Monday, September 19, 2011

Week 3

Mon - 10m (1:10) nice easy run with shaun. Legs didn't feel to bad after yesterday.
Tues- 9m (1:00:53) left shin was really sore. Hopefully it's nothing and just a sore muscle.
Wed- 0m Shin was very sore all day decided to rest and ice
Thurs - 13.5 (1:31:29) first 8.5 solo in 55:xx easy 5 with one of the members from stryders.
Sat- 8m 55:00 with Brock & Jimmy..4 x strides..Shin still sore but better then earlier this week.-
Sun-9m (Brocktrot 10k) Not a good race made it to 3m and started to get sharp pains in my left shin. This was a big red flag as I took pain killers before the race. Decided after 4.5 to jog in and try to change my stride to see if that pain would lessen.

Total-49.5 (in 5)

Overall- Concerned about my shin, after talking to Pete Thomas he advised to ice and rest since the pain is pinpoint and not covering the whole shin. Hoping that this isn't serious but a bit concerned when advised by PT to take days off.

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