Monday, September 26, 2011

Brock Trot 10k (Lenox MA)

On Sunday I headed down to to Lenox mass for the Brock Trot 10k with a few members of the stryders. We arrived at 8am for the 9am start. My shin was still sore from the run the day before so i decided to take some Advil to try and easy the pain. I noticed that the 10k field was pretty stacked and the 5k not so much. As the race went out I wanted to try and stay in the top 10 (as that's were the prizes were). I went out with Tim Mahoney and the rest of the pack, the top 2 were way out in front we hit the mile in 5:02 and i knew it was going to be a interesting day. After hitting some hills in the 2nd and 3rd mile my shin began to hurt more and more with the climbing and descending. By 4m(22:49) I was hurting pretty bad when the 2nd women had now caught up i tried to help her thinking that maybe i could battle back, the harder i tried to run the more my shin hurt after 4.5 i decided to jog in and try to stay on softer ground. After the race I immediately got ice, not sure what what is wrong with my shin but hoping its not to serious.
For now i am going to take time off until i can walk with out any pain.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Week 3

Mon - 10m (1:10) nice easy run with shaun. Legs didn't feel to bad after yesterday.
Tues- 9m (1:00:53) left shin was really sore. Hopefully it's nothing and just a sore muscle.
Wed- 0m Shin was very sore all day decided to rest and ice
Thurs - 13.5 (1:31:29) first 8.5 solo in 55:xx easy 5 with one of the members from stryders.
Sat- 8m 55:00 with Brock & Jimmy..4 x strides..Shin still sore but better then earlier this week.-
Sun-9m (Brocktrot 10k) Not a good race made it to 3m and started to get sharp pains in my left shin. This was a big red flag as I took pain killers before the race. Decided after 4.5 to jog in and try to change my stride to see if that pain would lessen.

Total-49.5 (in 5)

Overall- Concerned about my shin, after talking to Pete Thomas he advised to ice and rest since the pain is pinpoint and not covering the whole shin. Hoping that this isn't serious but a bit concerned when advised by PT to take days off.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saratoga Half

This morning I headed over to the Saratoga Half, I knew George Adams was going to be there so i thought it would be a good chance to see were I am at compared to this spring. I knew that I haven't be getting in the miles or long runs that I had leading into New Bedford. As the race went out I settled in with the lead group and figured that I could probably hang with someone in the group, we went thru the mile comfotable at 5:38 where eventual winner Thomas O'Grady put in a get surge to string the group out. I chose not to cover the move do to being so early in the race, the next 3 miles I was running solo at this point I started to feel my shoe rubbing on the back of my foot not sure to stop and fix it or keep going i decided to keep going as someone was coming back. At 5m I felt it rip thru and stopped to pull my sock up the next 3 miles I was dealing with the stinging from my foot, I was still in no mans land and couldn't see anyone in front of my as I came back into town I started to feel a bit better ( might have been the large amount of people on the course) I came thru 10 in 60:52 which I knew was slower then my other 2 half"s. Shortly after I felt a bit of a bonk which was surprising to happen at that point over the next mile I grabbed some gatorade around 11m I got caught and knew I needed to go with him once we hit the 12m mark it becomes a gradual down hill to the finish. I passed him back and put some distance between us, Overall the time wasn't that good 1:20:31 not a great time but for the lack of work I have put in leading up to this point I took it as a good workout and a bit of a eye opener.

5:44 (11:23)
5:50 (17:13)
6:06 (23:20)
6:05 (29:26)
6:21 (35:47)
6:40 (42:27)
6:21 (48:49)
6:07 (54:56)
5:55 (1:00:52)
7:07 (1:07:59)
6:25 (1:14:25)
5:49 (1:20:14)
:16 (1:20:31)

Some of the markers were a bit off like the .1 and 6-7 other then that it was a good course and looking to hopefully be in better shape next time I do it.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Week 2

Mon - 6xMile (1.1 loop ) @ GMP ( 90 Sec recovery ) Did this workout on a loop at the state park with Shaun. It has rolling hills one direction has a long climb on the way back is just a short hill but still need to work the down's to hit the times.
Times- 6:39(6:09) 6:39(6:09) 6:27(5:58) 6:24(5:55) 6:17(5:49) 6:05(5:37)...Felt really good out there today, it was good to have Shaun there to help with the pacing..(11m)
Tues - 7+ (47:40) Around GF campus legs felt heavy for first 20 mins felt really good after.
Wed - 2x 1.5m loop hills. first loop felt a sluggish on the first loop. felt a lot better on the second loop. 1st loop did min on min off. second loop 2 min on 1 off (9m)
Thurs - 3m am....late night at work no Pm run
Fri - 0 late night at work went to concert
Sat- 3m
Sun - 18m Saratoga half

Total - 51m

Overall- Got more miles then last week. 1 good workout 1 Ok race, Need to keep building my miles and continue to hit the long runs. hoping to get 1-2 more races in before CCM

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Week 1

Mon- Francistown 5m- 31:35 (10m)
Tues- 0 Traveled home
Wed- 5m 32:15 Rpi xc course (7m)
Thurs- 5m 29:57 (5m) Out of work late. went to park to run found out a concert was there back to work ran around campus.
Fri- 3m easy shake out (3m)
Sat- Am (8m) MBPA 5k 3rd overall. 17:13 felt good need to work on my strength but going in the right direction.
Sun- 10m first 6 solo second 4 w/Renee Splitting duty pushing the stroller.


Overall- just happy to feel good running again. looking forward to next weekend, saratoga half and George is coming down so hopefully i can hang with him.