Sunday, May 1, 2011

James Joyce

Today was the 10k of the GP series, going into the race I was looking to run 34min or better with a pr of 34:4x I wanted to try and work that down. The race got out smooth as I settled in with Ben, Jim and George through the first mile all that I was on my mind was I rushed and forgot my calf sleeve ( haven't run without it in months) after the mile though I became confident that it would be ok my achilles didn't hurt. As we moved threw the next two miles we worked together threw a few packs, I wanted to continue to do this which I was able to do. It helped having KG out there keeping me going. The next few miles had some rolling hills and one decent winding climb, I started to feel a bit tired at 5m but knew I had to keep pushing. Overall I finished in 33:52 for a new pr, I was happy with the race and was also pumped that my 5m split was the fastest 5 i have run since college. After the race I ran down the course a bit to watch Haley finish up in her first GP race she ran well and was CMS 4th women.
Overall it was a good day we got the W and I think most people were happy with there races.

5:30 10:53
5:26 16:19
5:25 21:45
5:31 27:16
5:31 32:47
1:04 33:52


  1. great job Jeff! Even with that huge singlet acting like a sail in that wind ! :)

  2. thanks man, ya its a tad big maybe one of the taller guys will trade with me