure if it was my lunch or something else.

Summary - 56m up a few miles from last week even with the day off. I also registered for some of my Fall races, looking forward to the process with those (New Haven 20k and Hartford Marathon)
I have a few others planned in but these will be 2 of the bigger races that i'll be attending.

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