Monday, March 4, 2013

3/4 - 3/10

Mon- 7m (45:20) 2m warm up 8x min on/ min off 2m down. Covered 2.8m over the 16m avg. 5:42 pace.
Tues - Am 5m (36:58) Legs a bit sore. right knee was a bit sore today from the run sunday (aka all my falling)
Pm - 5m (37:09)
Wed - 11m (Track Workout) Mile, 2x800, 4x400 (Half Rest)
Got in a nice warm up thru the school was about 40 out. The lights were on at the track as the Lax's team was on the field. Workout went really well 5:15/2:35/2:31/74/73/74/69 might have been able to roll a bit more on the last one but coming down the home stretch in the first 200 the lax team was finishing practice and all started walking on the track lane 1-4 I yelled track and got minimal response some of them started to yell at ppl..I have noticed the coaches do nothing about them paying attention when they clearly see us there. As I went threw the group I decided to educate them quickly with "track means get out of the cussing way" (ill steal cussing from Ferenc for that little rant)
Thurs - am 3m (22:57)
Pm - 5.5 (43:08)
Fri - 10m (70:20) Did the first 7 or so with Eric before turning off to make the loop longer and get the full 10.
Sat - 5m (34:34) Keep it easy..was a bit faster then I thought it would be but then again it was really nice out.
Sun - 11m St. Paddy's 5 Miler - 28:46 (race report to follow)

Total - 62m

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  1. You got a great week going Goup! Nice workout.