Tuesday, January 20, 2015


With last week being a wash I'm trying to get back into a rythym. I will say my left leg is 80-85% still some tightness in certain areas but only getting better not worse.

Mon -4pm- 7m (48:26) cardio wise I felt great the rest of my body felt like a fish outta water today. Never really felt right, the more I focused on form the more out of place I felt. I've had plenty of days like this prior nothing to concerning just a bit annoying.

Tues- 6pm - 8.5m (59:50) Did some more house shopping after work. Met up with Gavs for a run at UAlbany, ended up doing a mix of running. Some outdoors then popped into the indoor track before heading back out. Was nice to change it up and seeing people on the track got me excited to start working out soon.

Wed - 5:30pm - 7m (44:06) this run might have been a bit short but was still the quickest pace I have run since returning from last week. Starting to gain some confidence in my leg.

Thurs - 4pm - 3+ (22:46) right after work missed my morning run. Decided to get some mile and core work prior to the trek down to Albany.

6:15pm - 9.5m (71:51) with a large group from Michelle's. The plan was 7-8 mile but we made a few wrong turns. Legs felt good and it's always motivating to run with a group.

Fri - 6pm - 7m (46:26) reverse hills rd loop. First run with zero discomfort in my leg.

Sat - 8am - 13m (1:45:25) ran first 3 solo as I was early for the 830 run. 10m with the group, roads were a bit sloppy but was still a fun time. The slipping made for a few twinges here and there from the leg but overall no issues.

Sun- 10am - 30k (18.6) 2:08:25 - up at 5am to head into work yet again. Shot over to UA after and hung out till it was time for the winter series. Cruised thru the run with Sweeny. Leg felt good majority of the way. Afterwards we hit up Madison café for some food.

Summary - 74 miles not to bad considering not being 100%. Today was a good sign my fitness is there but also that I can't go that far on my leg at and honest pace. Have a massage scheduled for tomorrow to hopefully work some kinks out.

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