Monday, March 25, 2013

3/18-3/24 (rest week)

0m this week, the plan was to take a break after the winter to avoid the mid-end if summer crash.
Hammett had stated on Sunday that no running might make my legs hurt longer after the half. Boy they hurt every morning until Thursday, my calfs and hamstrings were locking up when I would get out of bed. Always made for a interesting morning wondering if I might fall. By Friday my legs felt fine, looking forward to starting to run again.

Friday, March 22, 2013

New Bedford

3/17 - Today was the New Bedford Half the 2nd race of the GP series. Was thinking I could run around 76mins, had a short trip over to the race as we stayed about 15mins away from the race. Arrived nice and early to get my number and catch up with some of the guys. Got in a east 2m warm-up with Hammett before making our way to the starting line, got into the 3rd row partially in a attempt to avoid the wind. I got out pretty relaxed over the first couple miles. I haven't done much for mileage or long runs so the thought of bonking was in the back of my mind, after 2m the lead women caught up to me I tried to stay relaxed and not worry about what was going on around me. Once we hit the down hill miles I tried to pick it up, at 5m Sam Wood was on the course and gave me some encouraging words. Shortly after a runner from TNT went by and I was able to latch on to him, I came thru 10m in 58:43 shortly after this I started to fall apart the last 5k was a struggle. I was happy that I continued to try and fight to catch up with the group in front of me.
Afterwards got in a good cool down with Hammett, Double J and KG quickly made our way inside to grab some food and relax for a bit before hitting the road.

Overall a rough day.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Mon- 8.5 (60:50) legs were a bit sore from yesterday.
Tues - 9.5 (64:59) Had to find a new way home with the highway closed due to a accident. Was ready to run right away, not bad out a bit of rain but still warm. Had to change my planned run to swing thru the high school..needed a restroom.
Wed - 7m (40:18) progression run. Decided to stay away from the track today and get in a solid progression run instead. Good choice felt pretty good and was able to close out at 5:19 for my last mile.
Thurs - 5m (35:34) a bit tired today. Figured keep it light with the race this weekend.
Fri - 5m (40:13) maybe a bit long got some soft ground running in.
Sat - 3m (21:51) down in fair haven.
Sun- 17m New Bedford half

Monday, March 11, 2013

Paddys 5 Miler

3/10/13 - Paddys 5 mile in Portsmouth NH. Woke up around 730 for some breakfast before heading down to the race. I was supposed to do this once before in the first year but it was horrible weather and I decided to bail. This time around it was pretty good weather. I arrived at 9am and met up with Bob Wiles to catch up for a bit. Quickly ran into Chris and Heather Mahoney and talked about the course. Shortly after we set out for a 3m warm up, myself heather and Nate Jenkins. Chris races the day before so he was not running. The race started at 1030 I quickly settled into the chase pack, no one went with Nate we all just ran the race for 2nd. I launched on to the back of the pack and had the plan to no make any moves early, we clicked they the mile in 5:26 on guy made a move and another tried to cover I bumped up into 4th just trying to keep everyone close. We came thru 2m with a 5:28 the next mile I moved into 3rd only for a short time (maybe half a mile) the last 3m seemed to be much tougher then I had thought. Nate had mentioned it on the warm up of how it seems you could run faster in that section then you do. Mile 3 ended up being 5:59 I decided to dig deep and try and push forward, so after another running cruises by me he cover the gap between myself and 3rd quickly and was quickly out of sight. I pushed up the hill to mile 4 now being in 5th place, at about 4.5 the last person went by me which has lead to some confusion as he was not in the results. As I approached the finish both Chris and Bob we telling me to go and that he was done. I took off after him and with 100 to go someone tipped of the other runner as he was able to hold me off. Afterwards we got in a nice 3m cool down before the awards.

Overall I finished in 28:46 good for 5th thought I was 6th but can't complain. This was a fun race and enjoyed the course. I want to go back again and try and be a bit more fit for the event next time.

Next on the list is New Bedford half this weekend. I am much more confident going into this then I was for DH jones hoping to be under 76mins

Monday, March 4, 2013

3/4 - 3/10

Mon- 7m (45:20) 2m warm up 8x min on/ min off 2m down. Covered 2.8m over the 16m avg. 5:42 pace.
Tues - Am 5m (36:58) Legs a bit sore. right knee was a bit sore today from the run sunday (aka all my falling)
Pm - 5m (37:09)
Wed - 11m (Track Workout) Mile, 2x800, 4x400 (Half Rest)
Got in a nice warm up thru the school was about 40 out. The lights were on at the track as the Lax's team was on the field. Workout went really well 5:15/2:35/2:31/74/73/74/69 might have been able to roll a bit more on the last one but coming down the home stretch in the first 200 the lax team was finishing practice and all started walking on the track lane 1-4 I yelled track and got minimal response some of them started to yell at ppl..I have noticed the coaches do nothing about them paying attention when they clearly see us there. As I went threw the group I decided to educate them quickly with "track means get out of the cussing way" (ill steal cussing from Ferenc for that little rant)
Thurs - am 3m (22:57)
Pm - 5.5 (43:08)
Fri - 10m (70:20) Did the first 7 or so with Eric before turning off to make the loop longer and get the full 10.
Sat - 5m (34:34) Keep it easy..was a bit faster then I thought it would be but then again it was really nice out.
Sun - 11m St. Paddy's 5 Miler - 28:46 (race report to follow)

Total - 62m

Sunday, March 3, 2013

2/25 - 3/3

Mon- 0 had thoughts of taking time off. After a pep talk from Sam Wood those thoughts were out the window.
Tues - 8m (57:14) Eric had a loop planned and I followed. It was nice to keep it easy. Need to do this a bit more often.
Wed- Am 5m (38:17) had a training class all day but some time to kill in the morning. After work went to help a former co-worker with some home renovations .
Pm 4m (26:45)
Thurs - Am 3+ (23:20) more renovation work after work.
Pm 6+ (45:20) did a pick up for the last .57 in 3:01 felt good to turn the legs over.
Friday - 5+ (36:17) a bit quick for the day before a race. Everything felt good so no complaints.
Sat - 10m drove to Florence mass with the hope of a low key 5k to get things going. As I headed out for a warm up I saw Chris and Heather and ended warming up with them. Once the race went off it was 5 of us out front. Didn't see many splits on the course but just fought to hold on. We ended up being sent the wrong way for 3m which brought us out behind the finish line. A couple guys had gps watches on to give the total distance and we worked with the times to at least get the time and place right..still messed up in the online results. I ended up 5th with what we figure was 16:50 effort. There was a WMDP guy in front of me who was on 16:40 pace per his watch and I was 10secs back. All in all it worked out got the hard effort I was looking for and my legs felt like they were there.
Afterwards headed to Fyffe's for maple brew fest.
Sun - 9m at Ferenc's house. Went out on. The trails with the crew, the snow was pretty deep having short legs didn't help. Was a fun run tho..felt 7 or 8 times but no one saw cuz I suck at running in deep snow.