Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Week 17

Mon - 5+ (37:01) legs were pretty tired and had to go back to work.

Tues - 10m (62:00) 8m tempo (47:56) legs were still pretty tired. New Pr for the loop..all good signs!! Lifted after

Wed - Am - 5m (40:00) slow moving this morning.

Week 16

Mon - 8m (72:00) WRC ran 3 before did the run with the group and added on. Legs still tired

Tues - 10m (69:30) relaxed workout loop with Eric. Lifting afterwards

Wed- 10m (71:20) 

Thurs - off

Fri - 7m (49:03)

Sat - 25m (2:43:33) with Ferenc and Fyffe (on the bike) did the extended marathon loop. Felt extremely relaxed, Boom!

Sun - 15m (1:51:00) puntney mt trails..legs were a bit tired but nothing to bad. Struggled with the trails/single track most of the run.

Total - 75m (6days)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wk 15

Mon - am 4.5m (35:20) got out around 530 surprisingly warm out. Chrio afterwards.
Pm - 7.5m (1:00) killed the pace today! 

Tues - 10m (62:19) goal of today was 2x20mim tempo's with 3mins rest. Got in a 10m warm up before the first set (3.41m avg 5:52) felt good, this section has some rollers but mainly flat. The 2nd set has some pretty long gradual climbs and some late down hill (3.37m avg 5:55) jogged off a little over a mile back home. Headed down to lifting afterwards

Wed - am 4+m (34:55) 
Pm 8m (57:30) in saratoga with Eric, Shaun and Megan 

Thurs - 15m (track) headed over to Burnt Hill for my workout. Did the normal 3m warm up loop before getting on the track. It was a bit crowded tonight by ppl so frankly rude ppl. Asked for lane 1 and no one beside the 2 10 year old kids acknowledge. Goal was 8x800/400 alternating with half rest. Other then the annoying ppl in lane 1/2 it was pretty windy on the back stretch. 
Times : 2:40/80,2:42/81,2:43/81,2:45/82,2:45/81/2:42/80,2:42/81,2:39/76
After the 5th set everyone was off the track and I felt I was able to lock in. Very happy with this tough workout.

Fri - 10m (72:10) legs were surprising loose today. Was expecting to be pretty sore/tired.

Sat - 11+ (81:20) there it was found the tired legs. Today was tough I was trying to keep it easy but running north of 7:10s felt horrible. Spent some extra time stretching and foam rolling afterwards.

Sun - 14m (1:39) planned for 20m today but didn't happen. Legs were still pretty tired, better then yesterday.

Total - 84m 

Had 2 good workouts, legs were tired the last 2 days of the week but still a very productive week of training.

6 weeks to go!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wk 14

Mon - 10m (62:17) good tempo run. This is the first tempo I have done on the roads all year, was a bit of a shock to the system.

Tues - Am - 5m (39:10)
Pm - 7m (47:57)

Wed - 14m (track) Goal: 5xMile (530-510) half rest
Headed down to Shen High to meet up with Pete and Ryan, got in 3+ for the warm-up before getting ready for some fun.
Times: 5:32/5:29/5:25/5:27/5:16
Legs were a bit stiff at the start after the first 2 reps I felt I got locked in pretty well, minus the hiccup on the 4th on (got out to slow.)

Thurs - 10m (1:10:49) Solo run in the afternoon before working the PM shift

Fri - Am 3m (22:15)
Pm - 8+ (56:34) Tried to miss the rain, waiting till after going to chiro

Sat - 8m (56:38) Legs were pretty tight but other then that no issues

Sun - 15m (Delmar Dash)
Got in a 3m warm up with the Fleet Feet crew, legs were feeling pretty tight and tired. Figured it was just me over thinking pre-race. Got out relaxed, the first couple miles I was ok. Wanted to try and move up after 2m, noticed quickly that I was already grinding. I tried to close the gap on the guys in front of me but wasn't happening. Overall a good workout for the day.
Got in a nice 7m cooldown with Kristina Gracy as she needed another 10m. Sadly enough my legs felt loose and responsive on the cooldown...guess I just needed some time to warm up.

Total - 80m

Good 2nd week of Marathon training 7 weeks to go

WK 13

Mon - 0m ( planned day off)

Tues - 8m (58:03) good run, called Najem afterwards for a training plan...let the fun begin

Wed - 10m (track workout)
12x300 (goal 50-52)
Hit Shen track, was pretty windy out but good first workout
Times: 54/54/55/56/57/56/54/55/55/55/54/55 (half rest)

Thurs - Am - 3m (23:48)
Pm - 9m (1:01:59)

Fri - 10m (71:00)

Sat - Am - 9m (track) 2x1k,1x800,3x600
w/ fleetfeet crew (times: 316/316/236/156/156/156)
Finished off by pacing Ben thru his last Mile rep
Pm - 3m w/ We Run The Capital group

Sun - Am - 13+ (1:42:11) w/fleetfeet crew
Pm - 5+ (39:13)

Total - 70m (6days)

WK 12

Mon - 6m (52:00) WRC in saratoga...Very nice recovery run

Tues - Am - 3+ (24:48)
PM - 7m (46:42)

Wed - Am 3+ (25:04)
Pm - 7m (52:07) first 3 with Mechaniville high school team

Thurs - 9m (1:01:31)

Fri -7m (50:36) in Keene with Sears and Macknight

Sat - 11m (fast friends 4.5m) (26:13, 6th overall)

Sun - 18m (2:05:10) in VT with Ferenc and Macknight

Total - 72m

1 Good race and some solid miles, need to keep rolling and stay on track

wk 11

Mon -7+ (49:17) steady state run

Tues - 8m (54:02)

Wed - 0m

Thurs - 8m (1:00:59)

Fri - 8m (59:00) in Albany with Jim

Sat - 5m (34:50) in Mass

Sun - 18m (New Bedford Half)

Total - 55m