Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Mon-22m 2:50:45 Ferenc's to Fyffe's w/boj, Hammett, Pipp, George and James
Tues- 0m recovered from Monday. Lifted upper body/core work
Wed- 8m (1.1m repeats over rolling hills @Saratoga springs state park
7:00/6:41/6:55 @ tempo pace)
Thurs- 9m 58:39
Sat- 5m
Sun- 20 (rhody 5k 16:33)

Total- 64m

Monday, May 23, 2011


Mon- 8m- 48:56
Tues- 5m- 35:43
Wed- 8m (3x800 half rest @5kpace/ 1.5 mile cut back,every 800
2:36/2:34/2:33. 2:50/2:31/2:41

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

B1st peepers 5k / Nashua 6k

This weekend was a busy weekend with my hometown race saturday and the GP 6k sunday. Saturday turned out to be more of a struggle then anything else, I had some blood drawn for my new job and felt light headed when I woke up that morning. I felt like I was pressing the whole race and never had a point of feeling smooth, I was able to get 2nd in 16:44 I felt that I should have been able to hang with the winner better but just didn't happen. Going into sunday I figured that it would be much of the same as the day before, Lucky for me I felt really good it wasn't till the last mile that I started to hurt but never slowed down I just wasn't able to change gears late. Overall I was 35th in 20:19 which is my first time at this distance.

It was a good weekend and looking forward to having this next one off and getting ready for Rhody.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

James Joyce

Today was the 10k of the GP series, going into the race I was looking to run 34min or better with a pr of 34:4x I wanted to try and work that down. The race got out smooth as I settled in with Ben, Jim and George through the first mile all that I was on my mind was I rushed and forgot my calf sleeve ( haven't run without it in months) after the mile though I became confident that it would be ok my achilles didn't hurt. As we moved threw the next two miles we worked together threw a few packs, I wanted to continue to do this which I was able to do. It helped having KG out there keeping me going. The next few miles had some rolling hills and one decent winding climb, I started to feel a bit tired at 5m but knew I had to keep pushing. Overall I finished in 33:52 for a new pr, I was happy with the race and was also pumped that my 5m split was the fastest 5 i have run since college. After the race I ran down the course a bit to watch Haley finish up in her first GP race she ran well and was CMS 4th women.
Overall it was a good day we got the W and I think most people were happy with there races.

5:30 10:53
5:26 16:19
5:25 21:45
5:31 27:16
5:31 32:47
1:04 33:52