Monday, April 26, 2010


Mon- 5m (33:33) w/sam wood
Tues- 4m (28:38)
Wed- 4m (25:06) Progression run started at 6:30 ended at 5:34
Thurs- 6m (38:20) including 1xdeath hill ( I think the name explains it's self)
Fri- 5m (34:00)
Sat- 6m (race)
Sun- 0
Total- 30m

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Today I began training again I have decided the best approach is to hit the restart button and start with a week of 3 miles a day. But I have never been so pumped to get out and run.

Monday, April 19, 2010

This sucks!!!

Mon- 5m (35:55) felt ok for 2 of the 5 miles not sure what its gonna take for this knee to go away
Tues- half mile swim (9:01) 10mins treading water
Thurs- 0
Sat-3 (18:55) barefoot
Sun- 3 (19:30) barefoot

Total- 11m

Monday, April 12, 2010


Mon- Am- 5m (31:30)
Pm- 10m (67:25)
Tues- 7m (47:28)
Wed- 8m
Workout mile/2x800/2x400
Thurs- 0
Fri- 0
Total - 30m

Overall- This week started out with a bang which could have been my largest problem after the workout on Wednesday my knee began to bother me on the cool down but seems to be ok now. It is now just resting and getting back to work with some sort of caution in the hope to get back to consistent mileage.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Mon-5m (30:51)
Thurs-5m (31:32)
Fri- 5m (32:20)
Sat- 14m (Merrimack trail race) (64:51)
Total- 31m

Overall- I can already state that this well not be a amazing week of training but it is all good, because the knee pain I was feeling late last week and early this week is for the most part gone and i will be able to slowly resume training at a normal level. I had what they call is jumpers knee which is basically patella tendinitis, and I was very happy to run wed,thurs with no pain.