Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saratoga Half

This morning I headed over to the Saratoga Half, I knew George Adams was going to be there so i thought it would be a good chance to see were I am at compared to this spring. I knew that I haven't be getting in the miles or long runs that I had leading into New Bedford. As the race went out I settled in with the lead group and figured that I could probably hang with someone in the group, we went thru the mile comfotable at 5:38 where eventual winner Thomas O'Grady put in a get surge to string the group out. I chose not to cover the move do to being so early in the race, the next 3 miles I was running solo at this point I started to feel my shoe rubbing on the back of my foot not sure to stop and fix it or keep going i decided to keep going as someone was coming back. At 5m I felt it rip thru and stopped to pull my sock up the next 3 miles I was dealing with the stinging from my foot, I was still in no mans land and couldn't see anyone in front of my as I came back into town I started to feel a bit better ( might have been the large amount of people on the course) I came thru 10 in 60:52 which I knew was slower then my other 2 half"s. Shortly after I felt a bit of a bonk which was surprising to happen at that point over the next mile I grabbed some gatorade around 11m I got caught and knew I needed to go with him once we hit the 12m mark it becomes a gradual down hill to the finish. I passed him back and put some distance between us, Overall the time wasn't that good 1:20:31 not a great time but for the lack of work I have put in leading up to this point I took it as a good workout and a bit of a eye opener.

5:44 (11:23)
5:50 (17:13)
6:06 (23:20)
6:05 (29:26)
6:21 (35:47)
6:40 (42:27)
6:21 (48:49)
6:07 (54:56)
5:55 (1:00:52)
7:07 (1:07:59)
6:25 (1:14:25)
5:49 (1:20:14)
:16 (1:20:31)

Some of the markers were a bit off like the .1 and 6-7 other then that it was a good course and looking to hopefully be in better shape next time I do it.

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