Tuesday, January 27, 2015

1/27 - 2/1

Injury update, clearly I can run with my leg the way it is and not make it worse. I'm hoping it will be fully healed soon to begin some workouts.

Mon - off - legs felt pretty good today, had a massage scheduled for 6pm which was going to cause for a rushed run. Decided to take a recovery day instead of rushing.

Tues - 6:15pm - 10m (82:37) - ran down to Jessy's house to pick her up for a snowy night run. Looped thru the neighborhoods and a few out and backs in the complex to get the distance. Wasn't to bad other then a few "knuckleheads" out playing in the snow, could always hear them before swing them as they where out drifting on the snowy roads. 

Wed -6:15pm - 7+ (50:23) waited for Macknight to get home, said some nonsense like out the door by 5? Hit up a nice quite loop and scoped out a new possible place for next year. Legs felt good. 

Thurs- 6pm - 9m (1:01:21) met up with a crew at UA we didn't a couple campus loops, myself and Macknight added on a state office loop to get the full planned time. Afterwards changed up in the parking lot and headed to the pour house for some brews and loaded Mac & cheese.

Fri - unplanned day off w/traveling home

Sat - 9:30am - 18m (2:09:45) met up with Alex for a run from his place. Wasn't to bad when the wind wasn't a factor. Was nice to get a good long run in and have someone to run with. Month total - 251m

Sun- Off - hip flexor pretty sore - travel day

Total - 44m 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


With last week being a wash I'm trying to get back into a rythym. I will say my left leg is 80-85% still some tightness in certain areas but only getting better not worse.

Mon -4pm- 7m (48:26) cardio wise I felt great the rest of my body felt like a fish outta water today. Never really felt right, the more I focused on form the more out of place I felt. I've had plenty of days like this prior nothing to concerning just a bit annoying.

Tues- 6pm - 8.5m (59:50) Did some more house shopping after work. Met up with Gavs for a run at UAlbany, ended up doing a mix of running. Some outdoors then popped into the indoor track before heading back out. Was nice to change it up and seeing people on the track got me excited to start working out soon.

Wed - 5:30pm - 7m (44:06) this run might have been a bit short but was still the quickest pace I have run since returning from last week. Starting to gain some confidence in my leg.

Thurs - 4pm - 3+ (22:46) right after work missed my morning run. Decided to get some mile and core work prior to the trek down to Albany.

6:15pm - 9.5m (71:51) with a large group from Michelle's. The plan was 7-8 mile but we made a few wrong turns. Legs felt good and it's always motivating to run with a group.

Fri - 6pm - 7m (46:26) reverse hills rd loop. First run with zero discomfort in my leg.

Sat - 8am - 13m (1:45:25) ran first 3 solo as I was early for the 830 run. 10m with the group, roads were a bit sloppy but was still a fun time. The slipping made for a few twinges here and there from the leg but overall no issues.

Sun- 10am - 30k (18.6) 2:08:25 - up at 5am to head into work yet again. Shot over to UA after and hung out till it was time for the winter series. Cruised thru the run with Sweeny. Leg felt good majority of the way. Afterwards we hit up Madison café for some food.

Summary - 74 miles not to bad considering not being 100%. Today was a good sign my fitness is there but also that I can't go that far on my leg at and honest pace. Have a massage scheduled for tomorrow to hopefully work some kinks out.

Monday, January 12, 2015

1/12 - 1/18

Mon - 3m - if you can even count it. As per norm of any distance runner 1 partial day of my leg feeling a little better sure I think I can run. Made it maybe a mile before all the pain came back. Note to self don't be a dumb ass.

Tues- 0m continued with the rehab of the leg, pretty sore all day. Yesterdays run was a bad idea.

Wed- 0m feeling much better, did some more rehab but able to move around majority of the day with no discomfort.

Thurs- 0m this morning was the first time all week I've been able to get up with no soreness and get dressed with no issue. Will continue with rehab tonight and hope to run either tomorrow or Saturday!

Fri- 3.5m (23:30) 4:30pm - got in 2 new pairs of trainers and legs were feeling really good. Happy to be running.

Sat - 7.5m (53:33) 8:30am went down to albany for the pancake run. Ran with Gavs for the loop, legs felt good.

Sun - 7m (9am) ran the Thacher park trails with Michelle, trails were fairly packed down from all the snowshoers and XC-skiers. Made for a nice relaxing run. Followed it up with some breakfast before meeting with the realtor to look at some houses.

Summary - kind of a bummer week only was able to run 21m with the minor injury. Glad that seems to be in the rearv view now and can get back to training.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

1/5 - 1/11

Week 2 of scheduled training, this is where the true test/work begins. Anyone can string a week or 2 together! Consistancy is the true test!

Mon - 4:30pm - 7m (53:03) roads were pretty sloppy, to add to this it was pretty chilly out. Had to battle the elements solo today. Went for a reverse neighborhood 7, in hindsight bad choice. Has that nice climb but coming down the steep side with slick roads wasn't fun. 
7:30pm do to back in balance for a 1hr massage, overall feeling good still some tightness on my right side.

Tues - 5:20am - 3m (23:36) treadmill - I like to use these as a small progression in the morning and usually work down to 7min pace by the last mile. Good way to wake the body up.

5:15 pm - 7m (44:30) treadmill. Had all intentions of running outside this afternoon. Was home by 3:45, sent a quick text to Eric plan was he was out at 4. Boom! Someone to run with, or so I thought. Work happens haha. Needed to be outta the house by 620 for dinner. Treadmill was best option allows me to get the miles and watch the clock to ensure i wasn't late.

Wed- 5:20pm - 7m (51:29) treadmill. Man it was chilly out today, decided to stick indoors and keep it easy.

Thurs -5:40pm - 10+ (1:19:44) in Albany with a nice crew of people. Ran a few miles prior then covered a downtown loop. Was a nice and relaxed run.

Fri- 7pm - 10m (1:08:57) hung out till Eric got home and hit up a nice loop of back roads and neighborhoods. Around 36mins had a nice little fall / slide rounding a corner. Was able to catch myself mainly with my elbow, layed there for a minute laughing until a car stopped to make sure I was ok. The little things make for good time.

Sat - 11:30am - 15m (1:54:53) ran with KQ as she was doing 20. Did some loops in the neighborhoods and then a few out and backs. After about 90mins felt my left quad/groin tightening, finished the run and everything felt good.

Sun - Woke up and could hardly lift my leg, decided to take the day off and do some rehab to get my leg feeling better. Did some icing with the electro-stim followed by soaking in some Epsom salt. Seemed to loosen up pretty good, repeated the stim in the PM. Hoping to be feeling good enough to run tomorrow.

Summary - 59.5m slightly disappointed that I missed the run on Sunday. Felling really good with the training, but it was put in prospective while out to brunch with the Sunday crew. My goal race isn't for nearly 5 months, no need to push it at this point. Will hopefully be back to normal training very shortly.